Update for Tuesday, January 12, 2009 – Make Me Look Like Scarlet Johansson

Corrietime: March 25, 2009

This was a bit of a filler episode which didn’t do too much to advance any plots but hey, they gotta crank out five episodes a week. There’s bound to be a little padding somewhere.

I just wanted to say, however, that there are two outstanding performances going on lately: Gray O’Brien, who plays Tony Gordon, and Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow. He seems actually remorseful for what he did (but not so remorseful as to confess to the police) and he also plays it as though he’s slightly … off. It’s fun to watch. And Peter Barlow is spot on, like a few alcoholics I’ve known, with his mood swings from maudlin to angry, as well as the bad lying. It’s well.

Anyway, this is me, watching Corrie these days:

Why, yes, I always wear my tuxedo while watching Corrie.

Anyway, so it’s the morning after at Tony’s and they’re cleaning up their mess and Natasha claims that she won’t be clingy or anything but come on, she will.

Back at the salon, Natasha is spilling the beans to Maria (and anyone else in earshot) about her night of rumpy-pumpy with Tony. He was so sensitive, she says, and goes on an on about how they’re made for each other. Maria is just shocked to hear that he cried. But the line of the night goes to the old lady in the barbour chair: “Make me look like Scarlet Johansson!”

So later when Ozzy eats Maria’s Ladrags documents, she goes to Tony for a replacement and asks about Natasha. Tony’s a bit sheepish about it but Maria says she can’t blame.

Later, Tony stops by her place and they have a chat about his past girlfriends and it all gets a little weird when the baby kicks. Maria places his hand on her belly to feel the baby and she notices his hands are trembling.

Meanwhile, Peter is still drinking like Mickey Rourke at an awards show.
He’s fobbing Simon off on Deirdre, lying to her about cleaning his apartment so he can drink (she doesn’t buy it) and later at home with Simon, bangs his head on the cupboard.

And Auntie Pam’s back, now selling sandwiches out of her handbag.

And Kirk is now a warehouse technician (copyright: Chesney Brown) as he loads and unloads boxes for Tom. He is now updating his CV, which he likely writes in crayon because the writers don’t know the difference between dim and mentally damaged.

Ken’s snogging Martha but doesn’t want to meet her friends just yet, leading to awkwardness.

Julie sure takes a lot of baths, doesn’t she? I know not the reason for her many ablutions.

John Stape is writing to Fizz from prison, even if Ches tries to hide the letters.

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17 Responses to Update for Tuesday, January 12, 2009 – Make Me Look Like Scarlet Johansson

  1. chumola says:

    Great update! I also loved the Scarlet Johansson line. Laughed out loud when she delivered it, laughed out loud reading about it in your update!

    Not too glad to see good old Auntie Pam back. I’m just waiting for her to give someone food poisoning.

  2. missusmac says:

    Also not thrilled to see Auntie Pam stroll up with suitcases full of chicken. Oh no, yet another ‘wacky’ sales scheme…

    After the come-on episode and yesterday’s performance, I’m pretty sure you spell Natasha like this: ‘F-L-A-K-E’. She just rambled on and on, like Becky without the mean streak or comic bits. Also could not believe she shared all the details loudly in the salon, in front of a client.

    The actor playing Peter is doing a wonderful job. I’m wondering how badly the family will fall apart, and what danger Simon might be in, once Ken confesses Martha to Deirdre. Or maybe he’ll just tell her he’s upping his walks from 3,000 miles to 4,000…

    • missusmac says:

      Oops, should have clarified that I assume Deirdre will leave and Ken will be in charge of Peter’s rehab and Simon’s safety. Yeah, that should all work out…

  3. haili says:

    Pam and Uncle Umed were made for each other; they should marry and go live in India – soon!

    Dierdre seems to think Peter is under too much pressure and tries to help by looking after Simon. This hasn’t helped his drinking.

    Tony does seem to have remorse about Liam, though maybe his tears are more about losing Carla and power in the factory.

    It seems that the writers are scrambling to fill time and come up with some story lines that don’t involve the missing actors.

  4. Gayle says:

    I am not happy to see Aunty Pam back. I hate that the writers have dumbed Kirk down so much that he acts like he is mentally challenged. How on earth will he ever get a job?

    Is is just me or is Natasha a bit of a slapper? I think she is very attractive but seems almost as needy as Becky.

    Nice to see our Fizz back on the screen again.

  5. Natasha is so pretty but when she opens her mouth that prettiness fades quickly.
    I swear I could forgive Tony for everything he’s doneif he would hop into the sack with me :))))

  6. Kristin says:

    I love your updates. Does your little man wear a wee tux as well?

  7. ShimmeryLJ says:

    I really love your updates. The accompanying pictures are hilarious!
    Now about the show – I really hate that Uncle Umed and they cannot send him packing too soon. Natasha is a big annoyance too. Can’t they bring in more interesting characters like Luke?
    I think Tony and his story line is the most interesting part of the show these days…and I love what is happening between him and Maria…

  8. TracyEmm says:

    After watching last nights episode, I actually became irritated — listening and watching Umed! I absolutely cannot stand this man… I could barely understand what he was saying. and I truly mean ‘barely’ – I’ll say an estimate of about 20% of what he had to say, I caught onto. I thought the Windass’ got under my skin – they don’t have a rashy patch on Umed. ugh yuck ugh – he makes my skin crawl. So much so, I just might have to go online to find out spoilers, to verify how long this creep will remain in the show.
    (don’t worry, I won’t post my findings on here!)

    • TracyEmm says:

      dont know how this comment jumped into this ‘slot’ on the comments board… it should be the last posting, or the first 1 for Jan 14th rather.

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