Update for Thursday, November 19, 2009: Bloody ‘ell

Original air date:  January 30, 2009

Windass hands David his ass.

We start tonight’s episode where we left off on Wednesday.  David is laying in a bloody pulp on the cobbles in front of his mam’s house.  Upon returning from a lovely picnic lunch, Rita and Colin hear David sobbing like the baby he is and Colin calls 999.  Gary lifts David off the ground and tries to hit him again, but this is too much even for the Windass parents they pull Gary off of David.  David exclaims “You’ve messed up this time Windass!  I’ll get you for this!”  Gail and Joe arrive at the scene and David insists that Gary threw the first punch, all the while Gary insists that David started it.  Gail decides that this is a moment to protect her brood and orders Gary to stay away.  Because a rabid Gail is one’s best defence.  David is taken to the ‘ospital in an ambulance while Gary remains in Coronation Street. 

The Windasses are concerned that Gary could be put away for this offence since he has a suspended sentence.  With that, one of Weatherfield’s finest arrive at the door and Gary is escorted by the fuzz to the coldest interrogation room on the planet.   Meanwhile, David is also being interviewed by a copper and assures her that Gary started it all.  Tina returns from the tea run and David tells her she must tell the cop that Gary hit him first.  Tina, the savvy girl that she is, points out that David threw the first punch.  Using some emotional blackmail (a la Gail), David gets Tina to back him up.

Having put in a solid 45 minutes at the hospital, Gail and Joe are back on the street for some much needed rest.  Before they decide to head back to check on poor little David, they have a run-in with the Windasses.  Gail calls Gary a mindless thug and a brute and she feels sorry for them.  Meanwhile Joe, acting like a mindless thug and brute, threatens the entire Windass family.  

While Tina backs up David to the cops, David is twitchy and Gail pick up on this.  She is now wondering if perhaps he has embellished this story and assures him that he will be found out if this is the case.  Tina assures Gail that David speaks only truths. 

Pub crawl for truth

Carla scares the living daylights out of Jed at his flat and takes him to the pub for some lunch and a chat, much to his resistance.  She explains that she feels very badly for the misunderstanding between Jed and Tony (who is away on business).  As they drink, eat and drink some more, the sun sets and night falls.  Jed is in his cups, but still careful of what not to say.  But he forgets about his scarf and Carla sees marks on his neck.  When she points this out to Jed, he becomes scared and tries to flee.  Jed tells Carla to leave him alone and Carla cries out “Did my husband try to strangle you?” 

Suddenly I See…

Janice is still realing from Mike’s death in the parking lot of the ‘ospital.  Janice is crying on Leanne’s shoulder and later is paid a visit by Emily.  Mike widow (yep, that’s right Janice, he was married), is grateful to Janice that her husband did not die alone and has a card and flowers for her.  With this, Janice gets teary and Emily offers to buy her a round (2 sherries, make that 1 sherry and something else).  When Leanne joins Janice in the pub, Janice is feeling better about the situation and herself.  Janice has had an epiphany:  she should have been a nurse, and you know what?  It’s not too late for her to do this!  Perhaps Janice will be certified by the next time David gets his ass handed to him.  Is there a weekend nursing course available in Weatherfield?

In other news:

Norris and Mary have won a caravan and plan to rent it out during school holidays (at a premium rate).

Ken is back on the boat with Martha and makes me feel like I need a shower really badly.  Forgetting about Simon seems to be a hereditary trait.

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10 Responses to Update for Thursday, November 19, 2009: Bloody ‘ell

  1. eps says:

    Janice is certainly certifiable but as a nurse? “Calling nurse Rachett,
    clean-up in aisle 9”.

    I am curious about where Carla is going with her investigation. Perhaps she will end up consulting DC Taggert (previously one of Ian Beale’s wives on East Enders).

    Ken is really irritating me. If he likes this woman how about a little respect and truth? Another User/Loser on the street.

  2. haili says:

    Nurse Ratchett was what came to my mind too but maybe we’ll get to see the softer side of Janice again as she wasn’t always so mean.

    I imagine Carla will be taking an extended vacation soon for her maternity leave. I think she smells a rat but it will be interesting to see how they write her out for a few months.

    Ken can always rationalize things like these little affairs but who can blame him when he comes home to nagging Dierdre and Blanche who never give him a moment’s peace. He and Dierdre don’t really have much in common – unless he gets some viagra.

  3. missusmac says:

    What bothers me about Ken is that he always rationalizes this, thinks he’s not doing something dirty — a la Mike Baldwin affair with Deirdre, say — because he is an intellectual. It’s not passion and lust and sleazy affairs for Ken, it’s finding a soul mate and FEELINGS, and that makes it ok.

    Very often, Deirdre has his number, that he thinks he’s better than her. Both have accused the other of settling.

    If I was sick, having Janice as my nurse would certainly encourage me to get out the hospital ASAP!

    Why is Tina feeling guilty about lying? She lied through her teeth about being with David when he left his mother at the bottom of the stairs. Why wouldn’t she lie to get Gary off the street, and away from her family?

    • corrierules says:

      Excellent analysis of Ken, missusmac.

      When discussing Streecard, either Martha or Ken uttered this description of Blanche Dubois:
      “Vain, deluded, full of self pity” It was a spot-on description of Ken…but it seemed as if if was thinking of Deirdre at the time. And I thought to myself, oh Ken you are so vain and deluded…..

  4. haili says:

    Both Ken and Dierdre settled IMO. They were there for each other when they had no-one else but get bored with each other a lot. Ken likes to have someone who can talk about books, etc. and Dierdre just isn’t interested. He kids himself that that’s all it is but it may develop into something else. The truth will out and everyone will be miserable yet again. He does seem pretty honest usually so maybe he will tell Martha the truth soon – I hope.

    Tina has lied before but I think she has a weird attraction to Gary – and that’s weird!

  5. margs says:

    I know, I know, you are all probably right about Ken but I am enjoying his little encounter with the foxy lady so much. It is so nice to go inside the barge, sit down at that little table and get away from the scruffs and the bloody noses on the Street. When sex rears its ugly head and ruins everything I will face it.

  6. margs says:

    I am so carried away with Ken and his jaunty scarf….I forgot Janice – will the writers labour away and turn her into a Florence Nightingale – a big writing and acting job there..

  7. Gayle says:

    I think Martha is a lovely lady, but I wonder how she’ll feel about Ken when the truth comes out.

    Ken angers me he pushed Peter into raising Simon and now when help is needed he can’t be bothered.

    I would love to see Janice train to become a nurse it would make a nice change for her character.

  8. haili says:

    In Ken’s defence, he didn’t know Peter was an alcoholic who would wind up in rehab when he urged him to keep Simon. Ken has regrets that he isn’t close to his sons due to the time he didn’t spend with them in the past and doesn’t want Peter to miss out with his own son. Also, Ken is in his 70s and surely deserves some time to himself before he dies. Peter needs to stop feeling sorry for himself, straighten up, and take responsibility for his own child so let’s hope he works hard at rehab.

  9. corrierules says:

    I agree, haili….and Ken definitely should be allowed to enjoy his “golden years”. But what annoys me is that Ken has edited so much out of his story with Martha. He paints himself as the long-suffereing self-sacrificing dad and granddad and neglects to mention he ignored his own son(s)since they were very little. I think that Ken’s “parenting” has a lot to do with Peter’s shortcomings. And he didn’t disabuse Martha of the notion that he is a widower.

    Oh and I’m going to look up recondite in the dictionary… I think it means “pompous twit”

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