UK Time Monday October 29th 2008 – Episode II

She likes you.

She likes you.

Lloyd has excellent taste in women. It’s pretty clear that he is looking to get with Liz and who can blame him. Lloyd thinks that belt skirt is hot, knows she could never wear too much eyeliner and is into her soulful dark roots. I admire Liz, and I wish I know where to get that … shirt she was wearing.

In the pub, Liz gets jealous as Danielle from Brazilian crunch is all over Lloyd. He isn’t really into it and gets Steve to cover for him as he escapes to see Liz in the smoking shelter. There, he and Liz have a bit of a chin wag and while nothing is resolved they do end up heading up the apples and pears for a bit of a roll in the hay.

After, the flagrante delecto they have another awkward conversation and kind of agree that the sex didn’t mean anything. Somehow, I don’t think will end here. You know what’s going to be funny? Steve finding out that his mother and Lloyd have come up with a new meaning for Brazilian Crunch.

Over at the old rec, as Molly and Tyrone continue to sort through their relationship, Pam and Darryl continue to work on their Chip Oil Nonsense plan in the back yard.  Jack catches them and Pam pretends that Darryl is trying to steal ladies scanties to satisfy his cross-dressing desires. It makes no sense but she manages to usher him out to the laneway.

Since Molly has made dinner for Jack and Tyrone, Tyrone thinks that she ay be warming up to him. As they watch TV and Tyrone tries to get with Molly, he finds out that he’s wrong. Our girl can carry a grudge!

In Other News

The Barlow’s are really happy because Peter’s alcoholism is cured.

Carla and Tony are going to Scotland over new years for Hogmanay. For WHAT?

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  1. beanie says:

    Thanks Deb! Love the cat. I’ve always called it Hogmanay because a)I’m Scottish and b) it’s such a fun word.

  2. beanie says:

    In all the years I’ve watched Corrie I’ve never seen anyone First Foot so I guess that is Scottish not English too. I could never be the first one to cross anyone’s door because I’m blond and it’s bad luck. Traditionally the First Foot brings food (usually shortbread) a lump of coal and of course whiskey.

  3. haili says:

    Lang may yer lum reek! Wi other fowks’ coal! Or so my mother used to say.

    The Scots in my family missed New Years in the old country. We Canadians don’t know how to party, etc. It’s all about getting drunk here – not traditional like in Scotland where it was about visiting, etc. I do miss them all now that they’ve died off – and enjoy Tony.

    One mean thought’s going around in my brain: If only the explosion killed Auntie Pam, I’d be a happy woman.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I’m from a Scottish family too – have many relattives in Scotland and travel back quite frequently! Although, I’ve not been there for Hogmanay yet — but it’s on my radar – one of these years hopefully!
      My family talk of ‘first footers’ all the time! Although I can’t say that it isn’t about getting drunk for my family members – that is definitely a tradition not to be missed! 😉

      Auntie Pam dead? couldn’t agree with you more Haili! She adds no value to the show whatsoever!

      Blanche is awesome, she makes me laugh all the time. The actress had serious complications following a surgery last week and was said to be in critical condition – however, good news – she is apparently on the mend and doing better!

      And what about Dev – he’s got a bit of a pouch on his lower half I’ve noticed… He’s following Tara around like a sick puppy-dog. I can’t wait to see what happens with this storyline!

      • beanie says:

        OMG Tracy, You reminded me about Dev. WTF was that? He was doing a Tom Cruise tribute with air guitar and a headband. If I was Tara I would have run like the wind.

  4. I don’t know WTF is going on with Tyrone and Molly. She is really annoying me big time. What is her problem? Acting like Auntie Pam is so goog and Tyrone is so bad!

  5. haili says:

    I was defending Molly up until last night but she was so unreasonable she’s bugging me too. She doesn’t know what to believe from Tyrone yet she’s all sweetness with Auntie Pam – the biggest liar of all! I hope Jack figures out what’s going on and gives Molly an earful.

    • TracyEmm says:

      yes yes yes! Molly has turned into a nagging nightmare! How many times did she want Ty to say sorry and kiss her -ss? He should have turned the tables and got angry at HER!

      Can’t wait to see how Dev reacts when and if, he finds out that Amber was the culprit for all the problems in the flat! I wonder if that is the last we’ll see of Tara?

      • beanie says:

        I don’t understand why Ty hasn’t told Molly that Auntie Pam used him to flog her crap. She was the one that kept saying “Molly needs six white horses” etc. and it MUST be a surprise.

  6. haili says:

    The way Molly’s acting these days, she wouldn’t believe Ty anyway. Rotten Auntie Pam is the one who should fess up and then Molly should apologize for the latest tyrade.

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