Update for Thursday, December 3rd: Friday Firteenth Part 2

Originally aired on Friday, February 13, 2009

Good luck, bad luck

In yesterday’s episode, Becky recounted the tales of her misfortunes on previous Friday the 13ths and was too afraid to fly.  According to a source, Friday the 13th can bring good or bad luck.  Well, this doesn’t seem to be Stevie-boy’s lucky day.  He is drowning his sorrows in the pub and explains to his Mam that he was planning on proposing to Becky (a sort of grand romantic gesture) and winning her back.  Alas, Jason beat Steve to the punch.  Steve makes a comment about how much a hit man costs.  I can’t help you there, but Tony can.

Becky and Jason decide to celebrate in the pub, but Becky wants to go first to tell Steve the bad good news.  Steve tells Liz and Lloyd to not let on that he knows.  Steve and Becky go into the back and Steve lays on the guilt trip, thick.  Soon enough, Becky tells Steve that Jason proposed and she has accepted.  Steve pretends (poorly) to be surprised and says it was kind of her to tell him in person.  After they share a hug (never-ending from Steve’s end), she gets up to leave and comments on the lovely flowers in the vase – “Them is nice” she says and leaves.   Jason comes into the Rovers  and is congratulated by Steve, who also buys their first round.  Steve asks Liz and Poppy to manage so he can escape upstairs.  Roy spills red wine on Jason’s white pants.  Seems like a cracking good party.  Steve can hear the laughter upstairs and is miserable.

Becky decides she needs a smoke and heads out back where she finds (wait for it) Steve.  Steve complains that  Liz won’t let him smoke inside because of Amy.  Steve claims that he had quit smoking before the woman of his dreams went off and got engaged to another man.  As they talk about the engagement, Steve lets it slip that he saw the whole proposal.  Becky is livid – he was so nice and surprised earlier when she went to tell him.  Steve says that he was going to come over to propose to her and he has proof!  He runs into the house to get the engagement ring he had bought for Michelle.  Great – what every woman wants:  someone else’s engagement ring.  Steve proposes to Becky.  Wow, 2 proposals in 1 day.  This reminds me of when both Kirk and Tyrone were vying for the affections of a certain Ms. Fiona Brown.  I digress.  Steve reminds Becky that Jason is still married and who knows how long a divorce might take.  Also, Jason escaped through a loo window the first time he and Sarah were supposed to get married.  After he proposes, Becky yells “Not in a million years, not if you were the last man alive!”

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?

Graeme has been working in Sally’s garden and explains the all about the evils of fireweed.  Remember, he learned this all inside, and even drug dealers like flowers.  If this kind of stuff interests you, I highly recommend the movie Greenfingers – a delightful and charming flick.  Sally pays him 30 quid and asks him to keep mum.  Kevin comments on the garden and Sally implies she did it herself.  With that, Graeme calls over the fence to say that he must have forgotten his watch there.  Sally fesses up and Kevin freaks out like this is the biggest betrayal of their marriages (keeping in mind that both have had extra-marital affairs).  All over 30 quid and they’re not collecting food stamps yet.  Kevin acts like the child he is and stomps off to the pub.  Fortunately, he meets Ashley in the pub (Claire has taken the kids to her mother’s).  At some point, Kevin is in Ashley’s house (i.e., Kevin’s old house).  He says he misses the old house and still calls it No. 4.  This house is home.

Other news:

Tina sees Gary while she takes the rubbish to the bin and tells him to not tamper with a witness.  However, she is grateful that he slugged his uncle after she was intimidated by Len.

Julie asks Fizz who the weakest sewer is at the factory.  Fizz says it is Shawn.  Really?  What about all of the people we only see when it’s time to clock in and out?  How much work do they get.  Julie protests to Mr. Gordon that this isn’t fair.  He says he is a delegator and that if she cannot pick someone to axe, it will be Julie who goes.

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14 Responses to Update for Thursday, December 3rd: Friday Firteenth Part 2

  1. joy says:

    Always delightful to have some scenes involving Graeme. More please!

  2. Gayle says:

    Joy, I agree with you I love Graeme. I really wish the writers would wrap up the Gary/David/Tina saga I’m getting tired of it.

    Did anyone else think Kevin acted like a jerk last night? He showed less emotion when Sally had her affairs. She didn’t sleep with Graeme she only paid him to work in the garden!

  3. missusmac says:

    Kevin is another character the writers don’t always know what to do with. Knowing what we know about him, he SHOULD be ok with his life. The garage is back on track, money is coming in, Sophie has a nice bloke, no more Holly Oak bills for Rosie, and Sally has the house of her dreams. If the girls are quiet and happy, and he gets to go to the pub, that’s always been enough in his world.

    If Becky doeesn’t want Michelle’s ring, I’ll take it. Am I right that Steve said it cost “seven and a half thousand quid”? I’m in. I’d even have Liz as a mother-in-law.

  4. haili says:

    Maybe the gardening bit was just the last straw for Kevin. He had all the stress of Rosie giving Tony the customer list and almost wrecking his business, then the kidnapping and Rosie dressing like the town bike, bringing a Windass into the house, etc.. Then there were Sally’s past affairs and demands. Maybe he just finally needed a break.

    Liz as a mother-in-law would always give them something to talk about! Becky and Liz do have similar dress sense too.

  5. kunzie says:

    Maybe I’m as thick as old playdoh…but is there any significance to Jason’s Admiral outfit + the bike? Is it some famous movie I haven’t seen or something?

    • missusmac says:

      It’s from the movie Officer and a Gentleman, with Richard Gere and Debra Winger.

      Debra played one the local gals working in a factory or something near an officer training academy in the U.S. The local gals would have 6-month flings with the officers in training, but were never good enough for the long haul of marriage.

      Gere initially says no thanks to Debra, who wants more, then walks into her work in his whites and sweeps her off her feet, a la Jason Grimshaw! :0 There was a motorcycle involved.

      I’d say early 80s movie? Around the time our Amish beefcake was born, my guess!

  6. margs says:

    Thanks Missusmac

    I wonder how many others are saying “oh
    thats where the idea of the whites came from”

    I have seen the movie several times but did not get the connection !!

  7. beanie says:

    I didn’t want to spoil it for those who hadn’t seen yesterday’s episode (at3pm) but the line was…..

    Sophie “I’m going to follow Jesus”

    Kev “Why? Where’s he going?”


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