Update For Wednesday, Dec. 9th: ‘Kay Not Alot Happened

Not a ton of tense drama today...

Not a ton of taut drama today, lovelies....

The Platts are at home slowly getting ready for the day. Gail offers to pay some of Joe’s bills for him, and he responds ‘no thank-you’. Tina is on the couch, depressed because she feels Joe’s business is ruined because of her. She wants to cave in and not testify. David bolsters her courage up yet again. He tells her she’d be testifying for Joe as well as for him.

As Julie and Fiz leave for work, they discuss Julie’s  impending “decision”. Julie proposes solidarity – the workers should unite and walk out. Fiz confesses that she told the workers about Julie’s plight. Fiz also points out that you don’t win fights you pick with Tony; he’d just close the whole place down before giving in.

Tony shows up at the factory, greets the workers on the stoop and then goes chasing off after Leanne. He wants to know if Leanne has heard from Carla and if she’s OK. Leanne says there’s been no word.

Deirdre is tidying up, bickering with Ken, who has confessed it’s a play he is missing. Deirdre is miffed that he even told her about it, because now Ken will be wishing he’s elsewhere for the entire duration of the dinner.

Eileen and Steve are in the cab office. Steve asks if they can call a truce. Eileen says she’ll try. She becomes quickly pissed off though, when Steve brings up Jason, and apologizes. The way Eileen sees it, Steve did Jason a favour by taking Becky off him. Although she likes Becky, Becky is out of control and overtaken by demons from time to time. Steve defends her, saying she’s had a hard life.

Michelle drops by the Bookies’, to talk to Leanne. They grouse about Becky and Steve for a bit; as far as a wedding dress, Michelle declares Becky will look like a “whippet in a frock.”

Yeah, I know it's a westie, not a whippet....but come on!! Cute!!!!

Yeah, I know...it's a westie, not a whippet...and whippets are skinny, and Becky is skinny...but c'mon! Cute!!

Leanne tells Michelle that she’s had a few texts from Carla, who is in L.A., but didn’t tell Tony. Michelle wishes she had somewhere like L.A. to run away to.

As Deirdre vacuums, Ken wraps his scarf around his neck and tells Deirdre he’ll be out for an hour. She gives him some harpy grief about going out and how he can’t be bothered picking up a few bits for her at the shops.

Michelle and Steve bump into each other in the street. She tells him she just wants them to ignore one another…and not even say ‘hi’. She gives him an earful about lying, cheating, Becky-bashing, blah, blah blah…” He finishes crossing the street to where Leanne is in the Bookies’ doorway. He wonders if Leanne has been offered a job there.

Julie tallies her knickers and stitches, and marches purposefully in to see Tony. Tony, meanwhile, is on the phone trying to determine where Carla’s last ATM withdrawal occurred. Julie steps out until he is done. Momentarily, she stands in front of Tony’s desk and announces that the person leaving will be her. Tony accuses her of trying to be noble, so that he will be impressed with her martyrdom and call the whole thing off. He has no intention of doing this however, and marches Julie back out to make a decision. He tells her not to be so soft. Or, he’ll sack Julie and a co-worker. He smirks as she leaves.

Gail is at her kitchen table, writing out cheques to pay off one or two bills for Joe, despite his refusal of her help. David happens by and she tells him what she’s up to…when Tina comes downstairs, mother and son keep it from her.

Deirdre is in the butchers ordering lamb chops. Graham cheerfully doles them out…wearing Fred’s greying butcher’s hat and seeming to channel Fred….repeating phrases as Fred was wont to do. Ashley finally approaches Graham, asking him what’s up with the doublespeak routine. He has Graham remove the hat and try speaking. No two-talk. Graham then replaces the hat…and has an uncontrollable urge to repeat himself. Ashley confides that Fred used to talk in exactly the same manner. Graham offers to remove the hat, but Ashley says no, keep it on…and they’ll see if it happens again I say, they’ll see if it happens again.

