Monday October 5th – The We Know Where This is Going Update

UK Time: Friday December 19th 2008 – Episode I

The show opens in Peter’s flat where Simon is getting ready to head to school. It turns out that peter has missed the flyer in Simon’s school bag informing him of the Christmas pageant where our Simon plays the inn keeper that refuses Mary and Joseph. Peter can’t miss Simon’s primary school debut. I don’t know where they found this kid, but he is cute.

Down at the bookies Leanne makes it clear that she is not impressed with Peter’s display last night. After some apologizing, Peter invites Leanne to Simon’s play, but she can’t make the play as she has to go shopping with Janice. They can pick up their conversation over a nice lunch at the Rover’s.

In Peter’s world, lunch means a bottle of chardonnay and I have to agree, however, I don’t finish it off with a double whiskey chaser, I guess that is what makes Peter and I different. Anyway, Leanne points out that neither she nor her obvious not-written-in-pregnancy need to booze it up at noon. After some back and forth things don’t look good until he uses his son as bait to make Leanne like him again.

Later, Peter manages to make the pageant. It seems the actress playing Mary, who had a little too much orange soda, held up the show. Peter got there the Connor way, fueled by a tank of gas and a quart of gin.  While babbling to the teacher (who I’d like to dedicate this song to) it becomes clear hat Peter has been drinking and the teacher wont let him in.  During the altercation Steve walked by and as it turns out Amy was cast as Mary. I find this astounding. One of those mid-sized Madonna shrines found on lawns in Toronto’s little Portugal would have been more engaging. I really think the producers are now just having a laugh.

Anyway, it all ends badly as Peter busts into the play causing a scene. Yes, Simon, that is your drunken father.

Maria is shocked that the police didn’t lock up Tony as the evidence against him, all the conjecture, opinion and raving is damning. If only she still had that stag night episode on her PVR! Anyway, she confronted Tony I the street in the morning where she had the opportunity to call Carla a “whore.” This must have confused Carla who must have heard “Horse” repeatedly growing up. Maria’s really got to annunciate.  Fiz came to break it up, thankfully as Maria is starting to look crazy. She’s making it easy for Tony.

Inside the factory Rosie is complaining about her zit and Wiki calls her vain. You know what, Vicky, it sucks to have a zit and maybe if you actually ran a comb through your hair and put some face cream on in the morning, you’d care about how you looked too. Anyway, Rosie is walking on eggshells around Tony and Carla. Carla just wants to sack her, but Tony reminds her that they can’t.

A bit later Carla sneaks up on Rosie and snaps a picture of her working her pimple. She does it to teach her a lesson but then later confronts Rosie who does a terrible job of trying to plead her way out of it. Carla tells Rosie that she is going to make her life a living hell since because of her Carla’s marriage is in tatters.  We all know that if Rosie hadn’t of taken that picture, Carla would not have slept with Liam, she wouldn’t have tried to ruin Liam’s marriage, she wouldn’t have contemplated leaving Tony for Liam. It is ALL ROSIE’S FAULT!

After her meeting with Rosie, Carla trotted across the road where she, her not-written-in baby pregnancy and Maria’s fake-for-the-show pregnancy could have a sit down and talk about the time Carla tried to ruin her marriage. She thought Maria would like to hear it from the horse’s whore’s mouth. Needless to say the tête à tête didn’t go so well and Carla left while Maria screamed MURDERER in the street within earshot of Jed.

Over at Emily’s house for wayward seniors Mary tries to slip a Christmas card for Norris through the mail slot. Well the door opens and Jed ushers her in so she can help him untangle a string of fairy lights.

Norris walks in at an inopportune moment and there is an exceedingly awkward exchange about May/December romances and mutual attraction. Mary thinks age is irrelevant in terms of attraction and Norris agrees – in principle. It seems that it is in practice that he has trouble.

In Other News

Jack is scheming to get Molly and Tyrone back together.

Liz has invited her friend behind the bar AND to be assistant manager. Michelle is miffed.

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19 Responses to Monday October 5th – The We Know Where This is Going Update

  1. Gayle says:

    What right does Michelle have to tell Liz how to run the bar? She hardly does any work takes off a the drop of a hat (for her goofy singing career) looks good on her.

    Could Simon be any more adorable? Hopefully he has a sister who could take over Amy’s role. The dear little girl who plays her cannot act.

  2. haili says:

    I love it when Michelle is miffed and good for Liz for telling her why; it’s about time.

