When will the bell toll for he?

Such a nice young man

Such a nice young man

I have to say that I have always thought that the addition of the character Tom Connor on the Street was a bit odd. He is a Connor cousin and yes he went into business with Liam, but his raison d’etre is a bit up in the air, in my opinion.

While I do like the character he doesn’t really fit the bill as street totty like Jason Grimshaw. He isn’t funny enough for the comedy relief like Tyrone Dobbs. He isn’t quirky like Royston Cropper and he doesn’t really fit a highly dramatic role Like David Platt. So, I don’t know that Tom has a long future on the show. Since he is a Connor I have a suspicion of what is going to happen to this character.

Who thinks tom will eventually meet his end on the roads of Northern England? How many of us think booze will be involved? Who among us will dare to say that there may be some fowl play?  Finally, will Michelle continue to insist that the Connor boys are actually choirboys?

Such a terribe dispatch

Such a terribe dispatch

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3 Responses to When will the bell toll for he?

  1. missusmac says:

    My bet is he will die a fiery death, but not before mistakenly hooking up with Maria as he supports her/feels sorry for her. And not before he realizes he should have been with Sean all along.

    • Bea says:

      I agree. It will happen exactly like that.
      Plus Tom will suspect that Tony is behind Liam’s death, and that will be why Tony gets rid of him too.

  2. Barbie says:

    I see Tom’s car careening off the M6 as he and Sean share an intimate moment (at 100 mph) having just discovered that they are madly in love. Sean of course will emerge completely unscathed but once again alone in the world and Carla gets to wear that outfit she wore to Maria’s wedding. That outfit deserves to be shown again.

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