Monday November 2nd – the Molly’s a Freakin’ Update

UK Time, Monday January 12th 2009 – Episode II

The show opens with the continuation of Molly and Tyrone’s big wedding day.  At Dev’s condo Amber, Auntie Pam and some random chick are waiting for Molly to emerge from Amber’s bedroom decked out in the wedding dress Tyrone bought. Pam calls it “Rhapsody Blanco.” Every time that woman opens her mouth she sounds like she id describing something on home shopping network.

A bit later, a horse drawn carriage pulls up to the condos much to Molly’s surprise. Dev and the random make-up lady watch Auntie Pam, Amber and Molly climb into the carriage. It is all very fairytale and Molly looks blissfully happy.

Meanwhile, Tyrone is nowhere near the church. After trying to flog Pam’s dodgy sunglasses at a pub, he meets a very odd copper who handcuffs to a fixture in a pub. Kirk and Jack try to negotiate for his freedom through argument and bribery – between pints. I swear, they ordered pints.

Over at the church, everyone is waiting outside while Sophie wails some tune in her headphones. I have to say she sounds EXACTLY like the two girls who sing the R&B slow jam hits of 2009 on the bus I take home. It is both painfully hilarious and hilariously painful.

Molly et al pull up to the church, but Dev waves the carriage on and, in an explosion of middle-aged fitness, chases down the carriage and is able to tell the driver to keep going. There has GOT to be steroids in his Viagra. This obviously freaks molly out who is concerned for Tyrone’s wellbeing.

Tyrone is still chained to the pub fixture and Jack and Kirk only manage to secure his freedom by giving the “copper” more cash and promising to bring him to the police station after the wedding. Could they be this stupid?

Tyrone finally makes it to the church and promptly passes out upon seeing Molly by his side. In an attempt to revive Tyrone, she gives him a bit of a kick. When he comes to, they manage to stand in front of the priest and after a ring exchange that looks a bit like a Halmark commercial.

As the events of the day are still weighing on Tyrone’s wee brain, after they sign the registry, Tyrone starts to tell Molly that right after the ceremony, he has to go straight to the cop shop, but he looks like he is going to faint again.

This guy actually became a pretty hot adult.

The new Cilla is propped up on the couch in the Charlie Stubbs memorial murder scene and she’s on at her son about taking down the Christmas lights as they have been up too long.  She also wants him to grab her some crisps. I’m sure they had some sort of fun banter, but I don’t know what the heck they were saying. That woman’s accent is broad.

Scut Farcus leaves the house and when we see him later he is talking to Tina as he need to get some of the lights down through one of the windows. Its obvious to me that Tina likes Scut. When he’s done he gets her to make him a cup of tea. Come on Tina.

In Other News

Jason tries to ask Becky out and is … unsuccessful.

Leanne thinks that Peter isn’t an alcoholic today and has decided that since he is cured, she can date him.

Steve is still being a super prat where Michelle and Becky are concerned

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8 Responses to Monday November 2nd – the Molly’s a Freakin’ Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Excellent update! If I’m not mistaken the makeup girl was Natasha of Audrey’s.

    I’m starting to really like Dev’s girlfriend (sorry her name escapes me at the moment) she was very kind to Molly and Amber! I’m getting really sick of Auntie Pam and her get rich schemes.

  2. haili says:

    Have I mentioned before how much I hate Auntie Pam?! And how I wish she would elope with Colin? The way Molly’s been acting lately, they should take her too.

    The wedding was a bit of a letdown for me so I hope it gets better tonight. The horses were nice though.

  3. missusmac says:

    Geez, I hope Kev and Sal behave a little bit better at THIS wedding.

    It took me about 5 minutes to recognize Natasha. I too have no idea what Corrie’s answer to the Ma and Pa Kettle clan were saying to each other in ye olde house of Charlieee.

    What is Tina thinking? That little red-headed boy looks like he hasn’t bathed in ages, and he’s stupid. He makes David look like Brad Pitt.

    LOVED Becky’s shut-down of Jason.

    • kunzie says:

      Missus, you are right. That stood out in my mind too….Jason had no comeback for “Sarah will always be number one.” I heard the marble rattling around in there…

  4. papasmurf1964 says:

    The conversation between the Windass – paraphrased – ‘Mom, I am going to take down the Christmas lights and if I’m lucky I’ll get a peek at Tina getting out of the bath. Didn’t a friend of yours get sent up for something like that? While you’re out could you get me some crisps? Not too tangy though. Salt and Vinegar? Don’t be daft – something cheesy maybe.’

    Something like that…

    • beanie says:

      L FREAKIN” OL PAPA Smurf. I didn’t understand it but your paraphrasing is (I’m Sure) better than the dialogue.

  5. haili says:

    The Windass lad has no charm or charisma but Tina seems to like them that way – nasty and loutish.

    The reception was better than the wedding at least and it was nice to hear Jack and Tyrone’s speeches.

  6. Heather says:

    I loved your Scut Farcus comment! LOL made my day!

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