Update for Tuesday, Oct. 6: I’m Not As Think As You Drunk I Am.



In the school auditorium, Peter is being restrained by Ken, Ashley and the male teacher who had tried to bar his entrance. He can’t remember if Simon is the sheep or the innkeeper. Blanche seems especially distraught that Simon has to witness Peter’s behaviour and ejection. “Where’s my daddy going?” Simon wants to know. He sadly leans on his lantern.

Carla meets Leanne in the Rovers. They grab a booth and Carla tells Leanne that Tony’s known about the affair (sorry – the-one-time-sleep-together) for months. Carla has bought into Tony’s story completely.

Michelle interrupts to call Carla into the back room. Carla tries to explain the affair, calling it a silly, stupid mistake. Michelle is pissed, explaining that she defended her, and told Maria she was imagining things. Michelle thinks it stinks that Carla “pretended” to care about Paul. She says Carla betrayed Paul with his own brother (yes, the same ho-chasin’ Paul who died in a crash with Leanne in his trunk) Carla points out that Paul is, well, dead. Michelle says she doesn’t want to hear any more.

Rosie is outside in the street, talking to the Gazette reporter and explaining that she wants to sell her story, “My Weeks of Hell,” by Rosie Webster to the highest bidder. She wants to ensure she’ll get a makeover for her full colour spread. The girl is shallower than a peed-in Mr. Turtle pool.

Outside the school, Peter, still totally bladdered, waits for the Barlows and Simon. He tries to take SImon for pizza. Ashley offers instead to take Simon home for a play date, but the Barlows send Ashley away to keep Josh out of any unpleasantness. Ken seizes the opportunity to snatch Peter’s keys away from him. Running out of protests, Peter walks away.

Tyrone is waiting at home, pretending to read. His book title is “Home Cures for PMT”. Molly sees him and is immediately pissed off to be set up…Jack says the two of them wouldn’t behave this way if Vera was still alive. Jack then softens and says he’s had nothing to eat…it’s clear he doesn’t know how to make fish pie…exasperated, Molly agrees to make supper and asks if Tyrone’s learned anything from his book.

Peter has moved the sloshfest to the Rovers, where Poppy the new barmaid tries to cut him off. He quickly becomes belligerent and slags the bar staff off to Liz. Peter wants to know what gives Liz the right to tell him what to do…Liz points out that it’s her name above the door. Defeated, Peter shambles off.

At the Barlows, Deirdre is getting ready to bath Simon and give him his tea. Ken brings Blanche a brew. She breaks down in uncharacteristic tears; both for Simon and for Peter.

Tony is alone in the dark, quiet factory, checking floor inventory when Jed Stone comes in; They trade barbs and Tony sends him away…but out of curiosity calls him back to ask why he came. Jed Stone says that Maria is onto something, and perhaps he should compare notes with her.

Molly has made two fish pies, not three. Tyrone says he hates fish pie anyway. He has a piece of bread and a block of cheese. Jack says his day was miserable; he and Tyrone both miss Molly.

Peter is banging on the Barlow’s back door, swigging from a bottle of whiskey he’s found. Ken comes to the door and tells Peter he’s not coming in and upsetting Simon. Peter says he has Simon’s teddy…and he won’t give it to Ken. Peter tries to force his way in, he scuffles with Ken and falls back into the yard. Ken tells him he’s poison and damages every life he touches. Peter, undeterred, continues to shout up to the upstairs window at Simon.

Rosie is in the Kabin, telling Rita how made up she’d be to be in a magazine. As she leaves, Jed comes in just as they’re closing up. Jed asks Norris point-blank if he has designs on Mary. Norris says no; and Jed says he plans to court Mary then. After he leaves, Rita points out that Norris has thrown them together.

Peter has somehow staggered around to the front of the Barlow house and is pounding on the door, becoming more and more aggressive. Ken comes out; Deirdre tries to bring Ken back inside as there’s no reasoning with a drunk Deirdre finally tells Peter that Simon doesn’t want to see him – he shouts too much. Peter lunges at Ken. Leanne happens down the street, and immediately rushes to help; she tries to get Peter to come away. “I just wanted to get Christmas right,” he tells them; “You rot in hell, all of you,” and he meanders off alone.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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2 Responses to Update for Tuesday, Oct. 6: I’m Not As Think As You Drunk I Am.

  1. beanie says:

    LMAO Rosie is shallower than a peed-in Mr.Turtle pool. Great update and loved the poem to. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. missusmac says:

    Aah! Christmas in Corrie land… it’s just so warm and touching! Rosie is well and truly on her way to becoming a handbag!

    Love that you can get your tree at Dev’s corner shop. One-stop shopping at its best.

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