Monday December 7th 2009 – The Ted Paige is a Right Div Update

UK Time – Monday February 16th 2009 – Episode II

Its a right bobby dazzler!

The show opens with our Becky bursting into the pub looking a bit sketched out. I love Becky but due to her super skinny physique, nervous/upset Becky can also look like coked up/strung out Becky. She’s fresh from the Jason Grimshaw St. Valentine’s Day massacre and needs to see Steve straight away.

When she does see him he tells her that he knows she only chose Jason because he’s better looking. You see Steve is generally much more interested in the person’s character rather than curves. Once Becky can get a word in edgewise she tells him that she actually hasn’t chosen Jason because she really does love him and she wants to marry him.

This makes Steve very happy and he asks her to move in with him today – it is a good thing no one in Coronation street actually owns furniture. Meanwhile, at Eileen’s place, Jason sits crying like Jessie Jackson at Obama’s inauguration.

It all leads to a show down later when Michelle and her brand new extensions arrive in the pub. Eileen had already been there to give Steve what for. But he did a good job of reminding her what a lout Jason was to Becky not so long ago. But, now Jason is also in the pub (glutton for punishment?) and when Michelle and her extensions clapped eyes on Steve and Becky making out behind the bar (professional) she couldn’t take it so she and her extension tossed a drink onto Becky’s shirt. Of course Becky went for her, but Jason held her back. There was no full on brawl, but Becky did tell Michelle that she’d better watch herself, or Becky would rip those extensions right out of her head.

Thank goodness we get to see more of Ted Paige on Coronation Street. Since he always knows what’s best for the family he met five minutes ago he decides to let Len Windass into Gail’s house despite the fact that Len has been threatening Tina and behaving rather menacingly to everyone on the Platt side of the fence. Moreover, he decides to take a message for Joe and while writing it down he practically yells the pertinent information in Len’s direction, then takes the message he has just written to the table where Len is sitting. Why he didn’t just hand Len the message I’ll never know. Is Ted on planet dumb-ass?

Finally, Tina, the only person in that household with any sense, arrives home and tells Len to get out of the house while that useless div actually protests. He leaves but later in the street he threatens Tina again and actually grabs her. Now, from this distance a kick to the balls just wouldn’t work, it could get really messy and she’d likely end up on the ground. However, a move I like to call the “nostril surprise” would be perfect here. Had she just brought her arm up fast and straight and connected the heel or her hand with that man’s nose, he’d be on the ground crying in a split second. Looks like someone never learned to keep his hands to himself in kindergarten and its time he learned the universal F –O.

In Other News

Now that Sophie is religious, Sally is incredulous and Kevin is … damn, I can’t think of a word that will complete this parallel structure.

Lloyd is in for a super exciting Friday night as Deirdre has invited he and liz over for a Lamb Tagine. Delicious, count me in.

Julie is really cracking under pressure and everyone is noticing. After Kelly comments on Julie’s recent behaviour in the pub, she breaks down crying in the ladies and tells Fiz what’s going one. Fiz suggests that there must be a law against Tony forcing her to fire someone without cause and threatening her livelihood if she doesn’t. Yeah … there must be a law.

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18 Responses to Monday December 7th 2009 – The Ted Paige is a Right Div Update

  1. eps says:

    I really enjoyed this update – more chuckles than I can list. My extensions and I were thoroughly entertained.
    OK, I have to ‘fess up: I was interrupted by a telephone call which may explain why I have no idea what a “div” is.

  2. haili says:

    Michelle is back looking better than ever but acting more like Becky normally does. Becky and Steve got together fast and Liz is no happier with Becky than she was with Michelle at first. Michelle is no longer combing her hair with a pork chop and I’m wondering how Becky will react when she finds out she’s wearing Michelle’s ring.

    Ted is usually smarter than he was last night; it seems like senility is setting in fast. The Windasses are at the Platts more than the Platts these days.

  3. Gayle says:

    Loved the update – laughed out loud at the bunny!

    I really hope they wind up this Windass/Platt story I am so sick of it.

    Becky certainly didn’t waste any time moving into the Rovers!

  4. missusmac says:

    Steve, Steve, when will it end? All he had to say was Michelle’s ring was all he had to offer on short notice, but they should pick out one together. But nooooo, he’s gonna try and bluff his way out of this one, with Michelle back in town to point out she had the ring first.

    Um, I want you Jason. I’ll take you.

    I was glad to see Steve stand up to Eileen — even though she’s my fave character.

  5. John says:

    I loved Sally’s wondering if religion is genetic or a lifestyle choice.

    • Debbie says:

      Yes, I forgot to mention that was my favourite line of the night, and more evidence of how funny the show and Sally Whittaker can be.

  6. Diane/tvor says:

    Kevin is…. bemused?

  7. corrieheart says:

    Hi all,

    Haili, I initially felt exactly the same way about Ted inviting Len inside for tea but then I thought maybe Ted had a devilishly clever plan in mind – like say getting the Windasses to pay for some or all of that expensive kitchen they ordered from Joe in exchange for Tina not testifying against the boy blunder (Gary). However I was disappointed when instead ol Lenny simply acted like a bully buffoon while eavesdropping on a phone message for Joe. That doesn’t bode well

    As for the Lamb Tagine at the Barlows. I guess that sounds fairly appetizing — as long as you like your gourmet Moroccan dish with a side order of cigarette smoke.

  8. papasmurf1964 says:

    Smurfman has a tagine

  9. haili says:

    I can just imagine how thrilled Ken and Lloyd will be about that evening at the Barlows. Maybe Ken will arrange to be visiting Peter, etc.

  10. TracyEmm says:

    how do you all know that the Becky’s ring was actually Michelle’s???? Clearly I have missed a huge scene here! Please, someone tell me how this is verified!!!! (Plus, not sure Bex will care anyhow!)

    Ted’s phone message taking skills: Perhaps old Ted is a bit more cunning than we think, and he has purposely given Len the necessary info, only to catch Len out (doing whatever it is that Len is going to do with such info)??? I believe Ted is smarter than that scene has lead us to believe… time will tell!

    • TracyEmm says:

      oh, and I still cannot feel any chemistry between Steve/Becky… and for that matter, nor Jason/Becky. I think there’s more on-screen chemistry between Steven and Jason for goodness sake! Perhaps this means I’m just simply not a Becky fan… I dunno…

      • beanie says:

        Steve and Becky will give us endless great story lines. I would like to Jason become the toy boy of a fancy woman. Oh wait!!! That could be me!

  11. haili says:

    Almost any of the girls on the street would be better than Michelle IMO, so Becky seems like a big improvement. At least she has a sense of humour and is not self-absorbed – though I wonder if she could end up an alcoholic with the way she puts away the cider, then goes ballistic.

    I don’t know for sure that the ring was Michelle’s but Steve has suggested trading it in a couple of times. Also he paid 7.5 grand for Michelle’s and that’s what he said he paid for this one. It seemed like when he decided to propose, he didn’t have time to go get another ring.

    • TracyEmm says:

      so we’re assuming this is the one that Michelle chucked in the garbage bins a long time ago?
      Must be some diamond – if it’s worth about $15,000 Canadian dollars! I’d keep it! ha ha

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