Graeme and the Magic Hat

We’ll start with a relatively minor plot line, but wonderful nonetheless.  Ashley is very puzzled and concerned about Graeme’s behaviour whenever he wears Fred’s grungy old hat.  Claire (who has re-emerged on the screen as of late) tells Ashley that the only answer is that the hat is possessed!  Finally, she admits that she has spoken to Graeme and told him about what a wonderful guy Fred was and how he constantly repeated things, I say how he constantly repeated things. [Geez, I miss Fred.  A lot.]  Ashley is not amused.

Later in the butcher, Graeme continues with is homage to Fred and Ashley calls him on it.  Ashley says that Claire admitted her part and Graeme should knock it off.  Is points out that Fred was not a figure of fun, and the hat goes back on the rack.  Really Ashley?  Did we watch the same series of Coronation Street or did one of us see a version staged in someone’s gar-a-ge?  To me, that was the beauty of Fred.  Someone so proud and forceful, but greatly flawed.  Seriously, I could write a whole post just about Fred’s character.  Maybe that will happen over the holidays.  But I digress…

Later that evening, Graeme arrives at the Peacocks’ (formerly the Websters’) home where he brings a peace offering in the form of a house plant.  Apparently, the plant needs a good drink weekly.  So does Ashley.  Ashley points out that he doesn’t want his father to be made a fool and he really misses him.   Graeme points out that Claire said Fred was top notch and leaves.

There’s a new man in town…

We continue where we left off on Wednesday evening.  Luke Strong and Tony Gordon are in the office together.  Luke asks Julie to leave for a bit.  She is relieved, but is unsure if she still has a job.  Apparently, Carla was supposed to warn Tony that Luke was on his way.  I’m sure that when you’re in active labour, it’s hard to take care of everything on you to-do list.   Tony wants Luke to leave.  Luke says he’s known Carla for a long time and is staying.

Tony’s solicitors have informed him that Carla has appointed a successor.  It sucks to be the last one to know something crucial, don’t it Tony-boy.   Rosie wanders in and has set her eyes on a new man.  Only earlier this week she was flirting with Tony.  After all that happened!  How long until Rosie tries her ways with Luke – I give it 2 weeks tops.  With Tony’s glare, Rosie leaves, but knows she’ll be back later.  Tony proclaims that Rosie is nothing but a helium balloon attached to high heels.  Luke says likely that would be 2 helium balloons!  HAH! After Luke leaves, Tony (claiming to be doing work) is looking at a slideshow of him and Carla and cries.

Julie comes back in the room to see if she is still employed.  Luke saves the day and says that no one has lost their job, and why not kick off early?  Tony’s fit to be tied.

Luke arrives at the Rovers and buys the girls from the factory a round.  I’ve never had a new boss follow me to the pub and insist on buying my drinks.  Clearly I have worked in the wrong places.   Luke and Tony have a word outside.  Tony says he doesn’t need help running the factory and Carla doesn’t need a spy.  Luke says calmly that he has been asked to represent Carla, the major shareholder, and if Tony doesn’t like this, he (i.e., Tony) can go.  Otherwise, be seeing you in the morning.

In other news:

Joe is annoyed that Gail aired his laundry to Jason, who isn’t a stranger.  Does Gail mean to imply that Jason is family?  I don’t remember her thinking that before.  They have a row  and Joe storms out.  Later he returns and uses his pre-programmed apology, which Gail eats up.  Gail admits to paying off some of his bills.  After whining about not wanting to take handouts from a girl, he says he’ll make Gail a cuppa with a cup, spoon and saucer (whoopie!).  Gail says that sounds special.  Joe confirms that she is special.  Guess what Gail, not all special is good special.

Liz and Lloyd have arrived to the dinner party of the street (and I think the only dinner party taking place that night).  Conversation is forced and Ken is sulking like the elderly child he is.  With that, Deirdre asks (instructs?) Ken to help her clear the dishes.  However, people still are moving their forks towards their mouths.  As Ken and Deirdre bicker in the kitchen, Blanche comes out and pointedly states that they may have noticed she was not offered a place at the table.  Blanche then says that sometimes she wishes they’d put her in a home.  Blanche longs for a dumb waiter to send her meals to and from the cellar.  Lloyd asks if these houses have cellars, but Blanche admits that they don’t.   Given the sad news we received last week, I am going to cherish every single scene with Blanche even more than I did before.  It’s sort of like a long goodbye, isn’t it.  

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13 Responses to Graeme and the Magic Hat

  1. Gayle says:

    Graeme is becoming one of my favourite actors. The young man who plays him is a very good actor.

    Although I dislike his character I also think the gentleman who plays Len Windass is also quite talented. I read somewhere that he used to be a psychiatric nurse.

  2. Gayle says:

    I am really liking Graeme. I am also looking forward to Luke joining the staff at the factory.

    Why is Rosie still “working” there? Tony acts like he can’t stand her.

  3. haili says:

    Carla was keeping Rosie on to make her life hell so maybe Tony will carry on with her wishes. I think I’m really going to like Luke; it should be fun watching Luke and Tony trying to one-up each other.

    I shudder to think of the Windass daddy as a psych nurse. Imagine waking up to that! It would make anyone flip out.

    Ken is becoming surly in his old age and it should soon be obvious to Dierdre that there’s hanky panky going on. He was really rude to Lloyd and Liz and he could have at least tried to be pleasant.

  4. missusmac says:

    Ken is an overgrown child, really. Although Blanche can be (is) often mean to him, often she’s on the money with her characterization of him. Really going to miss her character

    Looks like Luke is going to be able to hold his own with Tony, unlike Liam who really wasn’t much of a plotter.

  5. haili says:

    Gayle: I don’t think Len would be anymore warm and fuzzy for a patient than Eddie!

    When I look at the Barlows marriage, it just seems like too much work; one of them always seems to be having an affair. I suppose you have to admire their energy, if not their fidelity.

  6. corrierules says:

    What really bothered me in the scene with Joe and Gail (where he comes back to apologize) is how abject and whipped Gail seemed. She came down the stairs hanging her head — Joe definitely has her dancing to his tune!

  7. Natasha says:

    To be honest – Fred’s repeating everything got on my nerves and so when Graeme started it I found it equally annoying!! Thanks to Ashley we don’t have to be tortured any further!!

  8. haili says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone as I too was bugged by Fred repeating everything and seldom found him funny. The serial proposing was silly too. Good for Ashley for putting his foot down.

    Gail really has bad luck with men and I think Joe has more problems than we’ve seen so far.

  9. missusmac says:

    Just a couple of thoughts about Friday’s episode — where in the world did Joe think the kitchens would be??? I’m no tradesman, but …

    And Ken. Is. An. Idiot.

  10. haili says:

    Joe’s not a candidate for MENSA!

    Ken is being an idiot. It will all end in tears.

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