Update for Tuesday, Oct. 27: Out of The Frying….Oh, Never Mind…




Well, actually....see...it's like this...

Sooo…Steve did not, could not, possibly attend to dumping Michelle, owing to the stress and anxiety brought on by Lloyd doing the tube-snake boogie his mom. Buuuut…..he was able to collect himself sufficiently to get it on with Michelle two and a half times….the same Steve who apparently loves Becky.

In the Cafe Becky is looking like death warmed over. She moves like a zombie between her tables, hair and eggs both a scrambled mess. She takes the rest of the day off.

Liz and Lloyd chat in a hallway at the Rovers. Lloyd asks Liz if things are getting too weird, and if she wants to knock it on the head…she says no, just give it time. Michelle “discovers” them and is a little overly-saucy with them. After she disappears, Liz and Lloyd later remark that Michelle doesn’t look like a woman who’s just been given the elbow.

Liz finds Steve out back smoking. They exchange some words; Steve is still traumatized by Liz and Lloyd…so much so he could not break it off with Michelle. Liz says Steve should sort his own affairs before pointing fingers at others.

Steve shows up at the Cafe. Hailey grudgingly lets him upstairs and he finds Becky running a bath in a rainbow-striped towel with teary eyes and red nose. She asks Steve what he’s doing up there and where he was last night. He says, “With Michelle, talking mostly.” Ick.

Steve declares that he loves Becky…and swears that he has broken off with Michelle. They embrace tenderly, then head off to play ‘naughty plumber’ in the bathtub. Afterward, Becky wants to know how Michelle took the “news”. Steve advises her to give the pub a sweve for a bit; Michelle still doesn’t know about them.

Steve sneaks in the back door of the Rovers, but encounters Michelle in the back room. She says she’s been trying to reach him…Michelle is very touched because Amy called her “Mummy Michelle” when Michelle picked her up from school. Steve acknowledges Michelle has been like a mother to Amy, and makes a bunch of wincey-faces as Michelle hugs him.

Molly is in her kitchen on the phone; it appears Diggory will survive his burst appendix but will be in hospital for a week. Molly is understandably disappointed that Digs will miss the wedding, but is happy to ask her Auntie Pam to walk her down the aisle instead, as the only attendee from her side of the family. Jackie comes loudly down the stairs, suitcase packed. Molly and Tyrone basically tell her to get out. Despite this, Jackie wished Tyrone a boss wedding day.

Tara and Dev are breakfasting at Roy’s, and Tara suggests they go shopping for Amber’s birthday. Before doing so, they drop in at Dev’s shop. Tara explains that she has a great party lined up: champagne and buffet at Dev’s, then passes to Pyramid for Amber and her pals, while the hen party has drinks at Milk Bar. Molly fills her in that Ashley has offered to do the food at the Rovers’, so the party will be there.

Molly tells them that for her 18th, she got a Robbie Williams CD, rollerblades and a tank top. Tara had to settle for a Mazda MX5. This gives Amber the flash of blinding insight that she too will be getting a car. Molly attempts to gently suggest that this may not be the case.

Big Gift

Amber, the day will come when a workout dvd and a bottle of plonk will have you happy as a clam...

Amber is now dreaming that Dev is in the process of buying her some fresh wheels. Jackie turns up and gets a frosty reception from Molly….Jackie explains that she got off the bus and turned round, to tell Molly that she will be so hurt if she misses her son’s wedding day. Molly caves in; Jackie can come.

Dev and Tara return….Amber starts to head outside to see her “present”. Dev gives her with a small box..she thinks it’s a keyring. It’s actually a necklace. Amber does have the grace to say it’s beautiful and thank her dad.

In other news….

Joe is still broke. He suggests David head to the job centre to see what’s going. He takes a job himself at Bill Webster’s builders.

Peter is being hands-off and polite with Leanne. This is making Leanne hot for bookie-boy.

Pam wants to replace Jack’s pigeon coop. To do this she needs to sell stuff, and needs Tyrone to help her carry it….die already, storyline….











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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday, Oct. 27: Out of The Frying….Oh, Never Mind…

  1. missusmac says:

    Great update, especially the “die already storyline” part!

    Anybody else feeling a little Peter/Shelley/Lucy deja vu with Steve/Becky/Michelle? The only difference is Becky knows about Michelle. Steve keeps wobbling between the two…

  2. haili says:

    I’ll second the “die already.” I hate that storyline and Auntie Pam too! And I’m beginning to really dislike Molly for the way she pampers Pam and can’t see what she’s like.

    What the Steve/Becky/Michelle thing reminds me of is the interminable storyline from years ago with Kevin/Natalie/Sally. He went back and forth between those women for months. The best part was when Sally let the cat out, plugged up the sink and dumped the cosmetics.

  3. eps says:

    I always thought Steve was a bit of a doofus-head and sometimes a jerk, e.g., with Vicki-granddaughter-of-Alec-the-publican, but the way he is lerking Becky around has really ticked me off. On the other hand, she did know that he was in a relationship (has it been TWO years???) and did start the ball rolling with a lie to cover her own drunken misdeeds.
    “Wimp”, would be numerous steps up for him – possibly unattainable. I can’t see Jim carrying on like this for such an extended period of time. Of course, I always liked that alcoholic bit of impulsive Irish charm.

    • TracyEmm says:

      ha ha, I just mentioned Jim MacDonald in my other post on yesterdays recap of the show!
      I love Jim too! A man’s man, as they say…

  4. haili says:

    Steve’s a lot like his mom – very impulsive when it comes to bedroom antics – but not always the most honest and straightforward kind of guy. Fickle. Jim was more outspoken, to say the least and a lot more entertaining than most of Liz’s other men.

  5. Natasha says:

    I can’t understand why Stevie boy didn’t think it would catch up with him! How stupid!!

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