Synopsis For Epiosde 7013 December 4, 2009

Janice is at work tryng to work on her maths GCSE but is having difficulty with the whole decimal point concept. Her colleagues offer a variety of less than helpful advice, including something that invovles a milk bottle.

Joe gets a call from another builder who agrees to purchase his remaining inventory, so Joe is now debt free. Huzzah! David, who seems unable to get his ass off the sofa to find a job himself, wonders if he will get his old job back. Not yet, says Joe. Tina tells all and sundry that any mention of the words job, money or Windass are henceforth banned, but the words birthday, great daughter, and fabulous girlfriend are acceptable.

Eddie makes an awkward attempt to bribe David and Tina in the cafe, but to no avail.

Kevin slinks out of #4 after a night of drink, bumps into Claire on the stair, and then gets an earful from Sal on the street. Sophie brings Ben home for lunch, and she tells her parents that she has become a Christian. Sal and Kev are less than convinced that it will ‘stick’. Sophie also shows them her new chastity belt ring and tells Sal and Kev that she doen’t want to be like Rosie, all shallow and insipid.

Jason and Becky come downstairs lloking rough after the big engagement night party. Todd calls from London to talk to Jason about the news, while Becky looks pensive in the background. Jason comes by the cafe later to talk about the future, and Becky swings between happy and unhappy. Sensitive soul Hayley picks up on this and asks if Becky is alright, and wonders if it has anything has to do Steve MacDonald hanging around outside all morning. Hayley tells Becky it sometime helps to write things down, so Becky comes up a list of pros and cons for Jason and Steve. When she is done Becky shares the list with Hayley, and it would seem that Steve is the obvious choice, but Becky announces that she has done the math, and Jason is the one.

After lunch at Chez Grimshaw, Becky and Eileen have a good chat about life and love. The topic of soon to be divorced Sarah comes up and Eileen quotes an aphorism about ‘one loves, and the other is loved.’ This gives Becky something to ponder, and later leads her to give the cubic zirconia back to Jason, telling him that she is sorry, but just can’t go through with it. Jason is understandably surprised and upset, and wonders if it is because of Steve…

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2 Responses to Synopsis For Epiosde 7013 December 4, 2009

  1. eps says:

    Thank you for the recap. Although I was duly forewarned, I missed the 3pm showing on Friday – curse Comcast for forcing us to go digital and making my trusty VCR obsolete. I am glad to hear that Becky had the guts to call it quits without going out a church widow.

  2. missusmac says:

    A Claire sighting! How many months has it been? Seriously, she’s been off the show for three months I bet, and then just walks across the street. Unfortunately, there was not enough camera time to souse out what the Peacocks did to renovate Number 4. At first glance it looks like they did — nothing?

    Unlike our traditional North American soaps, big deal things can happen in one or two episodes — i.e. Becky dumps Jason. That would take 3 months on One Life to Be Bold and Beautiful!

    It’s unfortunate Becky can’t have Steve as a boyfriend, and Eileen as a mother-in-law.

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