Monday September 21st 2009 – The Tell Me Tell Me TELL ME!!!!!! Update

Marias soo to be published manuscript

Maria's soo to be published manuscript

The show opens with the Maria and Liam saga. Maria is playing keepsies with Rosie’s phone. * At the Websters, Rosie is demanding that her mother go and collect it.  Kevin steps in and Rosie leaves for work, but not before threatening her mother with a note in her permanent file.

Over the road, Maria is obsessing over Liam and Carla while Michelle, always the picture of sober thought where her brothers are concerned, tries to reassure her that Liam would never stray. Kevin comes in and after some fast hands, Michelle manages to snatch the phone from Maria and give it to Kevin. Kevin promises to see that the video is erased one he gets home.

Later Tom swings by for his turn in the hot seat.  He denies knowing anything but does say that he once suspected something.
I am not clear on something here. Does Michelle think that Liam and Carla were “at it” and is just trying to get Maria not to worry about it since Liam is dead and no Connor’s “good” name can be stained after the inevitable car accident that kills them? Or, does she think Maria is wrong?

Maria, continuing her investigative rampage, confronts Leanne in the bookies. I have no idea why Maria thought she could get an honest answer out of Leanne. Hello, Leanne was Carla’s maid of honour and an accomplished liar. Peter soon puts an end to the interrogation, which Leanne is thankful for.

Maria “Super-sleuth” Sutherland-Connor decides to ambush Rosie outside the factory at dinnertime where she learns that Tony knew all about the little video on Rosie’s phone. This bows Maria’s mind. What could it all mean?

*To the best of recollection Rosie’s phone was tossed into the drink after she tried to seduce Tony.  They must have really advanced telecommunications packages in the UK because when I get a new phone NOTHING from the previous phone is on it.

The Plats new kitchen has gone in and Tina’s dad has sourced some of the posh stuff for the counter tops. This annoys Tina to no end as she feels that Gail and David and taking advantage of him. Seems like Tina knows her dad pretty well.

In the back yard a little later Joe tries to smooth things over with Tina and assures her that things are ok this time and that he is fine. Sure he is.

Becky is in a fowl mood and I am loving it. She is all attitude all day long.  The source of her sour is Steve and his “plan” to be a bad boyfriend. It is essentially the romantic version of constructive dismissal. However, later when Liz tells Becky what a prat Steve is being, it is clear that he is actually putting his plan into action.

In Other News

Peter shows actual concern for Simon

Amber’s friend Mini has problems with her Mini and Tyrone tries to sell her perfume.

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15 Responses to Monday September 21st 2009 – The Tell Me Tell Me TELL ME!!!!!! Update

  1. haili says:

    Molly is really slow at catching on to Tyrone and Auntie Pam’s schemes. And even I would know enough not to drive a car without adding oil when the light comes on.

    Everyone seems to want Maria to maintain her illusions about Liam and I suppose they are trying to be kind. However, Michelle is the worst offender when it comes to quizzing Lloyd about Steve. She had no business snatching that phone away from Maria either. Rosie was her usual snotty self.

    • chumola says:

      What really baffled me was when Tyrone told her that her oil light was on and her oil was dangerously low…then he proceeded to drive away…did I miss something?Did he add the oil before he drove away? No wonder the business is in trouble!

  2. Diane/tvor says:

    Rosie is supposed to be running the factory. Why can’t she walk across the street and get the phone herself rather than ask Mummy or Daddy to get it for her?

    Rosie apparently loaded the video on her work computer after she first took it but before Tony tossed the phone in the canal. In a folder right there on the desktop called “Rosie’s insurance”. Clever. And nobody found it the five weeks while she was kidnapped and someone else doing her job at the factory, probably needing stuff on her puter, not even they saw it!

    • Terri says:

      I would assume that when Sally took the video file from Rosie’s computer (onto a jump drive) it was then transferred to the new phone for Rosie to have “just in case”.

  3. Terri says:

    I’m also puzzled if Michelle just can’t fathom what an über-douche Liam was, or if she suspected something, but like you say, wants to preserve the “good name” of Connor. Whatever, I just wish someone would tell Maria the truth!

