Update for Wednesday, Dec. 2nd: Friday Firteentf.

Please, please please tell me someone else sees the snowflakes falling when they visit our wee website…if not, it will be white bunnies next and I will end up trapping myself inside a bank machine outside the Brunswick House at 3 a.m. Again.


Julie and Kirk emerge from the house for work. Kirk wants to know if Julie wants him to record Diagnosis Murder. He’s cracking on about a new wonder called a PVR.

Tony is parked outside Maria’s when she emerges. He apologizes for being overly-emotional at the cemetery, and reiterates his offer of help if she needs anything at all.

Anna Windass comes into the Kabin when Tina is working. She says she wants to apologize for Len’s behaviour, and that Gary even took a swing at his uncle over it. Tina wants to know if she’s supposed to be impressed.  Anna buys a Curly-Whirly bar and leaves.

Becky is in the Cafe, wondering why Roy wants to take her down to their supplier. Hailey suggests there’s more to running a cafe than frying an egg. Becky serves Eddie and Len; Eddie is reading his paper and the date is Friday the 13th. They ask her if she’s susperstitious. Becky, as it turns out, has an unpleasant history of Friday the 13ths, as follows:

1) Her cat Fluffy was run over by an ice-cream truck, despite the little tune that ice-cream trucks play, which might have warned the cat off. Apparently Fluffy’s favourite toy ball played the exact same tune so the doomed feline hurled himself smack into the ice-cream truck.

2) Another year, Becky was out clubbing and ended up in the mens’ bog. The bouncer tried to remove her but she managed to dodge him, slipped and cracked her back tooth on the washroom sink.

3) And yet in another incident, she ended up in hospital after consuming 14 pints of snakebite.

Becky returns to the counter to serve Natasha. She tells Natasha what a laugh the previous night at Eileen’s was. Natasha says her date with Steve sucked…Becky wants to know what she means, but Hailey tells Becky not to be so nosy. They chat a bit about Maria and Natasha leaves. Outside, Natasha runs into Steve. He apologizes for being a crappy date. Natasha, fairly perceptively tells Steve that if he’s interested in “Motor-mouth”, he’d better step on it. Their chat is cut short as Eileen appears.

Jason comes into the Cafe and has a word with Hailey. He tells Hailey he’s going to propose to Becky. Hailey gently suggests Jason might be putting the cart before the horse, as he is not yet divorced. But Jason has it all worked out: he will whisk Becky away to Tenerife and propose on the beach on Valentine’s Day. Hailey wonders if Becky will think it’s all a bit sudden. Bill wants to know if Jason has a ring. He offers to go into town with Jason and loan him the money to buy one.


Becky has returned, and Lloyd pops in for lunch, saying he fancies a change – he always has the same old thing. “How is Liz?” Becky quips, winding him up. After considering the (sustainable – Roy notes) fish, Lloyd opts for the same old pie & chips.

Jason appears, grinning widely.  He hands Becky the travel tickets. She is at first ecstatic, crying, “OMG, I’m going to France!” until Roy corrects her – “OMG, I’m going to Spain!” She deflates almost immediately when she realizes they are to leave that night: Friday 13th. As sorry as she is, she tells Jason she absolutely cannot get on a plane on Friday 13th because it will go down somewhere over the Pacific. “Atlantic,” Roy offers. Jason is downcast; he tells Becky that Eileen had suggested he check with her first.

“Wot??” Becky reacts to everyone’s stares after he leaves. “It’s Friday! Firteenf!”

Jason goes and reports the kink in his plans to Bill, saying he’s not giving up that easily. He says he’s going to show Becky that Friday Firteenf is the luckiest day of her life.

Lloyd and Steve sit in the Rovers. Lloyd is filling Steve in on Becky’s turning down Jason. Steve says Becky is the funniest, craziest, most unpredictable girl he’s ever been with. Lloyd says he’s going to throw up. Steve shuts him up by pointing out we can’t help who we fall in love with. Steve wants to let Becky know how serious he is about her, with a big, grandiose gesture. Steve decides he’s going to propose.  They walk over to Dev’s to get some flowers. Lloyd points out he doesn’t have a ring. Steve does, however….the ring he offered to Michelle. Natasha happens along and gets wind of the plan. She encourages Steve but suggests he go to the good florist and give the dying mums at Dev’s a miss.

