Update for Tuesday, November 10. Layin’ Pipe.

Original airdate: January 21, 2009

“Layin’ Pipe” by David Wilcox. The only song in Canadian pop history to turn Toronto’s construction boom of the 1980’s into a metaphor for sex.

Bill and Jason discover their yard has been broken into.

Bill gets on the blower to the coppers to tell the coppers that his copper’s missing, as well as negotiate the efficient bureaucracy involved in reporting a crime. Eddie overhears this, realizes what’s happened and hurries back home.

By the way, remember last week when Eddie showed the old photo of himself back in his darts playing days? The photo looked familiar so I Googled the name of the guy who plays Eddie Windass and learned that the actor who plays him, Steve Huison, was also in The Full Monty. He played the ginger guy who lived with his mum. Lookit:

Anyway, Eddie finds Gary at home and tells him about the robbery. He suspects Gary because just the other day, he was asking how much a set of copper pipers would be worth. Gary denies but Eddie reminds him that they moved to Weatherfield for a fresh start and getting into these types of shenanagins are only going to lead to trouble. I mean, scamming a disability benefit is one thing, but this is just outright theft.

Meanwhile, Joe’s gone missing since Gail starting asking about his business. Women are like that, aren’t they? “Oooooh, how much do you make? Where do you work? Where is your flat? What’s your name?” Honestly!

Tina finds Joe living in that storage shed and he admits that he’s lied to Gail about working for Bill as he needs money. He asks her not to say anything but she says she’s not lying for him.

After the coppers investigate the missing copper, Jason theorizes that Joe could have taken it as he needs money but Bill doesn’t think so. Joe arrives late, saying he had to take his auntie to th’hospickle.

Gary Windass arrives at the yard and tells Jason that he heard about the robbery. He wonders if it was an inside job. Joe hears this and loses his temper, with Jason having to hold him back from hitting Gary.

In the Rovers, the three builders are having a hot pot and Bill asks Joe what his beef is with the Windasses.

“Beneath us is the underclass,” Joe answers. “And below a half-eaten kebab in the gutter, is the Windass Class.”

Joe says he knows Bill and Jason suspect it was he who stole the pipes. Bill denies this but things get heated when Jason asks about Joe’s auntie so Joe storms off.

Gail later finds Bill at the yard and asks about Joe. He tells her about the pipes and how Joe thinks he’s being accused of stealing them. He doesn’t think he did but desperate people do desperate things sometimes.

“Who says he’s desperate?” Gail asks.

Later Gail, Tina, and David are discussing the day’s events. Tina says her dad’s not the type to steal money and David thinks it’s obvious Gary stole the pipes when he saw them the night before, driving a big truck past the yard, looking best pleased.

He then goes next door to confront Gary but he claims that he was watching “The Dark Knight” which he and Eddie agreed was the least far-fetched of all the Batman movies. (Oh, I beg to differ) Eddie, reluctantly, backs up his alibi. David says he’s going to the police.

And you all know what THAT means:

Graeme the Poet

The story of John Stape’s sentencing has hit the Gazette and Fizz is mortified to learn her name was in it (BTW, Fizz is 24). She laments that she is now one of “those women” in the news who claim their criminal lovers were innocent. She’s well depressed.

Ches decides the best way to cheer her up is to set her up with another guy, this time who doesn’t fancy schoolgirls. Ches thinks someone like Kirk would do but Kirk says they broke the mold before they made him.

Anyway, he tries to set Fizz up with Graeme, who reads her a poem (“Your flamin’ hair, Your flamin’ hair!”) but it’s a bust. Despite Graeme being a bit … odd… it does cheer her up somewhat and they have a conversation on the way home about their romantic misadventures and inappropriate crushes. For Graeme, it was Aqua Marina of Stingray. marina1Perhaps it was the Supermarionation. Perhaps it was the fact that she was made of wood but Graeme knew it would never work out. Anyway, I don’t think we’re about see any great Fizz/Graeme romance here but she did appear to cheer up so that’s something.

Oh, and Kirk sat on his fish and chips because the writers still insist that he’s mentally challenged.

In Other News

Maria’s back at the salon but Audrey wants her to take it easy so her duties have been downgraded to “Emily Bishop.” Fizz once joked that Sarah was such a bad hairdresser that she could only do two styles: shaved and Emily Bishop.

Emily mentions to Maria that Jed left on Christmas day, taking everything but his trademark cap. The wheels start turning in her head again.

The Dev/Amber Battle for the Car continues but is not resolved. Amber says Dev has an over-inflated sense of his self-importance but Dev says she worships the ground he walks on.


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19 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 10. Layin’ Pipe.

  1. haili says:

    LOL. Good update.

    The thought of the Windass guy on Full Monty is pretty disgusting

    I suppose the police will once again jail the wrong guy for the robbery – probably Joe?

    Let’s hope that Maria doesn’t start up again now that she’s heard that Jed left.

    Fizz – please move on!

