Update for Tuesday, November 25, 2009. Carla Gordon Investigates

Original broadcast date: February 4, 2009

Tony is telling Carla not to worry about Jed Stone, still giving her the story that the marks on his neck were from a botched suicide attempt. After all, he can’t be on 24 hour suicide watch, now can he?

When the two arrive at Underworld, Kevin is there, with Tyrone, to gloat about how one of his old customers is coming back and that his bullying has failed.

“You’re right. I’ve failed,” he replies. “Failed to help you grow your business. Failed to help you realise you could ever be anything more than a low rent grease monkey grubbing around under clapped out cars. If only I could sleep at night.”

Later, Carla comes into the garage to ask the guys about the business. She finds out from Kevin and Tyrone that, not only was Tony undercutting his business, but he arranged to have their tow-truck stolen. Carla is surprised to hear this but also adds that Tony is no longer interested in buying out Kevin’s business to expand Underworld. Awkward high-fives all around.

I was wondering what happened with that. Rita, I think, turned down Tony’s offer and now he’s officially done with this expansion business. I mean, it’s pretty clear Kevin wasn’t going anywhere, nor Rita, or that the show was about to see half its set turned into an expanded factory. Still, it’s nice to get resolution on that. It’s also always interesting to see how the show manages to keep the principal cast living and working on the same street.

Carla then goes to see Leanne at the bookie’s but she’s swamped with work so she promises to meet up with her later. Back at the factory, Carla tells Tony she’s off to see a competitor. Tony tries to press the issue but he forced to deal with the issue of an errant frisbee.

As Carla speeds off, Leanne arrives, just having missed her. Tony is all, “What’d she want to see you for?” and Leanne is all, “Mind your own beeswax, you friggin’ frigger!”. But a quick call to said competitor reveals that Carla is not seeing him after all.

Instead, Carla is seeing murderer-for-hire Jimmy Dockerson to ask, “Hey what’s up with Jed?” Jimmy is all, “What? Jed? He’s just…what? No.”

Carla asks what he’s afraid of but Jimmy says he’s not afraid of anything. Then he calls Tony, “Holyshitmanshe’sontous!

“Don’t worry,” Tony says. “I’ll sort this oot.”

Which he does by shooing the workers out of the factory and turning out the lights. When Carla arrives, she finds Tony lurking in the shadows and she asks him what the hell is going on? He tells that he was about ask her the same thing.


Say it With Fairy Cakes

Anna is slapping Eddie upside of the head over the fight between the Platts and them, as well as the darts league scam, and demands that he make amends by getting… The Book!

“The Book! Of course!” he exclaims and quickly fetches a battered old notebook. The Book in question was his mother’s handmade recipe book. As it turns out, Eddie is an excellent baker and they discuss which item would be the best for apologizing. Gary suggests flapjacks because he’s thick.

Anyway, it’s fairy cakes that he ends up making (I think) and he heads over to the Platts and gives them to Tina and David as a peace-offering. Tina agrees they are delicious but David snarfs that he’s had better, even as he takes the entire tin for himself.

It’s not clear if they worked, however, as Tina still tells Gary that the fight wouldn’t have gone so far if he hadn’t goaded David on, even if David threw the first punch. But she also tells Gary to thank Eddie and Anna for the lovely cakes.

So, would you eat anything baked by Eddie Windass? He just seems a little hygiene-adverse. I can just imagine I’d be pulling stray, greasy hairs and cigarette ash out of my Eccles cake.

Speaking of sweets, don’t forget to enter the Quality Street contest over at the CBC website.

In Other News

Eileen tells Rita to be careful around her dad, as he’s not the most dependable sort but then she figures Rita knows a thing or two about men and lets it go.

Becky and Steve are fighting over her relationship with Jason, calling him “thick as two planks”. Steve, on the other hand, spends his spare time devising equations for that big particle-accelerator thingy what’s over in Switzerland. Becky says she’s more than happy to be with Jason. She’s euphoric.

“Ooh, that’s a big word for a small girl,” Steve says.

“Yeah,” she replies. “Well, you don’t work next to Roy Cropper for a year and learn nothin’.”

Janice asks Ken about getting her GCSE‘s. (It’s your high school education, basically). After a bit of back and forth over which ones she should take, Ken suggests that perhaps a nursing degree is a bit ambitious for her. Perhaps she could look into being a care-provider assistant, which he thinks would be equally rewarding.

