Dude, Where’s My Update? Wednesday, Sept. 30: Something Evil This Way Comes…


And then…

Tony is still considering Maria’s messages when Carla awakens. “You look shattered,” he tells her and convinces her to go back to bed and take a sleeping tablet, while he attends to his appointments. He also says he’ll pick Carla up a new moblie phone. She muses that she still wonders what happened to her old one.

The girls wait outside of the factory as Rosie comes across to open up. They then see Maria charging toward the factory. Fiz intercepts her, telling her Tony and Carla aren’t due back for another week. She offers to return home with Maria and make her some breakfast. Maria snaps back that she is neither mad, nor an invalid.

In the factory, the girls are having a good goss about Maria’s state of mind when Tony comes in. They are somewhat surprised that he is back from the honeymoon. He asks abruptly to see Rosie. Rosie is called on the carpet before Tony; she confesses she made a copy of the video and that Maria saw it at the wedding.

Sally enters the office and confesses she was the one that displayed the video. Sally explains that she wanted to give Maria some perspective on Liam as Maria was holding him up as some sort of saint. She says she was trying to “help”. How, I’m not sure.

After Rosie leaves, Sally goes on to tell Tony that Maria is in a bit of a state, the accusations she’s been flinging around, and that she might do something “stupid”

As the day wears on, the factory girls continue to gossip about Maria and are surprised that Sally and Rosie have not been sacked.

Some time later, Maria hears a knock at the back door –  it’s Tony. She tries to shut it, but he sticks his foot in the door and reminds her that is was she who wanted to talk. She is in her dressing gown and for the first time it seems to occur to her that her Scooby-Doo Run Amok bit might put her in some danger.

She tells Tony she is going upstairs to dress. While she is upstairs, Tony locks the back door, takes the key out with a hankie and puts it in his pocket. As he waits, he plays with one of Maria’s belts, holding it as if to strangle someone.

She returns. “You’ve known about Liam and Carla for months,” Maria begins. Tony says yes he knew, but contends it wasn’t a full-blown affair. And that he and Carla have worked things out.

Maria wants to know details. Tony says the liaison occurred after the Connors had lost the baby, and Carla was the only person Liam could turn to. By the time Tony found out, both couples had reconciled so he decided to just go forward.

Crying and angry, Maria blurts out that she doesn’t buy Tony’s story. Tony says he could have walked away, but Carla is everything he wants. Maria remembers the story he shared on their weekend away, about how he ruined the life of an employee who had betrayed him. She figures it was a warning to Liam and Carla about crossing him. She also says she knows Pat and Tony never fell out, so there are holes in the Liam best man story.

Maria continues that she’s been piecing together witness accounts. Tony arranging the strip club meant he had control over Liam’s whereabouts. And had even made Liam go back for the kitty and not Tom. Jason told her that the car never swerved, nor slowed down, but aimed straight at Liam.

Tony still maintains she’s got it wrong.

She puts Tony’s hand on her belly and asks Tony to swear on her unborn child’s life that he’s telling the truth. He withdraws his hand and cannot do it.


And then…

Steve, unshaven and smelling like both rat and cheese, tells his family he has apparently booked ‘General Custard’ and ‘Hia Lowa’ for Amy’s birthday party. Amy says she was hoping Father Christmas would come. At least, her paper-bag puppet mouth opens and words come out to that effect.

Michelle, in the Rovers, is asking Steve where to hide Ryan’s Christmas present, to ensure she doesn’t stumble upon her own gift. Steve tells her that won’t happen; he has no gift for her. He says he’s opting out of the commercialism of Christmas. Although he did buy a gift for Liz. He says he and Michelle needn’t exchange gifts because all they get is a big flipping credit card bill.

Michelle opens a bag of crisps to eat and Steve says if she keeps troughing her way through stuff like that, her Christmas gift will be a tent she can use as a dress.

Steve is pulling pints when, identifiable by his costume, “General Custard”  i.e. Jesse the Electrician, walks into the Rovers. He is very early for Amy’s party. He explains that the other half of the act, ‘Hia Lowa’, actually his wife, has run off with the drains inspector. She even texted him that their marriage is over. Steve lends a sympathetic ear, and tries to convince General Custard to do the party anyway.

And then….

That morning, Tyrone tries to approach Molly outside Dev’s shop. She won’t listen to him and says she’s worked out how to tell if Tyrone is lying…his lips move. He’s downcast as she slams the door; apparently it’s his birthday.

Pam finds Tyrone sitting alone in the Cafe. Ty mentions that as a child, he spent one birthday hiding in the loft so the social workers couldn’t find him after his mum got knicked for shoplifting Christmas presents. And that was better than this one, without Molly. Pam orders two teas, but Tyrone leaves.

Pam sees Molly in the street…she apologizes again and says not to take it out on Tyrone; nor throw it all away over a “little” tiff. Molly says it was not a little tiff and she can’t marry someone she can’t trust. Pam implores Molly to give Tyrone a break on his birthday.

And then…..

Hailey wants to open the Cafe for Christmas as a drop-in for the homeless, which they had done once before. She crafts a poster that says ‘We want your Christmas presence,’ Becky thinks it’s a tad too clever and that ‘Free Food and Drink’ might be more effective.

Liz pops into Roys during the planning of the Christmas Drop-In. She says that Steve is behaving like a total idiot. Becky seems concerned to hear that their ‘plan’ is hurting other people.

No more and then.


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23 Responses to Dude, Where’s My Update? Wednesday, Sept. 30: Something Evil This Way Comes…

  1. corrierules says:

    Why do the factory girls think Rosie and Sally were in danger of being sacked?