  2. missusmac says:

    Everyone thought Les was greasy and gross — well the sight of the Windass dad makes my stomach churn! Is it too far for him to get upstairs to the bath?

    When he offered Bill a bite of his sandwich on the street, I almost gagged. He reminds me of grandad that showed up, mercifully briefly, with Jerry’s family. He also creeped me out.

  3. beanie says:

    A great read with my coffee, Thanks John!!!! I hope Graeme and Fizz become friends because he makes her laugh and we’d get to see more of both of them.

    Stingray has to be almost 50 yrs old! Now I’ll never get that theme song out of my head.

    John if I have a nightmare about Eddie Windass NAKED……

  4. kunzie says:

    John, crackin’ update!
    I have no idea why, but I feel sorry for Eddie. Yes, he is scamming the government, I get that. But he seems to want to be part of a community, with his vol-a-vent baking, his darts league and his job.

    I think Fiz is lookin’ awesome these days…I think the John story has gone on waaaay too long…let’s see Fiz with a hunky, lovely bloke!

    I also love how Gary Windass makes David seem like a mild-mannered, law-abiding citizen in comparison. It’s fun to cheer FOR David for a change!

    • TracyEmm says:

      I love to cheer for David nowadays! Just said the same thing to my husband last night – “how weird to be agreeing with David, who is right on the money for a change” !!!!!

      Why do I feel Joe’s temper is only going to get worse and worse? Why can’t Gail just get a happy-go-lucky bloke? Haven’t we seen enough weirdo’s for a while?

  5. Gayle says:

    Joe’s character is very scary. He has a dark side. If I were Gail I’d kick him to the curb along with his mouthy daughter. Tina is giving Gary way too much encouragement!

    • TracyEmm says:

      Isn’t she just??? (Tina, giving Gary way too much encouragement). It’s quite ridiculous really!
      I want to get back into the Lloyd/Liz storyline! Can’t wait to see what those two get up to! (get yer minds out of the gutters!) haha

  6. haili says:

    I think we know what Lloyd and Liz are up to!

    I know Tina likes bad boys, but they should at least have some attractive qualities and Gary is just repulsive, though not quite as repulsive as his father. I’m wondering where all that dart club money will end up.

    Where will Tina go to live if Gail kicks her out – to the Windass residence? And did mommy Windass ever return the vacuum?

    • eps says:

      The street seems way too full of serious losers these days.
      TracyEmm – I was thinking the same thing this afternoon, “why have they put so many unattractive ‘weirdos’ on the street lately?” The Windasses (I always hear Bette Midler sing, “You are the wind beneath my a**”) have no redeeming quality that I’ve seen and certainly don’t add any viewing pleasure. If we must have another ginger Dad let’s get another Tommy Harris-type. I actually liked him and the family though I may be in the minority.

      • Jackie says:

        I liked the Harris’s too! They were a family that at times, of course you didn’t like, but you always rooted for them in the end. I find nothing appealing at all with the Windasses

        I miss Martin too, now that we are missing people.

  7. Gayle says:

    Where would Tina live? Tina has a mother remember she showed up at Gail’s shouting the odds looking for her.

    Eps, I agree with you about the unattractive,loser weirdos. We need some new likeable characters to move in.

  8. papasmurf1964 says:

    Having spent a bit of time in England, people like the Windass’ are actually quite visible, especially in a neighbourhood like Weatherfield. I read an article recently in a British paper estimating there is over a million people who are multi generational welfare recipients, and who seem to have no interest or the means to break this cycle.

  9. haili says:

    I don’t miss the Harris bunch one little bit. Katie was the most annoying character ever – except for Shelley and her months and months of “I’m sorry, Charlie.”

    I do miss Martin; they ruined a good character with that stupid storyline. I liked the way Martin, Kevin, Ashley and that bunch hung out together. The writers seemed to be in a rut with the young/older couples for awhile: Martin/Katie, Frankie/Jamie, John/Rosie. Did I miss any?

  10. TracyEmm says:

    Actress who plays Katie Harris has recently married actor who plays Tyrone Dobbs! They’ve been an item since she worked on Corrie!

    Funny, all these ex-families mentioned a few times above — my husband and I were discussing them all last night. Also discussed the Doctor (who is Joshua Peacocks natural father) and his wife… remember the doc had an affair with Maxine (Ashley’s first wife). The arrival of that couple gave a new set/venue — the surgery over the road where Gail works. Remember the nurse that had a thing for Kevin? They should bring a new Dishy Doctor and/or Nurse into the story! And get rid of the Windasses!!!!

    • missusmac says:

      Yes, I’ve aways wondered why they didn’t use that setting of the medical centre for more stories. There HAS to be a doctor or nurse there who would be interesting, or even a patient.

  11. haili says:

    Martin being a nurse was a nice change of pace and we got hospital scenes every time a Corrie resident got hurt. Sean’s ex was some kind of nurse too. I guess the writers want to be different from all the American soaps where everyone is a doctor, lawyer or executive.

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