Update for Tuesday, December 8, 2009. Joe is screwed, I say, right screwed

Joe’s Garage

It’s Tina’s berfday and David has gotten her some jewelry while Joe has booked the posh place even though Tina just wanted pizza. I get the sense Joe’s money problems are largely self-induced, with or without the Windasses constantly screwing him.

At his lock-up, Joe shows a potential customer his gear. The customer seems satisfied and hands Joe a deposit. As he happily walks out, we see Len Windass and some hoodlum sitting in a car. Later, Len shows up and takes the whole family out to the Rovers while said hoodlum takes to breaking into the lock-up.

When Joe arrives back at the lock-up, he discovers everything’s been trashed. No job for him then! When he gets back to the Platt’s, they call the police and he tries to press an accusation against the Windasses but unfortunately, at the time of the break-in the whole clan was at the Rovers. Now, Tina isn’t so sure what to do when it’s time to go to court.

Anyway, Ted is going to treat everyone to pizza because this is kind of his fault he’s generous.

Becky’s House

Steve awakes to find that Becky is nowhere to be found. He asks Liz if she’s seen her and she responds by wondering if he’s seen his wallet. Alas, Becky has not scampered but just popped out to get some smokes and it’s in the street where Steve finds her. She assures him that she’s sticking around. Steve suggests they go into town to get her engagement ring re-sized or, preferably, exchanged but Becky says she likes it just as it is.

In the newly expanded back rooms set at the Rovers, Becky is looking for jam when Liz starts giving her a hard time about moving in, suggesting that she’s done this sort of thing a lot. She then chides Steve and Becky for carrying on behind Michelle’s back and rubbing her nose in it.

Later, Becky meets Michelle in the street and tries to apologize for her lack of impulse control but Michelle is having none of it. She says if Steve could cheat on her, then he could just as easily cheat on Becky.

“It might take six weeks or six months,” Michelle declares. “But he’ll wake up one morning when his brain has gone back into his head and realise you’re nowt but a scrawny slapper with all the class of a town centre toilet!” (In Britain, there are public toilets in the centre of the city and … they’re gross)

Later, when there is more sniping between Becky and Kelly, Blanche quips, “I’m sorry I missed the floor show last night but who needs that when you’ve got this aggro?”

In Several Other Stories

The Shunning of Julie is on at the factory but Fizz tells them about Tony’s ultimatum, which he is still pressing on her.

At the butcher’s Graeme has taken to wearing an old butcher’s hat.

“Did I hear young Clurr talking about them babbies?” he asks. Ashley asks where he found that hat.

“From that rack, I say, that rack in the back.”

Ashley is beginning to wonder if Graeme is possessed by his late, I say, his late father.

Ken is back from Portsmouth (Peter should be coming back soon) and stops by to see Martha on her boat. She invites him to see her play’s opening night on Friday. But when he gets back, he discovers Liz and Lloyd are coming over for dinner on Friday so he’ll have to break his plans. Lamb Tagine or Streetcar?


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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday, December 8, 2009. Joe is screwed, I say, right screwed

  1. Bea says:

    “When his brain has gone back to his head” My vote for best line. lol

  2. beanie says:

    I loved “All the class of a town centre toilet” …..Thanks John

  3. missusmac says:

    Michelle is such a bee-yotch. I thought Becky did well to stand there quietly. Boos and hisses to Liz though for being Michelle’s BFF. (I must be channeling my teenage daughters!)

    Wasn’t too long ago Liz was convinced Michelle was a slag and after her Vernon. On top of that, wasn’t it Liz that Blanch was talking about in the classic — “skirt the size of belt and roots as dark as her soul” — line? Ahem. People in glass pubs shouldn’t throw stones.

    I too Ted will emerge as a smart elder statesman here and the Windass clan will all go to jail, but as my mom used to say, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

    Yeah, she and Blanch would go through a lot of gin together…

  4. haili says:

    Liz has no room to talk after all her escapades – some with villains and a couple with married men – and cheating with her husband’s best friend, etc. etc. – and now bringing her son’s partner to bed. I hope Becky stands up to her and Michelle and doesn’t take any more crap. She was like this with Michelle at first and hated Karen – though I don’t blame her for that.

    I wish – just for once – that Steve would tell Becky the truth about the ring.

    It would be nice if the Windass saga would wind down – soon!

  5. Gayle says:

    Haili: I agree with all of your comments.

    Missusmac: My Grandma used to say if wishes were horses how fools would ride. Both are great sayings.

  6. TracyEmm says:

    Ted: well I was wrong about him, I had hoped that he purposely passed the telephone message onto Len as a trap. I am suprised he would be so daft.
    Windasses: I am really fed up with this storyline, it just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s almost making me want to do the dishes while those scenes are on. I don’t see how the writers can assume that this family will have better responses than the Mortons from Corrie fans… I hate ’em!
    Blanche: felt sad watching her last night:(

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