    Does everyone know about the video and sally’s role in showing it to Maria?

  2. missusmac says:

    I don’t know. There must have been a brief chat about it, that was probably cut out due to CBC time constraints. Maybe it will be in Sunday’s omnibus?

    I think Tony didn’t fire Rosie or Sally because he wants to pretend the Liam/Carla kiss was not a big deal, certainly not a motive for murder. Unfortunately, he went nuts on Kevin and the former employee, so that’s hard to buy…

    Poor Amy! Now she’s spouting lines, which is a huge step forward, but chatty Simon is running circles around her! Thank goodness little Bethany is in Spain. No pressure.

    Anyone else enjoying the runup to Corrie Christmas season? Usually it means one or two episodes focusing on two, or a few, particular characters. Any guesses who it might be this year?

    I’m guessing Carla and Tony. She figures it out, and confronts him.

    • corriecrazy says:

      Can I say, I love Simon! He has skills that are far more superior than Amy, Bethany and even Josh!

      Corrie Christmases are classic. I’m predicting a disaster over at the Barlows again.

  3. haili says:

    Everyone on the street must know since Maria was in the pub quizzing Tom, Steve, Jason, Tyrone about the stag night, etc. She has been after Michelle, Rosie and anyone else that might know about Carla and Tony. The only reason Sally and Rosie didn’t get fired was that Tony is trying to play it down as a one-off. When Maria went charging around the hotel after she saw the video, everyone must have heard about it.

    I always like the Christmas season on Corrie. Not everyone has a Merry Christmas and it’s a good antidote to all the mushy stuff we get here.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I’ve said this on a posting before: I cannot believe that the residents of Weatherfield aren’t talking about this ‘murder plot’ more! It is almost getting shameful! Where’s Blanche? And Norris – I mean come on? He should be out with pen and paper taking notes about what everyone has to say/recall about the stag night! And Gobby Janice? She hasn’t questioned Leanne about any ‘inside-Carla-knowledge’ at all!!

      • Long time lurker says:

        And hasn’t Sally mentioned to Kevin how Maria has been acting/what she’s been saying? If anyone would be inclined to believe Maria, it should be Kevin. And the “we’ve been screwed by Tony Gordon” Club (Kevin, Norris, old-guy-with-cat, Maria)has got to get together and figure this out!

      • beanna says:

        I agree – it seems that it that Maria is made out to be a ‘crazed person in overwhelming grief” whos rantings can’t be believed. Also where is Jason to back up Maria’s claim that he saw the car drive straight into Liam, didn’t try to swerve away at all. Also how is Maria’s pregnancy?? What must be happening to the fetus with all this running around in a hyper-aroused state. I agree – Blanche loves spreading rumours or sticking her head into anything she thinks is shocking!! Also I wonder whether the driver of the car will come forward; he was having some guilty feelings?? Or am I forgetting? Did Tony kill him off too??

      • corriecrazy says:

        Exactly! It’s like all of the usual suspects have taken an early New Year’s Resolution to gossip less!

  4. TracyEmm says:

    General Custard comments: I love this actor! I thought he did a great job; wouldn’t it be fab if he became Eileen’s new man?!?!? Does anyone remember him in the UK series Cold Feet? I loved that show! It had a good number of fab UK actors in it.

  5. Barbie says:

    What was up with Eileen’s dad? He just appeared in the pub, then went into Eileen’s and we haven’t seen him since. I don’t remember him being mentioned before, or am I forgetting something?

    • TracyEmm says:

      yes, good thought. Where is the old guy? perhaps we’ll see him again, and that was just a wee introduction for us…

  6. corrierules says:

    Do not like Eileen’s dad. At all.

    General Custard was v. nice though.

  7. haili says:

    Eileen’s dad and Auntie Pam were made for each other!

    I hope Maria quiets down this week and just keeps her eyes open. Her “friends” will be no help at all.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I was hoping that Carla would come speak to Maria… (which did happen) and I was hoping that Maria would arise some genuine suspicion in Carla’s mind… (which didn’t happen).

      • corriecrazy says:

        Yes! I was hoping she would tell her all of the reasons why she thinks Tony is a murderer. All of the little questions she asked and the story he told on their weekend away. But nothing! She just ranted about Carla being a cheater. So frustrating!

  8. lovethestreet says:

    Just watched tonight’s Mon.)episode and am SO happy to see some old faces back on the street!

    • TracyEmm says:

      yes I agree, a welcomed episode back to a few other characters! I love Peter Barlow, but I don’t like all this drinking for his character. I don’t expect for him to be the perfect Weatherfield citizen, but I hope they end this storyline quickly and get onto a bit of romance between him and Leanne… I like the fact that he is a bit of a ‘bad boy’ but at the same time, I like to see a bit of ‘heart’ in him… he’s a good actor, I think.

      • missusmac says:

        I’m pretty sure Leanne is pregnant in real life. (Don’t want to look it up, because I hate spoilers!)

        However, she showed a pretty big bump in the tree-decorating scene. Which might mean, like Clare, she’ll be off decorating the flat for several months…

        Loved seeing all the kids and parents in the same spot, same scene!

      • TracyEmm says:

        yes, she is pregnant in real life, as she has long since had her baby. but I am not sure how Leanne is going to exit the storyline for a while… perhaps have a bigger blow out with Peter and fade into the background? hmmm…

  9. haili says:

    I wanted to see more of the kids play. I don’t like Peter turning into a drunk; it’s too much like real life!

    Carla keeps protesting that it was just a one-off with Liam and I doubt that Tony really believes that.

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