Janice takes offense, thinking he considers her too thick to do it. Well, she saw Educating Rita and she says he thinks everyone’s stuck in their little grooves. Or maybe he’s bitter that his novel never got finished and he spends his days pretending to be a widower on some actress lady’s canal boat. Janice storms out, say that she thought Ken would have believed in her. Hopefully, she won’t give up in her quest.

Ken could have handled this better by, maybe, pressing upon Janice how big a commitment of time and money this was, just to ensure that she was serious. But the way he didn’t protest when she took offense suggests he just couldn’t be bothered with her.

Because Ken’s kind of a jerk that way.



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15 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 25, 2009. Carla Gordon Investigates

  1. beanie says:

    Who would eat Windass fodder indeed! Did you see his disgusting dirty hands holding the cake tin? Even if it was day 30 on Survivor!

  2. Gayle says:

    How do they think Cakes will make any difference? Ugh!

  3. Mandy says:

    Disgusting! I’d never eat anything that brute of a man baked me. He makes me want to barf! Now, if Ken baked me something, I would eat it! Although I am sick of Ken these days. I can’t believe he’d say that to Janice when he was all about helping Violet… who just turned out to be a knocked-up barmaid anyway.

  4. missusmac says:

    He spent a lot of time helping Toya too, so he at least helps the young-uns.

    Janice didn’t want to do biology? Not like there’s anything science-related with nursing.

    What do we think of Rosie’s new boy? There has to be something wrong with someone who presents that well.

    Cracking update, John!

    • missusmac says:

      Sorry! SOPHIE’s new boy

      • TracyEmm says:

        we’re so supicious in the Soap world! There is just no way someone can be that cute, that polite, that perfect! SOMETHING has to be up with him… hope he’s not going to be gay; it would be nice for Sophie to have a boyfriend after all she’s had to put up with in that household over the past few years!

      • Barbie says:

        My first thought was that Rosie is going to steal him.

      • Long time lurker says:

        That was my thought exactly, Barbie.
        I bet she does, just to confirm her superiority over Sophie – “ho”-wise.

  5. haili says:

    Ken has his hands full these days what with babysitting, working at Roy’s, walking Eccles, etc. I don’t think he has much time or energy for Janice, though he should have been more tactful about it. He has helped lots of people in the past: Toyah and Raquel and probably others.

    I can’t imagine anyone eating anything Eddie baked – or David letting the Windasses come into the house. The door should be locked at all times with neighbours like that.

    If Tony had kept cool he would have been OK. I guess calling Jimmy will give the whole thing away as far as Carla’s concerned.

    We don’t hear much about Lad Rags these days. Did they buy Maria’s share?

    • TracyEmm says:

      Lad Rags comment: yeah, that’s true. and what happened to the cousin (I’ve forgotten his name) the cute one, who Sean made a pass at.

      Anyone miss Marcus? I do! I think that was a loss to the cast of Corrie – I liked his wisdom and ‘properness’…

      I want to know what the scoop is about Julie’s mother and Eileen… perhaps Eileens Dad will be tangled in this web somehow aswell! I hope they get onto that storyline after we see what happens w/ Tony and Carla…

      • missusmac says:

        Wouldn’t it be weird if Julie was Eileen’s half-sister? :0

        I really don’t like Eileen’s dad. I wish Ted and Rita were an item, impossible I know, but I think they would be lovely fun friends.

        Carla was supposed to be talking to a lawyer regarding buying out Maria and the cousin from Lad Rags. I always thought the cousin would stick around to be Sean’s new love interest.

  6. haili says:

    I liked seeing Marcus and Sean more often. Marcus was the voice of reason that Sean needed.

    Sophie’s new boyfriend reminds me of Eddie Haskell for some reason, but I’m such a cynic.

  7. Long time lurker says:

    Given that both Maria and now Carla are convinced that Tony is a killer, they both have taken a lot of chances confronting him on their own. Don’t they think that if he was able to fake Liam’s death as an accident, he couldn’t do the same for either/both of them? And as another poster commented a few days ago, never with a tape recorder or anything they could use as proof, on the off-chance they actually don’t wind up being his next victim.

  8. Leah says:

    What the hell is a fairy cake anyway? And I think he ended up making “Butterfly cakes”. Which yes. I would not eat having seen the H1N1 on him.

  9. fondue123 says:

    fairy cakes are just british cupcakes. butterfly cakes are a variant made by cutting the top off the cupcake, cutting that in half, and sticking the two pieces back on onto some kind of icing, or filling.

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