Udpate for Wednsday, Octobar 14th: MUDER SHE WROTE

U.K. time Dec. 27th


Becky is heading into the Kabin for a sherbet dip-dab, but sees Steve outside. They can’t go in together, she concludes…Rita can smell sexual chemistry. Dip-dab will have to wait.

I guess it's like Lik'm'Ade?

I guess it's like Lik'm'Ade?

Emily and Norris emerge from their house; Emily figures Jed is back because his bedroom door went from open to closed. “Behave like some errant student swanning about till all hours of the night and you get room service,” gripes Norris.

Michelle and Liz come up on Steve outside the Kabin; Michelle frisks him and discovers some dip-dab. Steve makes up today’s new lie –  it’s for Amy – and then has to patch up yesterday’s lie – Liz has found out he never met Jim. Instead of buckling under Liz’s questioning, Steve says Michelle and his mother make him feel oppressed.


Liz encounters Lloyd inside Dev’s shop. She tells Lloyd that there’s a boxing day burn-off class at Brazillian crunch, if he’s in.

Steve calls Lloyd to come in to work. Lloyd says he’s miles away but Steve catches him around the corner on his cel. Michelle saunters up, wanting all the gossip about Lloyd’s apparent hookup in the cab office. Steve reminds her that it’s Lloyd’s business. Lloyd takes to cab and goes off to Brazillian crunch.

The Brazillian crunch class is at an impasse; the instructor has not turned up, apparently hung over. The girls nominate Liz to take over. They cheerfully haul the music machine out of the cupboard, and Lloyd, who has turned up, steps in as DJ.

The class soon kicks into high gear, with Liz, wearing head-microphone, extolling the gals (and one or two guys) to remember the 80’s! High energy!

Rojo Chiquita!
Rojo Cougarita!

The class winds down with some chill-out music and jokes from Lloyd. Liz and Lloyd high-five their successful class.


Maria is at home getting Ozzy fresh water when a knock startles her – she drops the dog dish and it smashes. We see Fiz’s bow-lips calling her through the mailbox. Maria lets her in.

Maria implores Fiz to come to the police station with her, to back up the story that Tony is going to put her in the boneyard. Fiz protests that she can’t exactly testify to what she’s not seen or heard. Maria cuts herself cleaning up the dog dish pieces. Fiz offers to help, but Maria snipes at her: “You can go now. If you’re not on my side I don’t want you here.” Sheee-it. Anyone ever have that skinnier, prettier friend in grade 8 who treated you like dirt? Fiz should go knock a few back pops and enjoy boxing day.

From her bedroom window, Maria watches Audrey speak first to Gail, about the vol-au-vent fight. Audrey is ready to dismiss Joe out of hand, no second chance. Gail says she can look after herself. Fiz comes rushing up, and fills Audrey in that Tony has been threatening Maria, and how she went postal with the flowers at the cemetery. They spot Maria watching, and Audrey calls to her that she’s coming over.

Maria marches up to Underworld, trying to shove a letter through the mail slot. The slot is jammed, and Maria loses her feckin’ mind, beating at the door until the alarm is tripped. Dev, who has seen the proceedings, tries to calm her down. She ignores him until she needs a hand getting the alarm shut off.

Dev returns to his shop and rings Tony to explain away the alarm…Amber finds it annoying that Dev wants to take Maria for a drink. As soon as he’s out of earshot, Amber rings Tara, claiming she has dude problems with Darryl.

In the Rovers, Dev tells Maria that he’s spoken with Tony, and said it was an accident. Maria is pissed off that Dev did this and storms out, telling Dev to just leave her alone. He can apparently join Fiz in the rubbish friend bin.

Emily comes into the Kabin to say she was wrong – Jed is actually gone. Norris thinks ingratitude should be made a crime.Becky then comes in and tells them all that Maria is outside and up to what-not outside the factory. They rush out to see what she means.

Maria, you make a roten vandle.

Maria, you make a roten vandle.

Maria, with a can of red paint, has scrawled the word ‘MUDERER’ across the doors of Underworld. You’d think Ryan Connor could have sprung for some spraypaint for his auntie. Audrey tries to hush her, hustle her home, but she’ll have none of it. She says she’s scared and angry. They sit on the steps. Maria makes Audrey promise that if she dies, however innocent it might look, that Audrey will have it investigated.

From a distance, Becky watches the proceedings with Maria. Steve pulls up. Becky tells him Norris has phoned the police. Becky feels sorry for Maria..people will laugh at her because of the spelling.