Sally is in the butcher’s to get a bit of belly pork. As she orders, Graham flails his cleaver around in the background, launching himself at a rack of ribs. Ashley, having grown used to his offbeat assistant, tells Sally to ignore him. Sally bemoans the appearance of her garden; Graham offers to help her sort it out as he won the gardening prize twice while inside. The third time he lost, due to certain plants he was growing. He sounds like he knows his botany, so Sally agrees.

In the Rovers’, Kirk tells Julie and Sean has decided that he must be more enterprising as an unemployed person. His solution is to make cushions stuffed with dog hair. And he’s making his own Christmas cards, even though it’s only February. Upon hearing these plans, Julie loses all interest in her sandwich.

Later, the factory staff is in full song, sewing up a storm to ‘Mickey’, complete with hand-claps. Tony thunders in and steals the radio. He chides them for their utter lack of professionalism and calls Julie in to his office. He says by the end of the week, she’s to find the weakest link in the bunch so Tony can sack them.


Bill and Jason are cooking up Plan B. It comes to fruition in the Cafe, where Jason has asked Eileen to be at 2:00. A song gets popped on the boom box (Love lifts us up where we belong), as Jason, garbed as a naval commander in full dress whites, strides in. He plants a kiss on Becky, who has just unplugged a drain with pink rubber gloves on, and is holding a rubbery piece of chicken skin. Outside is a hot-looking Harley, and Jason deposits her on the seat.

As he gets down on one knee, we see Steve and Lloyd in the background, emerging from the cab with flowers. They witness the happy scene, and watch as Jason says he loves Becky, wants to spend the rest of his life with her…and a bunch of other stuff…finally offering her a cubic zirconia ring as the others crowd around. She accepts, and the curse of Friday Firteenf passes from Becky to Steve, apparently.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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10 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Dec. 2nd: Friday Firteentf.

  1. Barbie says:

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. It may be February in Weatherfield but it’s Christmas at Corrie Canuck. How’d ya do that kunzie?
    OK, so I really really want Becky to marry Steve and not Jason. I love them together and I’d love to see her in the Rovers full time, bet she’d put in more hours than Michelle ever did.

  2. beanie says:

    As much as I loved to see Jason in Dress Whites I don’t think his character would be capable of that move. I love our ‘Big lump of dah’ but come on….. did he have a brain transplant?

  3. joy says:

    Now I know why Steve’s relationships don’t last – crazy & unpredictable are assets in his eyes! Nice touch having Becky struggle to remove her grimy rubber gloves in the midst of the supposedly romantic proposal.

  4. chumola says:

    Love the snowflakes, Kunzie -very festive!

    I would also love to see Becky and Steve together at the Rovers. I could really see her as the landlady, tough and sexy and smart. But I just loved the proposal scene with Jason. A very nice treat for the eyes!

  5. Gayle says:

    I see the snowflakes too!

  6. missusmac says:

    Thank you for the snowflakes! I just got new glasses, and was a teensy bit concerned they weren’t working right…

    It looks as though Kirk and Julie are not long for the lovefest. Their relationship has lasted much longer than I expected though, and I find I like Julie very much.

    How ironic would it be if Tony and Maria got together? I have no idea if that happens, but they certainly have a lot in common and a shared sadness.

  7. kunzie says:

    I cannot claim credit for the snowflakes…they must be the offering of our wise gatekeeper, Glacia. 🙂

    I sort of see Becky as a young Bette Lynch…and I agree she could mature into a permanent fixture as Rovers’ landlady.

  8. S. Poole says:

    It’ll all end in tears!

    Not sure if Blanche ever used that one but I will.

  9. corrierules says:

    I thought that was the most rubbish rendition ever of that song from an Officer and a Gentleman.

    Lovely snowflakes though. Thanks 🙂

  10. eps says:

    Rest easy – the snow is visible to all. In a previous comment I thanked folks for the Maggie Jones videos AND the snow.

    I also thought, “her sister was Joan Jones?”
    Things just won’t be the same without Blanche. Having her on our delayed broadcasts may be the only bright light relative to being 10 months delayed.

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