  4. TracyEmm says:

    Things are getting very interesting on our favorite street!
    and I agree – Michele has a complete and utter nerve to take the phone from Maria and give it to Rosie – it was not her place… but ofcourse, she wants to believe the best of her brother (and I can’t blame her there); but after all her quizzes to poor Lloyd about Steve’s secrets – she seems to think Maria should take it all in her stride! huh!

  5. missusmac says:

    Here again is what I love about Corrie. I felt sorry for Carla when she was leaving on the big honeymoon, and Maria had finally been told the truth. Yes Carla. Felt sorry for. In same sentence.

    She ALMOST got away with it. You can absolutely hate somebody one week, and then be rooting for them the next on this show. (Not so much rooting for annoying Maria right now. Where is Fizz in all of this? Why isn’t she supporting Maria?)

    And I even felt sorry for Michelle, trying to prove to Steve she loved him. That’s why I love this show.

  6. haili says:

    missusmac: were you drinking?! And even feeling sorry for Michelle after all the months of nagging! And whining and emoting!
    I can’t wait for Steve to dump her and after the way Carla behaved at the baby’s funeral and Maria and Liam’s wedding, she deserves everything she gets. She just loved to torment Maria and did everything she could to spoil things for her and ruin her marriage. Liam and Carla had their chance to be together but they chose to sneak around instead. I guess they found it more exciting.

    I think the actress who plays Maria is doing a great job and I can understand her wanting to find out the truth after being lied to for so long. It does seem odd that Fizz isn’t around more.

  7. missusmac says:

    Haili, I just WISH I was drinking buckets of gin. I know, I know, Iget what you’re saying.

    I understand Maria wanting to get the truth, but Weatherfield’s answer to Jessica Fletcher is harrassing people, going off the deep end, and seriously doing poor Tom’s head in. (I do want her to bring Tony down for killing Liam though.)

    I do remember that Carla sent Liam packing because Maria is pregnant. (An Uber-douche Liam, yes, but soooo good looking). She gets my Brownie points for that. Sticking my head in the sand, much better for everyone all around that Maria never knows, Carla gets away with it, and Tony has to raise Liam’s spawn.

    I feel sorry for Michelle because she has no idea what’s coming, and in the midst of all the Connor crap, is trying to be best girlfriend ever. That said, when Steve finally does dump her, and she goes on one of her whining rampages, I’ll be right back to hating her. 🙂

    • chumola says:

      loved that reference to Murder, She Wrote! And it reminded me about that reporter that’s been nosing around…do you think that if Maria talks to her, maybe the dirt on Tony may rise to the surface? Very interesting…

      • Long time lurker says:

        I think Marie should hook up with Tony’s “fan club” – Kevin, Norris & the old guy (?Jed?). I think if those 3 ever got together and compared stories and then heard what Marie has been able to cobble together so far, about Liam, Carla & Tony, it could all be figured out pretty soon.
        But then again – Kevin, Norris & the old guy? – maybe I’m being overly optomistic.

        I see the Wind-up-your-ass’s have moved into the neighbourhood – and just when you thought it was getting gentrified (what with the new condo and all)!!

  8. haili says:

    I suppose Carla did one kind thing by sending Liam packing and did hug her at the wedding, – finally after months of meanness; still, it would be better now if Maria knew the whole truth. It’s too late for a coverup after Sally got nasty and showed her the video. As for cousin Tom, he’s a Connor and not to be trusted.

    Steve is a rat for what he’s doing but he’s just so much more entertaining than Michelle! I think he’ll find that Becky is just as much hard work in a different way. She does cling like flypaper.

  9. Barbie says:

    I think Becky is going to be more like Karen than Michelle, can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I love this story line.
    I forgot Tom was a Conner, guess we all know how he will meet his end huh?
    Oh, and I thought Sally looked absolutely lovely at the wedding, she was horrible of course but she looked good.

    • Debbie says:

      I think we should start a betting pool on when Ton gets hit by a car or is killed in a car accident where he is the drunk driver.

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