Monday October 12th – The Jed’s NOT Dead Episode

UK time Thursday December 25th

The show opens with Joe up in the middle of the night putting together Gail’s kitchen. I guess it will be a Christmas morning surprise. Later, as he runs the hoover David and Tina emerge downstairs talking about David’s birthday present. Gross.  When Gail come down stairs she is surprised by the kitchen and the flash new watch Joe has bought for her. She looks as happy as ET did when he finally got to go home. I mean she looks EXACTLY as happy as ET did.

Thanks for the watch Joe!

Thanks for the watch Joe! (I'd like to thank Kunzi for this!)

Tina is angry because she knows that he dad is short of money and is making stupid choices to impress Gail. She knows her dad, but he begs her to keep the day special.

Tony has found an excuse to skip out on Carla on Christmas day. Really he has to head to the factory to dispose of Jed’s body. As it turns out Jed is not dead and is alive, though somewhat worse for wear, in that bin in the factory. Here’s a lesson for Jed, if you know something bad enough about someone to blackmail them, you should probably think about what they would be willing to do to keep you quiet.

Anyway, when Tony gets to the factory he finds Jed alive and the two have a heart-to-heart. Tony makes Jed understand that while he isn’t a coldblooded killer she is not adverse to lethal force and he does have body-dumping grounds at his disposal.* Then he suggests strongly that Jed keep his trap shut and move into a lovely condo compliments of Tony.

Tony tells Jed to agree to the flat and then takes his keys to Emily’s house with the intention of getting all of Jed’s belongings, which, thankfully, fit into one bin bag. However, as Tony creeps down the stairs, in comes Wiki to prepare a traditional Polish Christmas dinner. She doesn’t catch him, but how will he get out now?

*I have to say that growing up watching American soaps I leaned that you can’t trust lower classes or minorities. But, Coronation St. has taught me that you can’t trust people wit messy hair or property developers.

In Other News

Rosie is back to her old nasty self and defending her decision to “entertain” Coronation Street’s answer to Scut Farcus in her birthday in her parent’s house.

Becky, Roy and Hailey feed the hungry

Steve makes up a reason to escape the pub in hopes of seeing Becky.

Wiki will be making Christmas dinner for Emily and a very finicky Norris

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7 Responses to Monday October 12th – The Jed’s NOT Dead Episode

  1. haili says:

    LOL at the ET picture, but then I felt a bit mean. What if the actress who plays Gail reads this? She seems like a nice woman with a good sense of humour in her interviews so I hope she’d laugh too.

    The best description of Gail was as a randy woodchuck but thank goodness she’s toned that down a bit lately.

    How hard up is Rosie to go after the Windass boy?

  2. Long time lurker says:

    That Jed has more lives than his old cat did! How many times have we thought that he’s down for the count in the short time he’s been back on Corrie?

  3. I know it sounds crazy but I think Helen Worth has had a face lift.

  4. haili says:

    Or a neck stretch – judging by the picture!

  5. rw_too says:

    In checking out the written updates on I see that several scenes were sliced from this show, I would assume to make room for commercials for our viewing pleasure:
    – One was Tony making more than one attempt to get out of the house.
    – A second was an exchange at the Christmas table with Norris & Wicki.
    – A third was the setup of the scrap between David and Gary.

    In watching our edited version, I wondered why the fight between David and Gary would be so explosive – knowing a scene was cut explains it.

    I wonder who makes these editing decisions?

  6. Modge says:

    I, too, had the impression that Tony was going to set Jed up in one of the fancy new condos; then later when he had Jed’s “agreement” to leave, it was suddenly a “bachelor flat in Wigan”.

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