Update for Wednesday, Oct. 21…Broken Taps, Broken Promises

A little “New Year’s Day” for y’all as not a ton happened this episode that would warrant illustration…

Auntie Pam has lived. She is in the hospital, and Molly is visiting. Molly wraps up her visit, asking Pam to ring when the doctors clear Pam to come home.

Tara is back in Dev’s shop, complaining that the central heating in her flat did not come on. Dev goes up straight away to reset it.  “Is there nothing that man can’t do?” swoons Amber to Tara. She then goes on to tell Tara that Darryl nearly blew himself up. She either doesn’t know, or won’t say, how. Tara tells Amber that she’s off into town to book a ticket to Edinburgh. When Dev returns, Tara promises it’s the last time she’ll ask for help.

Jack in in his back yard, surveying the wreckage of his pigeon coop. And the pigeons themselves have flown the coop. Jack is royally pissed at Pam, saying her buy-and-shift empire has gone too far. Molly returns home, and dodges a kiss from Tyrone as she explains that Pam will be okay. Once Jack goes inside, Molly rounds on Tyrone and gives him shit for “lying” about being involved in the explosion. Tyrone defends himself and they start arguing again.

Ken and Deirdre are at the breakfast table, waiting for Peter and Simon. The morning is getting long in the tooth and son and grandson were due to show earlier. Deirdre rings and Simon answers. He hands Peter the phone telling him, “Daddy! Telly-phone!” Peter is rousing himself on the couch – he has been drinking, and is hung over. He tries to sound otherwise.

Early morning in the Rovers, Michelle is explaining to Betty that she’s booking a trip to Ireland with Ryan and Steve. Liz comes in, fully dressed, with the old excuse that she’s been “out for a walk”.

Pam rings Molly later to say that she’ll be let go around one o’clock. She says she’s nearly glad of the explosion if it brought her and Molly back together. Molly agrees; Pam is for some reason spared Molly’s anger over the entire situation. Tyrone comes in; he’s cleaned up the backyard. Molly again accuses him of having a hand in it and lying about it.

Steve is at Lloyd’s, lounging on the couch. He says he thinks Lloyd had a woman over last night….he makes to check out Lloyd’s bedroom, and Lloyd tells him no need – perhaps there was someone over, but he’s not ready to talk about it.

Amber comes into Jerry’s and asks a favour of Darryl. She wants him to go into Tara’s flat and sabotage the taps so she needs Dev’s help again. She thinks if Tara keeps asking Dev for help, they’ll get back together.

Peter finally turns up at Ken’s, with Simon. He lies and says he had cocoa last night to see in the New Year. Deirdre and Ken are pleased at the “effort” Peter is making to stop drinking.

Darryl emerges from Tara’s flat…he has succeeded in wrenching one of the taps totally off, and now there is water everywhere. Darryl and Amber, having exhausted the limits of their expertise, go back to the kebab and get Tina, so she can enlist Joe to help. As Tina and Amber head to the Platt’s, Gary Windass follows her up, chanting “Tiiii-na!, Tiiii-na!”

David is irritated and jealous, wondering if Tina was encouraging Gary. She flatly denies it and says, “You don’t encourage a wild dog to bark.”

Tyrone is in the Rovers filling in Jason and Becky on the Pam debacle. Lloyd is also in, ordering a drink and making eyes at Liz and speaking in double entendres to her. Michelle comes out from the back, whining that she had nearly completed her online ticket ordering for Ireland, and the website screwed up. Becky overhears all of this, and thus learns that, rather than breaking it off with Michelle, Steve is apparently headed to Ireland.

As Tina and Amber wait outside the swamped flat for Joe, Gary resumes his deranged caterwauling. When Joe comes down, job fixed, Tina mentions Gary is annoying her. Joe steps up to have a word.

Peter is in the Rovers having a double scotch, watching the wagon he has fallen off roll away into the distance. When the Barlows come in, he high-tails it, saying he was just picking up his lunch. Deirdre orders a red wine from Liz, and presses her for details on her disappearance of the evening before. She tells Deirdre that it’s a bit soon to reveal the identity of her lover.

Tyrone, Becky and Jason continue their conversation…Tyrone  has a New Year’s resolution, he tells them, and plans to put it into practice.  Becky is lost in thought.  She sees Steve and drags him aside, angry and hurt that he is now going to Ireland, prolonging the supposed breakup.

Tyrone comes home and informs Molly he has something to say. Tyrone is fed up with being blamed for everything Pam has done. He says he only lied to please Molly, as it was her Auntie, and he doesn’t want Pam in the house any more. He says Pam is Molly’s relative and her responsibility, so if she blows anything else up, Molly can clean up the mess.