Ken swings by the tea boat, where we see Martha in a fetching exercise outfit. She offers coffee. Ken tells Martha that he has to go to a silly, silly dinner party, and the woman throwing it would never forgive him if he wasn’t there. “Neither,” Martha hams, pulling her best Dynasty face, “will I!” Although she cracks up with laughter afterword, we can’t help but wonder if a hidden possessive streak is being hinted at. She says, by all means attend the party, but he needs to tell her all about it later. And Martha is relieved that she’ll have a few performances under her belt before Ken sees her in the play.

Leanne pops by Maria’s, where Michelle is staying. She offers Michelle a job at the bookies. Michelle turns up her nose at first, but agrees when Leanne intimates that Steve would hate it. So, Michelle’s employment on the street, as well as her hair, has been extended.

Later, Tina and David loll on the couch, as Joe returns. Gail is in the kitchen, “catching up on the post”. She goes to mail the bills. Joe asks the kids to keep their suspicions about the Windasses arranging the break-in on the down-low. Less hassle that way. Tina once again feels totally horrible. David tells Tina she’s their only hope.

Jason and Steve run into each other in the street. The have a bit of back-and-forth about Becky. Steve still wants to be friends. Jason tells him to sod off, more or less.

A bright red car pulls up to Underworld. Inside, Julie, an angry wreck, tells Fiz it’s not that she can’t choose, it’s that she won’t. She stalks back into the office to tell Tony she won’t decide. And that it’s her choice, so she can accept his sacking her. They are interrupted by a good-looking bloke called Luke Strong. Apparently, he has been appointed by Carla Gordon to take over day-to-day management of the factory.

Luke Strong, the new Underworld factory boss arrived on Coronation Street on Friday 20th February 2009. Played by actor Craig Kelly, you might have seen him before as Vince Tyler in the seminal Channel 4 series Queer as Folk where he starred alongside Anthony Cotton, who plays knicker-stitcher Sean Tully. Vince Tyler's Queer as Folk mother was actress Denise Black, who played Ken Barlow's girlfriend, Denise Osborne. Craig's brother is ex-Shameless actor Dean Lennox Kelly. Craig has also appeared on TV in Casualty, Waking The Dead and as teacher Mr Treblecock in the third and final series of The Grimleys.


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5 Responses to Update For Wednesday, Dec. 9th: ‘Kay Not Alot Happened

  1. S. Poole says:

    I hope Graeme is indeed channeling our Fred because if he has inside info from someone on the street and is winding Ash up for fun he will be sacked. I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body so I shall go with option 1, I say, option number 1!

    • TracyEmm says:

      I must say, it could be a cute storyline but the actor who plays Graeme is really not doing a very good impression of Fred Elliot! I could do a better one myself… I don’t know if they are purposely making him do the impression so badly, or if the actor genuinely is that bad. He needs to watch alot more clips of Fred Elliot for homework!

  2. haili says:

    I got the impression that it was Claire who gave Graeme the idea to wind Ashley up. It does seem like a mean thing to do.

    I really like Luke so far! Tony was showing his evil side with Julie until Luke came along. I wonder what ever happened to Lad Rags and Tom?

    Michelle was wondering where she could go and I could give her a few suggestions. Staying in Ireland would be the kindest.

    Good update – and the dog was really cute!

  3. Gayle says:

    The dog is too cute for words!

    Where does Gail get the money to pay Joe’s bills – she is a single mother working as a Medical Receptionist.

  4. missusmac says:

    I thought Luke’s appearance was pretty drama-laden! Carla may be all knotted up in grief and despair, but she’s no business wimp. Smart not to leave Tony mad AND in charge of her company, especially since he played around with the accounts the last time she was gone.

    I repeat, Michelle is a Bee-yotch. Snarking, disguised nicely, at Leanne that Lee is ‘bragging’ she has a job, then turning her nose up at working with her. Hey, I hear there’s a job going at Roy’s.

    Ken, Ken, Ken. “The woman who is giving the dinner party”??? Really? How about we call her ‘the wife’.

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