Update for Tuesday, Oct. 20: Another Fine Mess….

...Enough of that, we've got a cab office to run!

...Enough of that, we've got a cab office to run!

New Year’s Eve

Michelle and Liz are having breakfast in the Rovers’ back room. Michelle is regaling Liz with tales of Casanova Lloyd, who was apparently beating them off with a stick the previous evening. The subject of Danielle comes up, and Michelle quips that she may be attractive but she’s cheap looking – the way Lloyd likes ’em. Normally I would back Liz up at this point but I can’t see my way around last night’s hooker maternity dress…Liz has also received a big mushy anniversary card from Vern which says, ‘To My Wife’.

Outside Pam catches up with Darryl and tells him they have to shift the chippy oil, pronto.

Tyrone has followed Molly into work. He seems to be at the end of his rope. “Us living like this is killing me,” he tells her, “I love you.” Dev witnesses this exhange with a pre-coffee morning grunt. Molly says that she’ll be in the Rovers later if Ty wants to buy her a drink. In an aside, Dev explains to Tyrone that he’s going about things all wrong by pandering to Molly…yes Molly, no Molly…Just then Tara comes in and asks Dev if he can check out her flat – the electricity seems to be off. Against his advice of moments prior, Dev races off to investigate.

In the cab office, Steve is explaining to Eileen how Casanova Lloyd got on the night before. The phone rings – it’s Fat Brenda, pulling a sicky on New Year’s Eve. This leaves Steve in the lurch, and he tries to get Eileen to cover. She says no way, José – her and Deirdre are supposed to be cheering up Liz, as it’s her ill-fated anniversary. “It’s down to you two Stan and Ollie,” Eileen says. This results in a head-slapping-eye-poking moment between the fellas.

At the Bookies, Leanne asks what Peter’s plans for NYE are; he says he’ll be staying in with Simon. Blanche asks Peter if the shop takes unusual bets. He says yes…and Blanche places a bet which she plans to give to Deirdre, that Deirdre can hopefully cash in on some future day. She wants to place a bet for SImon also, as he seemed less-than-thrilled with her Christmas gift of handkerchiefs. They were embroidered with a little ‘S’. “Awwww,” coos Leanne, “for Simon?” “No,” Blanche deadpans, “for snot.”

Over at Dev’s, Molly says she’s not much in the mood for celebrating. Tara comes downstairs to say the electrics are back on upstairs; Dev invites her to join him for NYE, offering to cook her a meal. Tara agrees, and Dev nips out to purchase the ingredients, calling the contents of his shop ‘faff’, or something like that. Jason wanders in then – apparently on his own for New Year’s, after spending the year shuffling Becky and Sarah about like Pier One knick knacks…he asks if he can join both Tyrone and Molly for a drink. Tyrone comes in and catches only the end of the conversation. He assumes Jason is asking Molly out, and goes ballistic.

At the Rover’s, it’s a lively scene as the gang is decorating and preparing for NYE. Poppy is seving behind the bar and Jack is blowing up balloons with a plastic pump. Liz even presses Gary Windass into service, using some of his wind to do same. She then rallies the troops, telling them to keep clear heads and show the punters a good time. “She’s like Madonna with her dancers before her show,” observes Eileen.

Joe and Gail come in, with TIna and David. David and Gary exchange some nasty backchat. Gary winks at Tina, who looks disgusted.

Tyrone and Molly’s argument has resumed at home. Tyrone thinks she’s sneaking around with Jason. Molly wonders what they’d be like 5 years married if they’re rowing this badly now. Some time later, Tyrone shows up at the Rovers wearing a shirt that looks like a bad acid trip. “I’ve seen more subtle shirts on Nelson Mandela,” Jack says.

As Peter leaves the Rovers, Leanne gives him a super-smooch under the mistletoe.

Gary offers Tina some voddy for her o.j. from his pocket flask, which she declines. This is just as well, as Joe observes the exchange. and warns Gary off. Gary keeps winking at Tina like one of Fagan’s minions.

Lloyd and Steve have given themselves the night off and turn up at the Rovers. Becky is pleased they get to spend NYE together.

Dev has gone all out, and has his place beautifully decorated in white and silver. He serves Tara a traditional english meal, in a tux. Class…..

Liz is being all hot-and-cold with Lloyd, doing the “yeah, whatever,” thing.

Darryl shows up to collect Pam to go move the oil.

Michelle cuddles up to Steve at the bar and gives him the “we’re a family, let’s have a great year to come,” chat and a kiss. Becky wants to barf.

In the Duckworth/Dobbs backyard, Darryl watches as Pam grinds the padlock off the privy, which was inadvertently locked, sans key.

Molly meanwhile is in the house crying in the dark, where Tyrone finds her. She says she’s very sorry…but it’s over, and they’ll have to sell the house.

As the coutdown to the New Year approaches, Liz announces that those that wish can follow her outside for the midnight fireworks. Everyone troops out into the cold. The bang and crackle of the fireworks mask the sudden, huge BOOM that ensues as the sparks from Pam’s grinder catch fire to the privy and it explodes in a fiery inferno, knocking Pam to the ground. Only Molly and Tyrone hear the noise; they race into the backyard to see the terrible sight.

I know it's serious...but all I could think of was...

I know it's serious...but all I could think of was...



In the street, momentarily oblivious to any trouble, Lloyd finally braves kissing Liz.

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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday, Oct. 20: Another Fine Mess….

  1. beanie says:

    Great update Kunzie, thanks. WT Heck was ty thinking wearing that shirt?

  2. missusmac says:

    Seems to me there was more staff than punters at the Rovers on New Year’s Eve.

    Dev’s home looked professionally decorated for the holidays. (I don’t like modern decorating much, but found myself checking out the flower arrangements with more than a little awe!)

    Was Tina really all that disgusted? She didn’t seem too annoyed, and a little interested in the vodka. Mixed messages?

  3. corrierules says:

    I thought Dev looked like a rather unctuous waiter at his dinner party.

  4. Gayle says:

    Did I understand correctly that rather than work Lloyd and Steve shut down their taxi firm on what must be the most lucrative night of the year! What a pair of fools!

  5. Diane/tvor says:

    After Pam had already warned Darryl the oil was a fire hazard, why on EARTH would she then go at the lock with a grinder throwing more sparks than the fireworks! And did they say what happened to the key? If Darryl usually keeps it in the back yard of the shop, why couldn’t they have kept it there anyway? Stupid plot really.

  6. haili says:

    It was like a cartoon. The explosion wrecked the pigeon coop etc. but Pam (sadly) and Darryl were OK. I agree – stupid plot.

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