Update for Tuesday, January 5, 2009. Funny Moon

As Liz and Lloyd watch reality TV, Steve declares he’s off to see Becky to make her see sense. This marginally impresses Liz who asks Lloyd if he would ever fight for her.

“Hrmrphrmr,” he declares with affection. He’s more animated later when a friend calls to offer a last minute jaunt to Ibiza which, we assume, will not include Liz.

At the café, Steve doesn’t have much luck talking to Becky so he asks her to meet him at that Chinese restaurant she mentioned once.

She’s reluctant but Hayley asks her where she sees herself in five years, living in the spare room or settled down with a good man like Steve. She admits that she wouldn’t mind getting her mouth around those Schweddy prawn balls. Say, where did we see Becky four years ago? It was the first time we saw her. She was in the cop shop, getting arrested for shoplifting. I’d say she’s done alright so far.

Anyway, Steve’s in the restaurant waiting for Becky to turn up when Lloyd and Liz show up because sometimes Corrie is a bit of a sit-com.

Soon enough, Becky shows up and doesn’t see Liz and Lloyd right away as they’re in the loo (not together, I assume). She orders whiskey and cider and Steve tells her that he’s packed a bag for her as he wants to leave for the Maldives tonight. She considers it  and then sees Liz and Lloyd. “Oh,” she says. “Batman brought Robin. And Wonder Woman too!”

Well that’s gone and put Becky in a mood as she decides to 1) order the most expensive thing on the menu (lobster and soft-shelled crab), 2) get in a row with Liz, 3) throw the soft-shelled crab at Liz’s breasts, 4) get in a fight with Liz, and 5) get thrown out of the restaurant.

Steve, who’s gotten into a fight of his own with Lloyd over some ungentlemanly things he said about Becky, tries to run after her but he has to stay and pay the bill.

When he gets back to the Rovers, he finds Becky outside and she says the trip to the Maldives can’t be a honeymoon as they’re not yet married. But it’s a funny moon, just like the one out tonight. Soon enough all is well between them and Hayley arrives in the Woody and carts them off to the airport and their romantic vacation.

In Other News

David, upset over Joe’s moving in, moves out to hang out with Martin in Liverpool for an unspecified amount of time.

Uncle Umed is beginning to convince Dev that something’s going on between Tara and Weatherfield’s answer to Mike Holmes.

Natasha has decided that she wants to get her hands on Tony Gordon’s sporran but he gently rebuffs her, telling her he’s still married.

Sophie’s still hanging out at the Chris-tian centre with Ben, Sian, and Ryan, who is looking more and more like Daniel Radcliffe every day. Sophie is still interested in getting to know her sense of the biblical but Ryan and Sian would rather get to know each other in the biblical sense.

I’m here all week people. Try the fish.


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20 Responses to Update for Tuesday, January 5, 2009. Funny Moon

  1. beanie says:

    I’m laughing to hard to comment right now so I’ll just say I love you John!!!!

  2. haili says:

    Good one John!

    Who is the tackiest dresser – Liz or Becky? I’m thinking Becky is the winner but Liz provoked that fight IMO. They should have left that restaurant as soon as they saw Steve. The writers are really changing Liz from a fairly nice person to a real b…. Lloyd is no better, either and pretty stupid for insulting his partner’s girlfriend. He just got punched last week for the same thing.

    I need to come here for translations of Sophie and the gang’s conversations, though I kind of got the gist of it last night. It seems that Ryan isn’t that interested in religion!

    Is Dev’s uncle being groomed to replace Norris for most aggravating character? With the Windasses around, do we really need more agro?

    • Bea says:

      I say Liz wins for tacky.
      Becky dresses trashy, but she is young and skinny, and those chicks can get away with anything.

  3. Bea says:

    I can’t stand Dev’s uncle. He looks like a little troll. But, he is right about Tara. She is a princess, and is going to drain Dev’s wallet quickly.
    I loved Becky’s wedding dress. She looked just like a life size barbie doll. When I saw it, I thought “wow, only Hailey could take all those crazy ideas of Becky’s and make it into something that beautiful.” Then I realized that Hailey isn’t an actual person.

    • missusmac says:

      “Then I realized that Hailey isn’t an actual person.”

      Bea, I do that all the time. 🙂 They are not real, I must repeat to myself.

  4. Gayle says:

    I was very happy to see the two of the most annoying characters on the street leave for a bit…David and Becky. Now if only Dev’s Uncle would get back into a cab.

