Monday November 30th 2009 – The Why Not Just Kick Him in the Balls Update

This is how things would have gone down had i been in that kebab shop.

UK Time – Monday February 9th 2009 – Episode II

The show opens with Len Windass still in the Kebab shop threatening Tina, who, for some reason, doesn’t kick Len in the balls or call the police, her father, Gail, David, Graeme, Dev or anyone else to come to the Kabab shop. Len wants Tina to admit she is lying so that Gary doesn’t go down for something he didn’t do. Seems to me he should go down for something. Len finally leaves and Tina calls David after the fact, who doesn’t come to the Kebab shop as asked.

Instead, later on Tina tells David what happened who kicks off and the two start arguing so loud that Joe can hear them from the street. He comes in the house and asks what the problem is. Tina goes upstairs and David tells Joe that Len was in the Kebab shop and has been threatening Tina.

Doesn’t this upset Joe who ends up lurking in dark doorways waiting for Len to emerge from The Rovers. We get the requisite shove up against the wall but again, no kick to the balls as would have been easy and well deserved. Joe does threaten to kill Len, but he is unfazed. Len is pretty sure that Joe is too soft to really do anything.

Secrets and Lies! We're all in pain. Why can't we share our pain?The factory girls are all a chatter about Tony and Carla, and who wouldn’t be? They are in the factory and Tony is at home drinking and pleading for Carla to come back and make up and pretend that he didn’t have Liam killed so they could be happy again. God, why won’t Carla understand that Tony just wants her to see how much he loves her. A bit later on Leanne finds out from the gossip girls that Carla is now on mat leave has done a runner. Interesting, Carla didn’t talk to Leanne, the maid of honour/former prostitute her late husband tried dispatch via vehicular homicide. You would think that bond would see them through anything.

Anyway, Leanne is all worried and goes where everyone in Weatherfield would go to get much needed information, the pub. Thank god Maria is there because when you are overreacting about your missing full grown adult friend you gotta get the street’s deranged harpie de jour to help you sort it out. So, over to Tony’s they go.

Tony is drunker than a University of Western Ontario student at homecoming. He let’s them know that Carla has left him because she is about to give birth was always in love with Liam. But, don’t worry Maria, Liam didn’t love Carla with every fiber of his tortured soul, he loved you. He really REALLY did.

Actually a map of Calais.

So, Ken finally gets back from his visit with the Lady-on-the-lake armed with some BS story as to why he’s late and a ridiculous Kimono. Come one, now, a kimono, really? Deirdre has been home making party preparations and I am pretty sure we could loose little Joshua down her cleavage. The voices of screaming children are on high in the background are. It must have been interesting for Amy, the Millie Vanillie of child actors, to hear these obviously pre-recorded voices.

After the party Deirdre suggests that Ken go visit Peter in rehab (he’s still in rehab, right?). At first he is reluctant, than he can see his geriatric wheels start turning and before you know it he’s figuring out how to get a weekend supply of Cialis from the medical centre.

In Other News

Steve is stuck at work during his daughter’s birthday party and gets chatted up by Natasha in full view of Becky, who is all over Jason Grimshaw like me if I had the chance to get anywhere near Jason Grimshaw.

Sophie is home from her date. Everyone asked her how it went, I think she said something about pizza, being hungry and church. Whatever it was, it shocked Rosie.

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18 Responses to Monday November 30th 2009 – The Why Not Just Kick Him in the Balls Update

  1. lovethestreet says:

    “Millie Vanillie of child actors”…hilarious!

  2. haili says:

    LOL at the Jason comment. I agree. He is well fit.

    Maybe Sophie can take a tip from Millie Vanillie and just lip sinc while someone else speaks – then we could hear the dialogue.

    I hope Ken’s not going to do what I fear he might; take Martha with him on his little trip to rehab.

    • Cayenne says:

      Haili, I actually think Ken’s going to use the excuse of visiting Peter in order to spend the weekend “sailing”…! 🙂

      • missusmac says:

        Cayenne, surely not the whole weekend! 🙂 He is 902, after all. I do believe he will spend at least one night there, and then hop off to see Peter after. Please Ken, do at least one thing for your son.

        And a kimono? Really?

  3. Gayle says:

    I understand that Steve couldn’t get anyone to work at the Rovers as he is short-staffed. Why doesn’t he replace Michelle and Becky who both quit? Where was Sean, Poppy and Liz? Doesn’t Kelly work there any longer?

    Perhaps Liz was supposed to be at the birthday party?

    I thought Diedre’s dress was quite low cut for a child’s birthday party. It seemed more like something Liz would wear. I like Diedre’s character but hate her wardrobe with a passion.

  4. Piper77 says:

    Is Len Gary’s brother or Anna’s brother? He seems to resemble Anna quite a bit and is nothing like Gary (that’s a good thing!)

  5. papasmurf1964 says:

    Len is Eddie’s brother

    • missusmac says:

      Ah, thank you. I thought there was a little too much touchy feely going on between them for him to be her brother.

      That said, I could do with a little less touchy feely between them.

      • Jackie says:

        Yes, looking at those too and their touchy feely, I was wondering last night, if what’s his face (the son) wasn’t actually the uncles kid, but it is a secret and no one knows this. Which would also explain why he is so protective of the boy.

    • Piper77 says:

      Thanks…although I have no idea where I came up with the name Gary???

  6. Corrie_Quebec says:

    Us UWO grads have had a nasty and unwarranted reputation for partying due to a few parties in the ’70s. Why is it that the engineers at UofToronto have gotten off scot-free?

  7. missusmac says:

    Who else really REALLY wanted Joe to hit Eddie’s brother? Gotta hand it to the actor who plays Windass jerk uncle, he’s got the annoying punk bravado down pat.

  8. haili says:

    I did! I often want Joe to go for it with those rotten Windasses but I guess Joe knew Len would go to the police and cause more trouble.
    Sometimes I think there could be a spark between Len and mama Windass.

    Cayenne: you are probably right about Ken. He may visit Peter for an hour or two, then spend the rest of the time with Martha. I don’t know if he has hanky panky in mind or just enjoys the peace and quiet at her place, but maybe there’s life in the old boy yet! Martha seems like she’s up for it, what with the kimono gift.

  9. Piper says:

    Maria is driving me nuts. She was smart/paranoid enough to think that Tony killed Liam. Wouldn’t you think she’d her imagination would go into overdrive and wonder why Carla left Tony? Hmmm perhaps because she learned her husband killed the man she loved?? Her about face to Tony is just not believable.

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