Update for Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Hold My Breath As I Wish For Death

Master of Puppets

At the Platt breakfast nook, Joe is contemplating Len’s offer but still claiming that he won’t take the job because the builders will want him to cut corners (in a condo development? attached somehow to the local thug? never!). David says he shouldn’t be too fussy about work, given his situation. Joe starts yelling at David about all this being his fault and storming out. Tina looks as though she perhaps shouldn’t have told him the truth about the fight.

Outside, Len asks Joe if he has thought about his offer to ensure he gets the job of fitting all the kitchens. He tells him it’s a two word answer. Len says that all he wants is for Tina to tell the truth in court. He tells him to check today’s post for a little something.

Later he argues with Tina, saying that as much as he hates the Windasses, he can’t condone her lying in court. He raised her to always tell the truth, even if their relationship troubles stem from his frequent lying. Tina says if Gary goes down, it’s one less Windass to worry about. Still later, Gail asks Joe if the reason he thinks she’s pressuring him about the condos is if she wants him to pay back the money he owes her. David and Tina hear this and are all, “OH, NO YOU DIDN’T!”

And the post Joe got was a tender confirming the construction was legitimate, we are to presume.

Meanwhile, Anna is wailing over Eddie’s eating of the chocolates Gary gave her. Len continues to tell them to trust him, which Anna translates as “trouble”.

Finally, after arguing with Tina again about telling the truth – while at the same time, lying to a bill collector on his mobile – Joe meets Len in the future condos site and tells him that he’s in.

Ride the Lightning

Ken and Deirdre are in the café when they bump into Ted. Deirdre asks how the play was as Ken, just behind her, vigourously nods yes to Ted, who catches Ken’s drift and covers for him. As Deirdre leaves, Ken tries to claim Martha is just a friend but Ted counters that he wouldn’t need an alibi if that were the case. He claims that Ken fancies her rotten.

So Ted decides he wants to check out Ken’s little non-piece on the side for himself. Ken is surprised to find him there and as they leave, Ken tells him that, again, there is nothing going on. Ted says he won’t judge him but thinks he should be honest with himself about what he wants.


Liz leaves Becky in charge of the Rovers for the lunch rush. Then, in the kind of plot that usually occurs in 1970’s sit-coms, a tour operator walks in and tells her that a busload of Metallica fans broke down nearby and asks if it would be ok if they came in for some light refreshments. Becky says, “Of course. I can see NO downside!”

The fans, while numerous and boisterous, are reasonably well-behaved but it’s at the expense of the regulars, including Kelly who had to wait 20 minutes for her drink. When she tries to serve herself, Becky and Kelly get into a massive fight that spills out into the street just as Liz and Lloyd arrive back from their lunch date.

Kill ‘Em All

It’s Rita’s birthday. She got a necklace from Eileen’s dad and has been in touch with Mavis, who’s still with us, apparently.

Julie gets a call from her mum, who was pals with Eileen back in the day. When Julie tries to pass the phone to Eileen, her mum says she’s too busy and hangs up. Odd, that.


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13 Responses to Update for Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Hold My Breath As I Wish For Death

  1. Bea says:

    When Kelly went behind the bar, I was thinking, “didn’t Kelly do a couple of shifts in the Rovers at one time?” Also, if this was lunch time, Sean would have been there as well. Becky could have easily enlisted some help.
    What exactly was Ted up to? Just curious? Or some other plan.

  2. haili says:

    Kelly is a nasty piece of work IMO and Liz was wrong to take her side. I’ve never quite figured out what Sean’s schedule is as he’s hardly ever there anymore. Becky could have asked one of them to help but since they were on their lunch break, may have thought they wouldn’t, or she wanted to prove she could handle things alone. Liz really, really needs telling off. She should have listened to Becky and shouldn’t have left her alone at lunch time.

    Joe does equal muppet.

  3. Mrs. D says:

    Ken is a horse’s ass. When, oh when I ask WILL that man GROW up!

  4. missusmac says:

    When Lloyd was standing on the sidewalk listening to the Liz, Becky, Kelly squabble, this thought crossed my mind: he has slept with all three of them.

    Small street, huh?

    Anyway, Liz was a jerk, Becky should have asked Kelly for help (altho they really seem to be slagging each other off lately), and hopefully Eileen will fill Liz in on what a cow Kelly really was and Becky will be exonorated. Although I doubt it.

    Best part of last night’s episode: Seeing my 19-yr-old daughter’s facial reaction to Liz’s cougar outfit.

  5. I’m really not enjoying this Windass/Joe storyline. It’s been dragging on for ages and I hope it ends very soon.

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Am I alone or has anyone else reacted just like Anna over someone eating my chocolates?

  7. beanie says:

    Great update John! One change though, Ted said Ken “fancies the pants off her”

  8. John says:

    Kelly and Becky have bad blood between them because they were cell mates back in their jail days. When we first met Becky, she was homeless while Kelly was dating Lloyd. When she came the street she was still pretty shifty and tried to steal Lloyd away from Kelly. For her part, Kelly’s always looked down her nose at Kelly. I don’t think Becky would ever ask her to help at the Rovers.

  9. haili says:

    I hope Becky gets more assertive with Liz, who is doing everything she can to make Becky explode. I’ve never cared much for Kelly who never has a good word to say about anyone, though remembering what Becky did to her makes her nastiness more understandable.

  10. Mary Prankster says:

    I have a vague memory of some sort of frame-up at the factory, with Becky accused of planting something in Kelly’s locker & getting her fired? Or was it the reverse? Or…?

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