Update for Thursday, Jan 7, 2010: Cool Hand Luke

The War of the (Under)Worlds

We pick up from where we left off yesterday.  Tony storms into the office after he has learned that Luke bought out all of Carla’s shares of Underworld.  Tony is not best pleased.  The rest of the Underworld staff try to listen at the now-shut door.

So what is Tony’s next move?  He’ll call Carla’s solicitor and ask her to spill the beans – client-lawyer confidentiality be damned.  After an unsuccessful phone call, Tony starts to drive off and nearly runs over Natasha.  He looks rattled, but when Natasha suggests that a drink would settle their nerves (he need not pine over his wife), he balks and drives off.  However, Natasha took one of his business cards and is chuffed that she can call him whenever she wants.

We find Tony at Carla’s solicitor’s office.  The solicitor is furious that her administrative assistant didn’t chuck him out, but speaks with him anyway.  Apparently, since Tony put Carla into contact with said solicitor, he’s entitled to all of their communications.  Despite client-solicitor confidentiality, the solicitor reads the following to Tony from Carla’s file: “Please encourage Mr. Strong to proceed as quickly as possible.  I wish to sever all my links with the company as soon as possible and please take all measure to ensure that my contact details are not given to my husband or Mr. Strong.”  The solicitor points out that it was not Carla who needed time to think, but Luke.  Scorch!!!

Back at his flat, Tony downs a number of scotches.  I think the major difference between Tony and Peter Barlow is the cost of the liquor consumed.  Let’s hope that they don’t form a friendship or 2 businesses on the street will be doomed.  Rosie appears at the flat and expects that Tony will send her on errands – we know she’s great at stealing files.  Anyhow, Tony has packed up all of Carla’s clothes, etc. and asks Rosie to get rid of them.

Back at the Rovers, Natasha is bragging to Poppy about her affections for a single married man (i.e., Tony) and texts him the following:  “An indiscreet little bird told me what a tough day you’ve had.  If this is how she’s treating you, then believe me, your wife isn’t worth it.  Thinking of you, your mate, Natasha.”  What a sensitive gal – she should really be a crisis counselor.  Tony is looking through photos with another wee dram of Scotch while his phone receives the text.  After reading the message, he starts to have a full-on panic attack.

Corrie Culture:  A male bonding trip to Ibiza and an overrated art show

At the Rovers, creepy Uncle Umed is using his seductive charms hitting on Poppy.  He’d like her phone number and wonders if she taken.  Poppy describes her affections for a bodybuilder with enormous biceps – so big in fact that they can have a full-sized tattoo of her head.  After soiling himself,  Umed decides to back off and wishes her well.   Lloyd has been listening and then starts to make jokes with Poppy about getting searched (read: body searched) at the airport.  After a few more awkward moments, Liz is convinced that Poppy and Lloyd are mocking her and storms upstairs.  Lloyd lets her know that Poppy doesn’t have a boyfriend – but she uses this to keep blokes away.  They snog.  Lloyd leaves.  Liz cuts Poppy’s shifts.  The End.

Lets cut to Weatherfield’s best lamest Art Show of the year.  Tara (aka her holiness) exchanges air kisses (ugh!) with her attendants and is mean to Amber and Darryl.  What an angel is our Tara.  Then she explains art to creepy Uncle Umed, who proclaims it to be garbage.  Uncle Umed then explains this same photo to Audrey and Ted later using Tara’s interpretation.  Good times.  Thank goodness there seems to be an open bar.

Other news

In other news, Sophie wants to her mother to buy new shoes, but that will interfere with her church service on Sunday.  Sophie has found an ally in Emily.  Oy vey!

Audrey heads over to Gail’s after the art show, which she proclaimed to be garbage.  Photos are not art, by the way.  Anyone can snap a photo.  Gail, who has just again won the award for martyr of the year, is setting a place for David, who left for Martin’s the other day.  He’ll always be welcome at her table and a place will always be set for him.  This, in addition to seeing Joe, sets Audrey off.  They row.  Audrey leaves.  The End.

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16 Responses to Update for Thursday, Jan 7, 2010: Cool Hand Luke

  1. Bea says:

    I love the office politics between Luke and Tony.

