Update for Thursday, January 14, 2010: Ol’ Man River…

Originally aired on Friday, March 27, 2009

We start at Peter’s flat where Deidre’s snooping has been found out.  Deirdre wants to bring Simon, who is the cutest little boy on TV, back to theirs.  Peter asks for her set of  keys back and Deirdre calls Ken, but gets no answer and leaves a message.  Peter  says “What exactly is Ol’ Man River going to do?  Challenge me to a duel?”  This is funny because Ken is a on a boat with Martha, but not this kind of boat.  Then Deirdre calls child services.  “I work for the council.  I know how things work”, declares Deirdre.  Peter panics and lets Deirdre take Simon home.  We cut to Blanche, who is on the other end of the phone asking Deirdre what she’s on about.

Over at No. 1, Deirdre has put Simon down and is explaining to Blanche why she brought Simon over.  After calling Ken again (and ordering him home), Deirdre declares she needs a drink.  Blanche chirps in “I don’t suppose the irony of that needs pointing out, does it?”  I love this woman.  I’m totally going to miss her when she’s gone and am cherishing every single Blancheism.

Ken gets around to checking his messages and announces that he has a family emergency.  Martha is disappointed, but more about Ken leaving, and not so much about the emergency.  What a gal.

Peter is in the flat and finds Simon’s Mr. Tickle  book and storms out of the flat.  As Ken comes home, Peter forces his way into the house and runs up the stairs to get Simon.  Ken demands to know what is going on and Deirdre explains that Peter’s been drinking again.  Peter says that he’s not drunk now but can smell the hooch on Ken and Deirdre.  As always, Ken does nothing.  Peter takes Simon home.

Ken and Deirdre continue their fight at the dining table.  Deirdre wants to know where Ken was.  “At the library” Ken exclaims.  For the record, books in a room or a boat do not make a library necessarily.  Ken says he’ll talk to Peter tomorrow.  Blanche says if Deirdre’s accusations are correct, Peter will need a lot more than talk.

Deirdre is out back smoking and Ken says she should come in because she is upset.  They sit down and discuss the situation calmly have another row.  Ken wonders why Deirdre is so concerned because Simon isn’t even her grandson!!!!  Ouch…that hurt.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

Maria is irrationally jealous of Natasha’s interest and escapade with Tony and is trying to set Natasha up with Tom in the pub. Tony arrives and can’t let a pregnant woman buy her own drinks.  There is a comment about Natasha and Tom’s current inebriated state, Tony replies “I’m Scottish, don’t forget.”  He shortchanges Poppy and when this is pointed out, Maria chirps “He’s Scottish, don’t forget.”  Hahaha.

Tony later calls Natasha from his flat and asks her to come over.  She’s all dolled up in a new outfit too, but tells Tony not to be too impressed as Tom spilled a pint on her earlier.  Turns out she left Tom while he was in the loo.   Something tells me that Natasha and Tom are not a match made in heaven. Natasha tells Tony that Tom has the hots for Maria.  Also, Maria has warned her to stay away from him, which surprises Tony.  They retire to the bedroom.  I don’t think this match will last long either.

The Dinner Party

Molly and Tyrone head to Kevin and Sally’s for their tea and bring a bottle of wine.  Sally is dressed up and is lighting candles.  Kevin asks what is up.  “They’re expecting egg and chips for their tea!”  (A sidebar:  I like to cook and love good food.  I don’t ever want to be invited to someone’s home for egg and chips for dinner.)  Molly hands Sally the wine they brought and Sally makes a comment about Molly’s easy access to cheap wine at the corner shop.  At the table, they’re eating a stirfry.  In case you have never made one, Sally says the 3 vital ingredients are garlic, chili and ginger.  Thanks Sal.  Molly says she’s made fajitas before, but Tyrone says they were a bit hot.  “Had the ring of fire the next morning!”  TMI.

Molly tells Kev and Sal that she’d like to pull her own weight at the garage and suggests that she could do the books.  “Sal does that” says Kevin.  Molly points out that a second set of eyes would be good.  Sally is patronizing and says that they’re very complicated, “Not like working behind a till.”  Molly says she used to do her dad’s books and was a wiz at it.  Sally points out that his business failed.  Touche.

Art show

I was hoping that this blasted storyline would be over before I had to write my next update, but sadly it is not.  Dev gets Minnie to pretend to be a London art dealer over the phone and show some interest in some photos at Tara’s gallery.  I’m sure London art dealers go to crappy art shows in Weatherfield all of the time.  Anyhow, Minnie does the job so well that she ends up buying 3 pics for 700 quid.  Problem is that Dev will have to pay for these.  Minnie and Dev row.  When Dev asks if she can at least pick them up from the gallery, Minnie says it will cost him 70 quid (her commission).  I like this girl more and more.

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22 Responses to Update for Thursday, January 14, 2010: Ol’ Man River…

  1. haili says:

    Dev has had the most boring story lines for the longest time now and this one with Tara seems to go on and on. She shows signs of turning out like her annoying mother in the future.

    I’m wondering how long Maria will stay pregnant; it seems like ages, though I guess that’s like real life. And why would anyone want to have a child with Kirk? I don’t think Julie does and who can blame her?

    Maybe this week will pick up a bit with more from Eileen and family – or maybe Ken will finally come clean to Martha.

  2. missusmac says:

    What is sad is how amazingly cruel Ken was with that one sentence: he’s not even your grandson…

    While he’s moaning how he’s entitled to a life, the lady who is cleaning up the mess for him is slagged off.