Maria dissolves into tears. She finally allows Audrey to take her home.

A ruckus erupts from the street. Tony has pulled up, and Maria has loudly and vociferously tossed the rest of the red paint onto Tony’s sports car. Carla finally loses patience, calling her a stupid cow. Maria is convinced that the “witnesses” are seeing what she sees…that Tony is obviously a muderer. The police have arrived, and they ask if she is confessing to defacing the building. She says yes, but is uttterly shocked to be taken into custody. The grafitti has been corrected to ‘MURDERER’, thanks to Becky.


Joe turns up with a bunch of holly and an apology for Gail. In the shiny, shiny new kitchen, Joe furthers his apology (without bothering to fill in any explanation about being homeless or what-not.) Gail’s a bit wary after her past with crappy dudes. They kiss and make up.

Tyrone discovers Auntie Pam is still shifting stock. He is pissed, but Pam reminds him that he’s out of it so he needn’t be hard-faced and she’s skint.

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17 Responses to Udpate for Wednsday, Octobar 14th: MUDER SHE WROTE

  1. haili says:

    Loved the pictures! And the updates.

    Gail should quit sulking and be nice to Joe. She got a new kitchen and he put the run on the Windasses. He’s worth keeping around just to keep them away!

  2. corrierules says:

    OMG… Lik’emade! That took me back. great update. BTW Bev Callard put out exercise DVDs many years ago

    • howdi says:

      I think she quit Corrie to make those exercise DVD’s.

      Is there another Beverly on the show, or did she change her last name?

  3. Gayle says:

    Absolutely awesome updates!

    Is Maria getting on anyone else’s nerves? I am getting really, really sick of her insane ranting. I know she is right but she is looking like she has some serious mental health issues, therefore no one takes her seriously. She is going to lose her baby if she doesn’t get some help.

    I know Jed has been moved away by Tony (hopefully) could he not just give Emily a call?

    • Bea says:

      Maria is getting on my nerves too. I mean, yes she is correct, Tony IS a muderer. But she is acting like a crazy person. No one is going to listen to a crazy person, are they?

  4. Barbie says:

    My very favorite part of that whole episode was when Becky fixed Maria’s spelling. I’m really starting to love her.

  5. haili says:

    Maybe Jed’s waiting for the bruises and sore throat to heal before calling Emily. Tony gave him strict orders to stay away but I suppose Jed could make some excuse and say he was going on holiday. If he knew Sonny Jim was there he’d be pretty happy – unlike Norris.

  6. Gayle says:

    As the owner of a gorgeous furry cat I was delighted to see Sunny Jim was safe and sound!

  7. missusmac says:

    Remember when the words ‘shiney, shiney’ used to refer to Michelle’s hair — and not brand new kitchens made by homeless men?

    I do wish Steve would get on with telling Michelle. Perhaps New Year’s Eve fireworks, once the telling is done!

    Maria has been getting on my wick — in the words of Tony G — for the past few episodes. God help this baby, she never seems to eat, or sleep, or take a vitamin.

  8. TracyEmm says:

    I find Tony a very interesting character… I hate him for being a murderer, but I am saddened that he has turned from a ‘bad guy’ to an evil man, as the chemistry between him and Carla is great – I think they are fab together! Unlike most folks, I did not like to see her with Liam, I didn’t feel the chemistry there…

  9. corrierules says:

    TraceyEmm I agree…Liam and Carla had no chemistry at all.
    As for Joe and Gail, I don’t think he’s such a prize. He’s bankrupt (or pretty close to it), homeless and has a real problem with anger management.

  10. corrieheart says:

    As always, I’m enjoying reading the posts and agreeing with many of the posters. I am becoming more worried about the health of Maria’s baby. All that ranting,spray painting and bad spelling can’t be good for Liam Jr.

    But the biggest Christmas revelation for me is the fact that Ryan seems to have got his hair cut (either that or he had the tribble removed from his head).

    that’s the greatest gift of all

    cheers to all and thanks for the updates

    • TracyEmm says:

      oh but do you remember that mop of a head that Jamie Baldwin used to have? It was brutal! I was never so happy to see his nice face when he finally got a haircut!

      Yes, Maria is not looking after herself at all!

      I’ve said this before: Why on earth isn’t Audrey paying a bit more attention to what Maria’s frantic about? Audrey herself should see the signs, considering Mr. Hillman did the same torment to her…. !!!!!

  11. howdi says:

    Notice how Audrey is letting her hair go grey?

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