    Hopefully when Steve and Becky return she will have settled down somehat. Her hysterics over the last couple of episodes were starting to get on my nerves. My husband who barely tolerates the show can’t stand Becky.

    I think Natasha is a very pretty girl and a delightful addition to the show.

  5. chumola says:

    Did you hear about the weather in England yesterday? Apparently it shut down Manchester and filming of Corrie was suspended. My hubby laughed and said “now you’ll be behind one more day”. Very funny…

  6. Barbie says:

    Yes John, Coronation Street was a sit-com this day and I enjoyed the whole thing. Especially when Becky and Michelle had a completely civil conversation. You’d think Michelle would know what a soft shelled crab was though.

    • Bea says:

      I was beginning to have flashbacks of Steve/Karen/Tracy. I hope we don’t have to go thru all that again with Michelle playing the new Tracy.

      I think I like Tara. She is such a pretty little princess, and knows nothing of how hard it is to make a buck (quid). She just goes to daddy or in this case sugar daddy (Dev) and the world is hers. I want to be her for a day. lol

      I liked Good David better, but hey, we can’t have everything.

      Sorry to see Leanne go, but we all know why. Hope she comes back. She has come back a couple of times.

  7. missusmac says:

    What a great update John. I have missed these updates.

    So Martin is “made up” that David is coming to visit him for an undetermined amount of time? I bet! I’m hoping Martin stays true to recent form and boots his son’s bum back to Weatherfield ASAP for interfering in his new Gail-less life.

    Loved Gail’s comment over whether she should put David’s needs ahead of hers when she’s 80 too?

    Ryan is becoming a bit of a jerk too. Still can’t understand Sophie. Infrequently understand her friend.

    Julie + ME-mo = LMAO.

    • eps says:

      Memo (ME-mo) was what I and my 35 cousins called our maternal grandmother. I didn’t even realize immediately that Julie had misspoken.
      I also wish I could understand more of what Sophie says.
      Do you think southern Brits can understand her?

      • Weaselbean says:

        eps – You’ll be pleased to know there are no problems with Sophie’s accent to my ‘southern Brit’ ear! 😀

  8. kunzie says:

    I thought that Liz looked great, and fresh, without makeup.

  9. Gayle says:

    Speaking of looking great – I thought Amber looked really pretty in Wednesday’s eppie. I love her new haircut! It is great to see a kid on the street with brains and ambition what a change from most of them.

  10. missusmac says:

    It was nice to have a Darryl sighting as well. (Alas, no new haircut for him!) Of course, he’s not too happy about Amber’s ambition and plans to move away.

    I really don’t want to lose either of those characters. Could stand losing Dev’s uncle. Amber and Jason? Really? Right.

  11. haili says:

    I wonder if Martin knows David’s coming or if David just decided to go there. I’m thinking he may be back; either repentant or more defiant than ever.

    Joe is an idiot IMO. Loansharks now; as if dealing with a Windass wasn’t stupid enough.

    I wouldn’t miss Dev’s uncle and wish they would get a new actress to play Sophie as I barely understand a word she says.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I used to like Joe, and I used to defend his actions… but the loanshark thing is just too much – so I’m on the ‘dislike Joe wagon’ now too!
      I don’t think Sophies issue is her accent, its the way she mumbles, accent or no accent – it would be annoying! She needs to open her mouth a wee bit more and pronounce words properly!
      Thank goodness Bex and Steve are gone. I am never going to ‘be into’ this couple – hurray for a 2 week break from them! (in actual fact, I love Steve’s character, he’s played very well by the actor — but Bex I cannot stand) (sorry)

      • Modge says:

        I used to like Becky a lot, got a bit turned off her when she was so needy with Jason. But now she’s morphed into a venus flytrap with wild mood swings. The way the throws herself onto Steve with her mouth open is just cringe-inducing. The girl obviously has a problem with alcohol – why would Steve send her champagne for breakfast on her wedding day? I know it was a nice thought, but not for somebody with such an obvious problem. Of course, I still like her way more than Michelle.

        Can somebody tell me what Liz sees in Lloyd? He’s a nice guy and all, but I agree that her and Harry made a great couple. They had chemistry by the truckload. Liz & Lloyd, not so much.

  12. I liked Liz and Harry too. Joe is turning into such a moron….what a surprise NOT.
    Becky is such an ass for getting drunk on her wedding….I couldn’t believe neither Haley or Roy didn’t once attempt to take the ‘bottle’ away from her. Then she gets mad at Steve because she screwed everything up.

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