    Simon and Josh are both adorable and natural but I think we expect too much from Amy. She can’t be very old and those kids don’t have many lines anyway. They must be just shoved on to these shows by stage parents and when they get a bit older and are still not acting, they get replaced. The worst ever was Bethany and with any luck, if she comes back, it will be with a new head.

    Rosie won’t have it easy in future and I suppose Tony doesn’t want to rock the boat by firing 2 at once. I’ll bet Carla has Rosie job hunting soon.

  3. missusmac says:

    Carla was so Dynasty-like, wasn’t she? “I will turn you into a handbag…” Oooo, the nastiness.

    Haili, you’re right. Amy is a young kid, and at least is being offered a few lines (which she’s delivering to the floor in a monotone, but hey, at least she’s saying SOMETHING..)

    I – as was Michelle — was surprised at Liz’s offer of assistant manager to the Sophia Loren look-alike too. Who is this woman again? And what class was Liz taking with her? I really didn’t catch all the conversation.

  4. Barbie says:

    Boy that Peter is really getting up my nose. He was always a bit of a bad-en but with a good heart and now he’s just plain rotten. I wonder how long he’ll stay this time?
    And I still don’t know why Tony hasn’t sacked both Sally and Rosie. I know he said he wants to down play things, but EVERYONE on the street knows about the tape now. I sure wouldn’t want them around me.

  5. haili says:

    I think the new barmaid’s name is Poppy or something similar and she has experience. Liz met her at some kind of dance/exercise class.

    Peter is going to be hard to watch. He’s so nasty, he reminds me of my ex. – another nasty drunk.

  6. beanie says:

    Nice horse Deb!

  7. TracyEmm says:

    well after watching Tues nite episode, I am sorry to say that I was disappointed in the whole ‘school play/drunk Peter’ scenes! I found the acting to be less-than-desired, and I just didn’t find myself believing it. Peter didn’t seem as drunk as he should have, for the reactions from the teacher. Call me crazy, but it seemed to all be a bit over the top, just to stop a man with booze on his breath. Yes, he was ‘supposed’ to be legless, but he didn’t play the part well enough for me I suppose…
    Any agree’rs out there?
    By the time he came round to Casa Barlows, he was playing a much better drunk!

  8. TracyEmm says:

    oh, and what is Rosie like, worrying about a professional make-up job before the photo shoot for the news article?!?!?

    Classic Ditsy Rosie! ha ha
    I’d love to see Carla turn her into a handbag!

    • John says:

      In Britain, there is a phrase called “chequebook journalism”. Interview subjects, like a person who has suffered a trauma or performed a heroic deed, are often paid for the exclusive rights to their story. It’s most common among the tabloids, like the fictional Weatherfield gazette, but it can extend to broadsheets and television news. The most famous example was the David Frost/Richard Nixon interviews.

      As it happens, some of the people paid to be interviewed hope it leads to some kind of fame and that’s where you can see the little hamster wheel in Rosie’s head turning.

      This Peter-Simon storyline, despite the writers throwing every After School Special cliché in the book at it, is breaking my cold, cold heart. It’s tough to watch. Poor Simon with his widdle wantern.

    • chumola says:

      I’m wondering if that reporter will hook up with Maria and get the story out.

  9. cheeky grrl says:

    Thanks for the terrific update, Debbie! Hilarious!!

    I especially loved the shot at Wiki. I can’t believe the factory girls haven’t finagled her a makeover! Where are Trinny and Susannah when you need them??

    • Long time lurker says:

      What a wonderful idea. I watched a few of those Trinny/Susannah episodes on TLC this summer and they’re hilarious.

      Speaking of makeovers, I wonder if Rosie will get hers for the news article – however in her case, it should be a make under.

  10. lovethestreet says:

    Debbie, Your update is priceless! “A mid-size Madonna…” LOL!


  11. haili says:

    It was touching tonight when Peter and Ken hugged. Ken is so patient with him, he probably feels a lot of guilt for not seeing him much when he was young. Leanne is very good too but they will probably all be let down yet again if Peter is an alcoholic. Peter always seemed weak when he married the 2 women rather than make a choice and tell the truth.

    Christmas at Emily’s should be interesting with the Polish hamper and cooking and the rivalry between Jed and Norris.

  12. lovethestreet says:

    Did you notice the side shot of Leanne tonight (Wed.)? She is heavily pregnant.

  13. corrierules says:

    John, I am also enjoying the scenes with the Barlows. Very moving and well-acted. It is a pleasure to watch the pros at work.

    Maria however is driving me crazy.

    Loved the scene where Carla tore up one side of Rosie and down the other.

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