Tara shows up at Dev’s door. She asks if Dev thinks she’s stupid…because she has come back from her trip into town and has found one tap missing and her water turned off. She’s angry and figures Dev made the mess deliberately. Dev protests that he hasn’t been near the place.

Molly wants to know if that’s all Tyrone has come to tell her. His response is: “Will you marry me? Again?” Hse says they still love each other, and he doesn’t know how they got into such a mess in the first place…..when in the door crashes and in flies Jackie Dobbs, pink hair, huge mouth and all.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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21 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Oct. 21…Broken Taps, Broken Promises

  1. beanie says:

    Thanks Kunzie! I am always amazed when I read an update, just how much they can pack into such a short time.

  2. haili says:

    Yes, sometimes it feels like not much happened but when you see it written down – it’s a lot of writing.

    Molly is really annoying lately and I’m thinking Tyrone would be better off without her. She’s angry at Tyrone but not at Pam, the instigator?!

    It seems that Jason is starting to look good to Becky again. At least he’s free now and Steve’s not making a move away from Michelle.

  3. Gayle says:

    I am getting really turned off Molly. She won’t believe a word he says. Auntie Pam needs to ride off into the sunset and take Jackie Dobbs with her. Tyrone and Molly’s relationship doesn’t stand a chance with those two witches around.

    On a side note I wish Molly would remove that horrid wallpaper in the kitchen it is hideous!

  4. haili says:

    They seem to really like wallpaper in Britain – much more than we do here. Colin and Justin are always wallpapering. I’ve even seen them paint over it! Carla’s place is bad but Molly’s is worse. Ken and Dierdre have tasteful wallpaper, but it’s been the same for decades. Emily really needs an update too, though I think it was done back in the days of Spider and Toyah when the candles started a fire.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Good memory about Spider and Toyah’s fire!

      Well… emmm… I disagree with the decor comments on Carla’s place — I love it! Love all the damasque red and black!

  5. corrierules says:

    Not to be all judgemental or anything, I found it a bit icky that Tara has slept with the man who slept with her mother. Maybe she and Dev can doubledate with Frankie and Jamie.

    • missusmac says:

      When you think about it– and I try really hard not to — Becky, who has slept with Steve, has also slept with Lloyd who has just slept with Liz.

      I also found it haha funny that Kelly and Leanne, who a short few weeks ago were fighting over Dan, were buddied up to the Rovers table over holiday drinks recently. People forgive so well on this street!

  6. Gayle says:

    I also think it’s strange that Tara is with her mother’s former lover ugh.

    I didn’t know that Becky slept with Lloyd!

    I never understood that a guy as good looking as Jason (dim as he is) would be interested in Becky.

    • missusmac says:

      Kelly brought Becky to the street, in a way, because Becky had known her in juvenile hall or something jail-like. (I think, if not someone else will know!)

      Kelly was living with Lloyd at the time, and Becky moved in. Wasn’t long before Becky made the moves on Lloyd, and Kelly wasn’t long in dumping Lloyd.

      • TracyEmm says:

        not to forget that Kelly and Steve slept together – which caused a huge falling out between Steve and Lloyd! A tangled web they lead!

      • missusmac says:

        Steve and Kelly I had totally forgotten about! Wow, it is a really tangled web.

  7. haili says:

    It never seems to occur to Corrie residents to go to another street and look for fresh blood!

    Dev needs to get back to his old self. I don’t like the buffoon he’s become.

    • TracyEmm says:

      speaking of fresh blood, I am wondering when Poppy’s character is going to have some kind of a reason for appearing in the show/Rovers… so far, she’s a new character who has added no value…

    • corrierules says:

      Ahem… every time they go for “fresh blood” outside of the Street they come back with Richard Hillman and Tony Gordon! Sometimes it’s better the devil you know….

  8. haili says:

    Good point! Though I kind of like Tony. John was fresh blood too and we all know how well that worked out.

    • corrierules says:

      I agree. Both Richard and Tony were/are riveting to watch. By John, do you mean Deirdre’s “airline pilot?” Free the Weatherfield One! good times….

      And of course there was Carmel the psychotic nanny and Casey the psychotic “friend” and Nina the sex-crazed Bollywood star. Take my advice — never venture further than Rosamund Street.

  9. corrierules says:

    Maya, (sorry)

  10. fondue123 says:

    Did we ever find out for sure what happened to Maya? Last I remember she was in hospital in very serious condition, but we never heard anything further, I think…as I recall it, she didn’t die, but there was never a trial either…???

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