Update for October 29, 2009 – Love Actually


Waning Love

Michelle and Steve are sat in the backroom having a meandering conversation about whether a baked potato should be called a jacket potato or not. Michelle thinks jacket is the wrong name for it, as it makes her think of vegetables wearing stylish little ensembles. Steve, coward that he is, suggests that they go to Ireland for a visit – so he doesn’t have to bump into Becky – for a few days at least. Liz walks in on them at this point, and after Michelle has left the room, mother and son have a bit of a set to about their respective love lives. No profound conclusions are reached.

Wacky Love

Eileen tries to cheer Steve up while they are sat in the cab office, but he is not having any of it. Eileen goes to The Rovers for a break and orders an orange juice. She asks Liz if she knows why Steve and Lloyd have fallen out, and Liz tells Eileen about what it is going on between her and Lloyd. Eileen asks for some vodka in her orange juice. After further details from Liz, and the mental image of Liz and Lloyd getting jiggy, Eileen tells Liz to make the vodka a double.

Wine Love

Simon is being cleverly employed by Peter to get Leanne to come over for an afternoon of movie watching. Later, when Peter is returning with supplies he runs into Blanche on the street. Blanche asks him what is in the bags, as she could hear the clinking of bottles from across the street. Peter tries to deflect her, but Blanche discovers some wine bottles, so Peter claims they are for Leanne, before telling Blanche she would have done well in the Gestapo. Blanche throws out a few barbs before telling Peter she is off to shine her jackboots.

In the flat Peter is sneaking a few sips of wine when Deirdre, after hearing from Blanche, comes by for a surprise visit to see how things are going. Every thing seems kosher, so Deirdre leaves, and Peter sneaks another drink – although he seems to have a moment of regret about the wine when he looks at Simon.

Waxing Love

Molly is in a panic getting ready for the wedding. Amber, Pam and the bride to be have their hair in various states of adventure, and Natasha comes to the rescue to do the makeup. Pam tries to sneak out to get some champers (and do the deal with Dave) but Molly insists that Pam stays. Amber goes to get the bubbly instead, and ends up having a nice moment with Tara, who also ends up at the hair and makeup session. Pam calls Tyrone when she has a chance and guilts him into going to finish the deal with Dave. Molly continues down the road to madness as the wedding hour approaches.

Tyrone, over at The Old Rectory, is also working himself into a right state. Jack does his best to keep him calm, but things keep going wrong. The lady who was supposed to supply the doves for the ceremony calls to tell Ty that a cat did a number on the birds. The Korean harpist calls to say she is stuck in traffic on the M6 and might not make the service either. Pam adds to the stress by calling and getting Ty to stop in at the pub to do the ‘Roy Bans’ deal.

Tyrone gets Kirk and Jack, who have been ready for an extra hour already, to go with him to the pub to do the sunglass deal. When they get to the pub Tyrone tries to finish the deal with Dave as quickly as possible. Jack and Kirk, disregarding being told to stay in the car, come in for a pint. Jack seems to sense that something suspicious is going on, but when he asks Ty ‘You all right lad?’ Kirk replies that he is. Jack calls him a pillock. Turns out that Jack was right to be suspicious, the buyer Dave is an undercover cop, and he ends up arresting Tyrone for trafficking in stolen goods, putting the cuffs on him, and putting the brakes on the whole wedding day, it would seem.

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7 Responses to Update for October 29, 2009 – Love Actually

  1. Now honestly….how predictable was that scene with Tyrone doing another deed for selfish Auntie Pam and then getting the cuffs put on him???? I don’t care anymore if those two tie the knot 🙂

  2. haili says:

    I’ll second that! Tyrone would have a lucky escape from a life of henpecking if they kept him in the slammer. Life with Molly and Pam is my idea of hell. Jack was so fond of his pigeons but now doesn’t show any concern about them. You would think he’d be out there with hammer and nails building a new coop.

    Then there’s Steve who needs to get some backbone but never will, it seems. He deserves any static he gets from Becky and Liz.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Yes, quite agree… Molly and Pam are just as bad as eachother. And absolutely correct! Jack doesn’t seem to give a damn about his pigeons anymore — I hate when the writers can’t see, or ignore, obvious character traits to push a storyline forward. Jack would be heartbroken over those pigeons – I sometimes wondered if he loved them more than Vera!

  3. missusmac says:

    OK. This is silly. This guy is so not a cop. That voice is a dead give-away. This has GOT to be Whispering Sam, Whispering Jeff, Whispering Willie — whatever the love of Pam’s life was/is. I really am hating this story line. Just get married already!!!!

    I do think Pam looked quite nice, and much younger than I thought she is.

    Isn’t miss Fizz looking stylish and pretty? And, Eileen is back. Yippeeeee! I do love her.

  4. haili says:

    It seemed obvious tonight that the cop is a phony. Why would he handcuff Ty to a railing instead of hauling him in to the station? I’m feeling let down by this whole wedding – and I usually really enjoy these Corrie ceremonies.

    Fizz looks really nice lately and we need a lot more of Eileen and a lot less of Pam.

  5. corrierules says:

    I also found the “cop” story an unnecessary and unfunny distraction. But I loved watching the wedding and all the preparations. And I got a bit “ferklempt” when Jack talked about Vera.

    And Kirk makes me laugh… he is such a dimbulb— but he doesn’t have mean bone in his body

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