    It will be interesting to see Molly and Sally go head to head. I like Molly’s chances.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Sally is a stroppy cow. End of.

  4. Mary Prankster says:

    I’ve only been watching for 25 years, so I don’t know about Ken’s youth. Is there anything about his upbringing which would explain his incredibly self-indulgent behaviour? Where did he get the notion that he’s entitled to whatever he wants, with no consequences?

    • lovethestreet says:

      Are there any other shows about which you could say, “I’ve only been watching for 25 years”?! I love Coronation Street!

  5. haili says:

    The same place a lot of other guys get that notion! As I recall, he grew up on Corrie St. and went to university. He finds Dierdre boring now that the novelty of marriage has worn off and Blanche doesn’t help matters with her nasty comments. Let’s face it, most couples on the street have at least one cheating partner and Dierdre has had a couple of affairs herself. I thought he’d grown out of all that stuff and settled down but there seems to be life in the old boy yet!

  6. Bea says:

    I can’t believe they are reduced to telling ethnic jokes.

  7. Bea says:

    I am liking the Tony/Maria/Tom/Natasha quadrangle.
    Also, the Dev/Tara/art show stuff will continue only until Dev is broke-which shouldn’t be long now. lol

  8. chumola says:

    Does anyone else have a strange feeling about Julie’s mother Paula? First Paula didn’t want to talk to Eileen, and the other day when she was at Eileen’s house and Eileen’s dad came in, she gave him the strangest look…could Eileen and Julie be half-sisters?

    That dad is such a tosser, I wouldn’t put it past him!

    • Long time lurker says:

      That’s what I thought as well. Definitely something going on between Paula and Eileen’s dad.

      And is it just me, or does Julie seem so much older than Kirk these days?

      And does Dev not think that Tara will ever go into the kabob shop and see Minnie – Corrie Street is pretty small, isn’t it? I would have thought he would have arranged for the money for the “art” to be wired “from London” rather than have Minnie show up at Tara’s gallery to pay for it and collect it.

    • missusmac says:

      I have never liked Eileen’s dad, but if it turns out he is Julie’s dad, I will be really disgusted.

      I think Julie’s mom said she had her when she was 14 or 15?? If so, that would makePaula even younger than Katie in the Martin story line.

      I’m hoping he just hit on her — which I absolutely can see him doing — but isn’t Julie’s father.

      • Mary Prankster says:

        “if it turns out he is Julie’s dad, I will be really disgusted.”

        Judging from Paula’s reaction to Eileen’s comment about their kids together, it seems that the writers are hinting at just that!
        I suspect that will be the end to his “story arc”, since no one on the street will want anything to do with him.I wonder what it will do to Julie. It sure explains why Paula was so reluctant to make contact.

  9. corrierules says:

    Missusmac: agree totally about Ken. he is being petulant and sulky because his domestic life is constraining his love life. Rather than thank Deirdre for her concern and efforts he insults her. What he said was very hurtful.

    I love how Deirdre stood her ground and fought to protect Simon by pretending to call social services. I don’t believe in meddling, but when a child’s safety is at stake, the gloves are off.

    On a lighter note, the exchange between Amy and Simon was very sweet.

    • missusmac says:

      I also thought was really clever of Deirdre to call home and pretend it was social services! She was very convincing.

  10. haili says:

    For once I’m on Dierdre’s side. I usually like Ken but he’s being a rat this time.

    • kunzie says:

      I wonder if Ken’s excitement over having won Deirdre began to vanish, when Ken’s rival Mike Baldwin died.

      Of course every married person is entitled to have their own life and their own dreams, but not..oops…I tripped and my weeny fell into one of my buddies.

  11. TracyEmm says:

    I agree, Dev’s current storyline is really really boring. Writers are really trying to fill-in something with these characters, and it’s failing miserably. I say Goodbye Tara, Goodbye Umed, and give Dev something a little more interesting in order to keep him around or say Goodbye Dev too! B O R I N G .

    Julie/Eileen/Dad: defo something is up there… and I think it is leaning towards him being the father of Julie… yuck! But what is Julie so off-beat about? Are Kirks days numbered as her #1 guy?…

    On a happy note: Steve and Bex are still on vacation! Woo Hoo – can’t it be extended to a working holiday for 6 months or so?…. 😉

  12. haili says:

    Honestly, Kirk is a nice guy but can anyone imagine living with him and having to explain every little thing? What on earth would they talk about? I’m pretty sure Julie is getting bored and the thought of having a baby with Kirk is scaring her.

  13. Barbee says:

    Dev and Tara – why when the writers were getting Dev back to as normal as he could ever be, are they turning him into a simpleton regarding the wide-eyed princess. As much as I hate to admit it Uncle Umed is right (if still cringe inducing).
    Ken and Dierdre – same old, same old. Ken is so selfish and self absorbed and D. is just blind. But I have to give credit where credit is due – I’d probably have more things to think about, with a murderous daughter, a mouthy mom and 2 practically parentless grandchildren (and yes, they are both hers)than a roving husband.
    I think the Julie/Eileen story could go places. I won’t weigh in yet.

  14. missusmac says:

    Tuesday’s episode — Won’t spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet, but WOW! Ken. Martha. Great stuff!!! Especially Martha.

    I actually did one of those fist-in-the-air, “Yesssss” kind of thingys that women of a certain age should not do.

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