Corrie Weddings Over The Years

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Here is a spoiler-cleansed chat with Lance Milligan, Corrie’s costume boss, on wedding dresses over the years:

Every Corrie bride needs five things: something old, new, borrowed, blue and… Lance Milligan. As Head of Costume on the ITV1 soap, he’s the Vera Wang of the cobbles and no one walks down the aisle without getting past him. Lance is the brains behind some of the soap’s most memorable big-day dresses.

“When you’re making a wedding dress you’ve got to bear in mind that filming that episode could take up to three weeks. The dress has got to be durable, surviving the rigours of 12hour days of filming as well as being comfortable for the actress.”

Lance talks us through some of the classic Corrie wedding frocks…


OCT 2007

Sarah and Jason wed on a budget so the dress had to reflect that. I got this in Debenhams for £80 and actress Tina O’Brien loved it. We ended up buying four dresses because of a scene where wine was spilt on it, which didn’t go to plan!


SEPT 1987

Very 80s and very Bet. This dress screams out for the bride to be the focus of the day. And Bet never shied away from being the centre of attention, did she?


DEC 2007

A cowboy style wedding for these two, with Liz as a bit of a gangster. Liz is the worst dressed person on TV, but it’s always right for the character. I’ll go shopping with Bev Callard, who plays her, and we’ll spot something awful – but it’s just what we want!


OCT 1998

A very slinky number. Natalie’s scarlet-woman reputation is reflected in her red lips and flowers. This is more like a sexy evening gown than a wedding dress. The way the couple are posing shows this was a very passionate relationship.


FEB 2008

Very traditional. We had a bigger budget than usual for this wedding. Maria’s gown was actually made by the same designer who created actress Samia Smith’s wedding dress in real life, so he knew exactly what would suit her.


OCT 2005

Spot on for Cilla. A huge meringue, slashed to the thigh and completely over the top. I especially like the blood red colouring. Very apt! This was the time they hijacked the church. The marriage wasn’t legal until they wed later at a register office.


JAN 2009

Tyrone was involved in all sorts of scams to give Molly the big day she dreamed of so we needed something which looked expensive. Jamie Steward made the dress. He knew actress Vicky Binns’ shape perfectly and made it from scratch in two weeks. She adored the end result and felt like a princess.


DEC 2008

One of my favourites, but an enormous challenge because actress Alison King was seven months pregnant. We disguised her bump with lots of purple ruched fabric, a good colour for a second wedding. It also matched Tony’s kilt. Actor Gray O’Brien wore his own kilt and, yes, he was a true Scotsman for the day!


OCT 2004

Sunita’s marriage to Dev was the Street’s first Hindu wedding and we really went to town on it. The biggest studio at Granada was turned into a Hindu temple and I think the detail is fantastic. The colours and fabrics we used for the wedding scenes are just brilliant – wonderful and vibrant.


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5 Responses to Corrie Weddings Over The Years

  1. joy says:

    Thanks for this. I had forgotten about some of these couples! But now I can’t get the picture of Gray O’Brien in his kilt out of my head!

  2. missusmac says:

    Wonderful look at the dresses and brides. Thank you! I remember Dev and Sunita’s wedding, and the outfits were gorgeous.

    I loved Becky’s dress too, sort of prom meets nuptials meets Barbie…

  3. eila says:

    The dress was very Barbie; the bride was more Amy Winehouse.

  4. Gayle says:

    Ella, well said! You described them perfectly!

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