Update for Wednesday, Oct. 28: Shite, Meet Fan…

Early morning, and a jubilant Becky runs into Steve. She’s torn between bursting with joy, and sadness for Michelle. She has more questions – such as, is Michelle moving out…Steve says Michelle needs some space, so he’s cancelled a few of Becky’s shifts. Inside, Michelle is looking for Amy’s school shoes. Liz asks if everything is okay with her and Steve. Michelle assures her the future is rosy.

Steve comes in the Rovers’ back door, making his agony-crampy-face. He wants to talk to Michelle, but Michelle is taking Amy to school…she agrees to a chat when she returns. Steve, however, gets a call from Street Cars and has to go take a fare. And, in true Stooges form, he returns to find that she has gone off (she’s told Poppy, to get her hair done and book dinner out for the two of them). Conversation delayed.

Becky is serving in the Cafe; Eileen’s dad is having a cake and offers to buy Becky one. He says she could do with a little feeding. Poppy rings to get Becky to do a shift, at Michelle’s request. Becky is somewhat surprised and discusses this with Hailey; since Michelle doesn’t know about Becky and Steve, Becky figures she can maybe offer Michelle a shoulder to cry on.

Becky shows up for her shift, only to learn from Poppy that Michelle – far from being distraught – has gone into town to get her hair done. Just then, Michelle herself swans in, chattering excitedly about booking a dinner date for her and Steve at the Chinese. I think her hair looks exactly the same as when she left. The truth dawns on Becky in a slow, ugly fashion. Michelle goes up to change and comes back downstairs in a glittery dress, telling Poppy how awesomely shagadelic the night before was. Becky looks ready to hurl.

Steve comes in to see his worlds have collided; Michelle announces the surprise dinner date and Becky tells Steve he should be pleased at the nice “surprise”. After all, everyone loves surprises….She excuses herself at that point, saying she is in fact going to be sick and runs out of the pub. Steve says he’d better make sure she is okay. In the street, Becky rounds on him and lands a roundhouse on Steve’s cheek, screaming that he lied to her. She cries furiously that she doesn’t care anymore, don’t touch or speak to her; he can crawl away and die.

Party Night

Tyrone has booked a Korean harpist for the wedding. Along with a horse & carriage and a dozen white doves…whereas he could have had a dozen pigeons if Auntie Ham hadn’t blown up the backyard. And a northern soul band if Vern hadn’t gone.

In a bit of fun, Amber and Molly are chatting about the stag; Amber says Tyrone will play it safe. Molly makes the leap and thinks Amber is calling her honey-bunny dull…she seems to realize…oh my God, he is dull!! She marches out the door to tell Tyrone the wedding is off; she could never be happy with a dull dude. She is only winding Amber up, and Amber falls for it. Molly wraps up the conversation by pointing out that Darryl Morton is not exactly Mr. Excitement.

Auntie Ham limps down the street with a bag full of illegal sunglasses. Her arm is clearly hurting her, so Tyrone offers to carry her bag, only to the bus stop…but Molly must not find out….Nooooooooo…..

Later, Kevin turns up at the Duckworth-Dobbs residence to collect Tyrone for his stag night. Molly and Amber hook up for their mutual festivities, walking arm-in-arm to the Rovers singing Pussycat Dolls and wearing eyeshadow.

In other news….

Norris thinks Sonny Jim is trying to kill him while he sleeps.

Kelly has gotten an electronic abs workout thingy to wear at work.

Carla has sold an order and wants a high-five. Tony isn’t a high-five kind of guy.

Peter Barlow is balancing secret drinking and morning hangovers with his increasing sense of care and responsibility toward Simon.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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7 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Oct. 28: Shite, Meet Fan…

  1. corrierules says:

    Oh Steve, you are a very bad boy. And yet…I can’t stay mad at you for long. I wish I knew how to quit you.

  2. haili says:

    Michelle is still ruling the roost, calling the shots, taking lots of time off work and shopping. That job must pay very well.

    LOL at the pigeon comment. Good update!

    • corrierules says:

      Yes haili, I want a job like that. And she probably lives rent-free. To her credit though, she is very loving and caring to Amy.

      PS. Eileen’s dad skeeves me out.

  3. Gayle says:

    Corrierules: I completely agree about Colin (even though that’s my son’s name) he really gives me the creeps ugh!

    I feel really sorry for Becky and would like to give Steve a kick up the backside!

  4. missusmac says:

    Ditto about Colin. I get the feeling he’d go from hitting on Rita, to hitting on Tina. Or Sophie. Just creepy.

  5. haili says:

    Colin and Pam were made for each other; they should get married and go live abroad!

    Is anyone else as frustrated as I am during the pub and hen night scenes? I hardly hear any of the dialogue due to background noise.

    • Piper77 says:

      The background noise and the combination of not understanding Jackie and Graham’s accent! I had to re-wind several times until I finally got the joke between them – she thought his name was Buffy/Buffet!

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