Update for Wednesday, Nov. 18: Lunch, Anyone?

"Your potato...my leek..."

Rosie starts her day in the Cafe as classical music plays. “What is this rubbish anyway?” she asks Ken. “Elgar,” he replies. “Wot does the “L” stand for?” Rosie wants to know “Loser?” On the way out she runs into Gary and they have a nasty little exchange about dissing each other.

Tony and Carla pull up at Underworld as Maria is walking by.  “And they say there is no life after death!” he taunts her. Later, Tony and Carla chat in the office at the factory. Tony is off to Aberdeen in January, he tells Carla. Maria turns up then, claiming she’s not there to cause trouble, but to apologize. She says she shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. Carla is not too eager to hear, but Tony is tolerant. Maria points out to Carla that she had many reasons for putting two and two together…including Tony’s boarding up of Jed’s house while he was in hospital and lying to Jason to get him to do it. Tony points out that he gave Jed a new flat and called the hospital.

“I was wrong about Jed,” Maria says. “And Liam?” Tony asks. “I don’t know,” she tells him as she leaves. Carla looks increasingly suspicious the more she learns. She asks Tony why he never told her what he’d done to Jed…boarding up the house and lying about his move. Tony says he wasn’t proud of it. Carla remarks that she saw Jed enter the cab as Tony was shouting at him the previous evening, and he looked scared. Tony says he was worried about the cat.

Who else LOVES Sonny Jim??

Carla pays a visit to Emily. Emily courteously invites her in and then stands awkwardly with her in the dining room, trying to determine what Carla wants exactly. They make some painful small talk. What Carla does want, is information…about the nature of Jed’s departure and reappearance. Emily says that Jed disappeared so suddenly. Emily also suggests that Jed’s stroke was brought on by pressure that “certain people” put on him. Carla reads between the lines.

Janice is on her break at the hospital and finds her smoking buddy, Mike, outside. They chat pleasantly; he says he’s soon to be released and has to knock the butts on the head. As Janice and Mike prepare to go back in, Mike stands, becomes dizzy then collapses on the pavement, clutching his chest in pain. Janice shouts for help. He tells her she has a voice like a flaming foghorn. Janice waits in the waiting room as doctors work on Mike. A nurse comes out to share the sad news that Mike has died. He had a heart-valve replacement the week before and had a clot on his lung. Janice is devastated.

Norris has  lunch at the bar in the Rovers’, lost in thought. He rather indelicately grills Liz about Lloyd. The topic is the age difference. Liz is annoyed at first, thinking he’s being a nosy-parker, but she quickly deduces he’s really asking about Mary. She tells him to “go for it”. Norris jibbers and flutters a bit, but Liz just grins.

Colin, Eileen’s dad, comes into the Kabin, with a big picnic cooler. He says he has sausage rolls, scotch eggs and wine. The picnic location is to be Rita’s flat, and Norris can’t resist a few snipes. After the picnickers leave, he almost rings Mary on his cel.

Ken ambles by Martha’s houseboat…I half-expected him to chuck Eckles in the canal again…it appears no one is home, but Martha returns then, carrying a bag out of which sticks a baguette. She is stylishly dressed in the same shearling coat she was wearing when we met her. Her wardrobe is giving me hope that I am not doomed to Sears fleecewear for the next decade. She invites him aboard.

“I didn’t mean to stay for lunch,” Ken tells her as they linger over mismatched mugs of tea. He’s having a rollicking time listening to soothing music and eating yummy home-made food. He picks up a script for A Streetcar Named Desire. Martha confesses she is playing in the production. Ken is enchanted. They exchange some compliments. She asks if he would test her on her lines.

Gary is in the Rovers’ as Jason wanders in. He asks if David is still giving Gary grief. Gary says he’d punch him out but he’s on probation. Jason ends up spilling aaaaallllllll the gory details of David’s past. To the guy that stole his copper pipes.

Gary has decided to spend the afternoon tailing David around the neighbourhood. He starts heckling Davis, asking for ‘e’. He says that David only sells drugs to kids…and that is like suicide…like driving your car into the canal or something. Gary prattles on about Gail having a thing for psychos…and intimating that David harmed Gail. David reaches home and tries to slam the door. Gary follows David home and wedges his foot in the door. He says David is too scared to face him, that David is a freak and no wonder his dad wants nothing to do with him. David has been pushed too far. He smacks Gary in the face, (handy for the parolee) and they trade blows. Gary lands the last and best, and David crumples beside the garage.


About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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4 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Nov. 18: Lunch, Anyone?

  1. corrieheart says:

    Hi all,

    ah good old Kenneth,the Barry White of Bessie street. Only Ken could find an attractive, intellectual, refined, book reading, leek & potato soup-making, foxy lady on a barge – all while walking the dog. Where does he find the time? After all he’s working at the caf, dealing with his alcoholic son, Blanche and the two grandkids. I admire his stamina. I suppose it’s inevitable that Martha will become his ‘bit on the tide’. Wonder when he’ll break the sad news about his wife, you know the one who makes leek & potato soup from a can (oh the humanity!)

  2. Diane/tvor says:

    Hi, an aside here. Not sure how to contact you by email. I have a couple of blog posts about new corrie dvds that are available for Canadians. http://tvor-downeast.blogspot.com/2009/11/classic-corrie-for-canadians-and.html
    Just wanted to let your readers know.

  3. haili says:

    LOL I must remember that “bit on the tide.” One thing about Ken – and Liz too: they never give up on love perfect love.

    I just love Sonny Jim; we should see more of him.

    It would be so nice if they sent Gary to the slammer.

  4. eps says:

    Ms. Kunzie, the comment re: hope in the offing to be not eternally doomed to Sears fleece wear made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

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