  2. Barbie says:

    I very rarely understand what Umed says which is fine with me, can’t wait till he goes home.
    And Liz is really going a bit weirdo on us isn’t she? I figure it’s menopause.

  3. haili says:

    Tony’s getting that crazed, dangerous look again. Watch out Luke!

    I get very little of what Umed says and practically nothing from Sophie.

    I read some place that Liz will be gone for about 4 months and Michelle is off for awhile too (in our time).

    • Bea says:

      I think at the end of the episode, Tony was looking into the canal right at the place where he threw Liam’s wallet after taking out the cash.

      • missusmac says:

        That was a superb moment — to actually take Liam’s cash too. Oooh, what a villian. Loving that he is now Maria’s BFF, Best Business Friend.

  4. beanie says:

    I am totally creeped out by Uncle Umed!!!!

  5. TracyEmm says:

    Umed is defo a creep, and I can barely understand what he is trying to mumble out of those puffy lips!
    I too am enjoying Luke and Tony’s scenes together… Tony has such a dark side to him, it’s great how it can be turned on and off like the flick of a switch! Missed Friday’s episode, so I don’t know what happens to him… heart attack? or asthma attack? panic attack? hmmm… will have to wait till Sunday to find out!

  6. romeozulu says:

    It looks like Tony and Natasha will have a fling (doesn’t Natasha look like a slightly slimmer Shelly?). I hope they give her more to do – seems to be a good actress. Tony is the heir to the Scottish crown – my favourite character since Danny Baldwin.
    Time to get rid of the Tara and Umed characters – both hopeless.
    I wonder how long the Becky / Steve storyline will be stretched out? Steve has questionable (at best) taste in women, and is a bit of a nutbar himself, but Becky is pure trailer trash. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that storyline does not work at all. She’s fine as a bit of comic relief, and would be with fellow miscreant Jason, but unbelievable with Steve in the Rovers. IMHO.

    • beanie says:

      I have to agree with that.I can’t see any man dumping Michelle for Becky.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Agree 100%
      Natasha = slimmer Shelly
      Tony = great actor, too bad he is a murderer
      Tara + Umed = rubbish characters, get rid!
      Steve + Becky = I’ve been saying that all along, I cannot get into this couple at all, absolutely no on-screen chemistry whatsoever. I like the actress, but Becky is way too trashy, I wish they would tidy her up a bit (wardrobe-wise). I know it’s all part of her character, but it’s a bit too much in my humble opinion!

  7. missusmac says:

    Does Joe plan to do these 19 kitchens all by himself??? That makes no sense. He could barely get Gayle’s done by himself with a few weeks to do it…

    Not seseing Natasha and Tony as a couple at all. I do see Lloyd and Poppy as a cute couple though!

  8. haili says:

    I can’t see Natasha and Tony as a couple but maybe he’ll just use her for a quick fling to get over Carla.

    I suppose it wouldn’t take Joe that long to do each kitchen if the cupboards were pre-built and ready to install. He would likely need a helper but it won’t likely be David! The kitchens are probably all the same size.

    Steve likes feisty women but was sick of Michelle’s bossiness and one crisis after another – and the many holidays and time off she took – so I can totally see him dumping her for Becky.

    • Barbee says:

      I agree with Haili. Tony / Natasha? He seems too distracted and heartsick; she seems awfully shallow. (Although that might be a nice change after Carla!)
      Joe is sooo stupid regarding the Windass creep and the loan shark. Also, I can’t see any kitchens being fitted for months. That place needed serious work before kitchen cupboards could be installed.
      I think Steve was convinced that somehow Michelle was too good for him, despite her oversized baggage, attitude and familial devotion. (I still can’t stand her.) But Becky is such a headcase, Steve is sure that she’s on his level. I like them together despite the serious overplaying of Winehouse Becky.
      Thank heavens David’s out of the house. Now let’s be rid of Umed (who plays Mr. Patel on the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, just as creepily); Tara, the bug eyed doll, who is moving from being Daddy’s princess to Dev’s (just as Dev is moving back from being seriously OTT to just slightly slick & odd); Joe, who is just a loser; and all of the Windasses.
      I’m so glad these updates have resumed. They make my day.

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