Is Stephanie Beecham the TV Angel of Death?

I’ve been reading up just who this Stephanie Beecham is. I knew she was on Dynasty and The Colbys but I wondered what else I’d seen her in. Her Wikipedia page reads like a graveyard of forgotten TV series. The Colbys was a short-lived spin-off of Dynasty. When that got cancelled, they moved her to Dynasty which got cancelled a year later. Here are some other career highlights:

She also appeared in that episode of Star Trek the Next Generation where she played  a holographic love interest to the holographic Professor Moriarty of the Sherlock Holmes stories (don’t ask).

In the future, we will all live in fancy Victorian drawing rooms and have lasers make our chairs.

The episode aired during the show’s sixth season and a year later, Star Trek The Next Generation was cancelled. Coincidence?

I’m sure the woman is a talented actress and all but let’s just hope Corrie survives her guest spot.


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4 Responses to Is Stephanie Beecham the TV Angel of Death?

  1. Not the greatest track record eh?
    Boy that Ken is just diving right into the deep end with her!

  2. missusmac says:

    I’m just wondering when the truth about Deirdre, Blanche, etc., will come out?

    I actually feel sorry for Ken, always wanting what he sees as an ‘intellectual life’, some kind of an Edwardian existence, where he never has to work, can dabble in research, or dreamily read books. He doesn’t belong on the street, nor does he belong off it.

  3. Gayle says:

    Stephanie was also in Tenko and was very good in it. It was about a group of British ladies held in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp. Sad to watch but well done show.

  4. Simon Ramsay says:

    I like Stephanie Beecham; I didnt have to look her up to find out who she is! I saw her on stage 3 years ago in a UK touring production of ‘Hayfever’, the Noel Coward comedy. She starred opposite Christopher Timothy in it.
    I have also seen her in an episode of ‘The Saint’ from 1968; ITV4 have been repeating the last 3 years of episodes. That was right at the beginning of her T.V and acting career. She was attractive. At first I thought it was Hannah Gordon in the episode, then I remembered reading that Stephanie had been in one episode of The Saint; it was indeed her!
    She is a very fit glamorous looking woman! I watched the whole of ‘CBB’ as she had gone in; I couldnt believe it at first that she had chosen to enter. She seemed well mannered & quite laid back in the ‘CBB house’ & seemed to get on well with just about all the housemates.
    Im sure she hasnt had a facelift, but I think some people might imagine that she has done cos of who she is & her glamouros image that shes had since ‘Dynasty’! She is good looking & in the house she did quite a bit of excercise which is beneficial for posture, breathing and the neck! Actors and actresses tend to do that. Shes got quite gd skin too. I think she might of had lip implants though, her lips look big, firm & kind of ‘pillow/cushion’ like! Other than that she looks good and human! The way a person looks can be down to all sorts of things but now I think there is an obsession through the media with botox & cosmetic surgery.
    I still think that her looks are down to her excercising & body size though + skin type, all but for her lips! She doesnt look as ‘doll like’ as Joan Collins who looks as if shes always playing herself even in interviews. I also think Joan has a more irratating voice, v high pitched! Stephanies’ is deep & its funny when she laughs! ‘Stephanie rules o.k’! (sorry) Im still a fan of yours.x

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