Update for Tuesday, January 19, 2009

After the Fire

We open with a tearful Peter still reading that Beano to an unconscious, ventilatored Simon. The nurses tell him that the wee lad may be off the ventilator today and that he should get some sleep.

Meanwhile the waiting room, Blanche and Deidre bring Ken some breakfast and hand sanitizer (“to avoid MRSA,” according to Blanche) but Ken is too busy beating himself up to eat. If only he confronted Peter sooner, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Oh, one of you just put the boot in, will you?” he asks.

“You’re no fun when you’re like this,” Blanche says.

Later, Simon wakes up and Peter is there and tells him he loves him.

When Peter tells his family news, Blanche tells him Nancy Gaskill’s been up all night saying ‘Hail Marys’. He says they must have worked.

“I think Peter’s turned a corner,” Ken says.

“Let’s hope there’s not a pub on it,” Blanche adds.

Meanwhile back on the street, Graeme’s getting a chubby over the remnants of the fire. He asks the fireman, who’s from Belfast, apparently, what it takes to join the force.

Michelle arrives and learns the news. She goes to the hospital and finds Peter who, rightly, blames himself for the street’s annual fire and wishes everyone wasn’t so nice to him. “I don’t deserve him,” he says of Simon, “and he certainly doesn’t deserve me.”

Martha My Dear

While I guess Ken was rethinking his priorities in life as he goes to Martha’s barge and tells about this thing he meant to tell some time ago. What was that again? Oh, yeah, HIS WIFE.

She does not take it well.

“All this time I mistook caution for integrity,” she says.

Ken says his time with Martha is precious to him.

“Sure it is,” she says, “It’s a wife-free zone!”

She asks what’s wrong with Deirdre. Is she too provincial? Never picked up a Penguin classic?

“Martha my dear,” he says, quoting the Beatles. “She’s a fine woman”

“And I bet you bore the living daylights out of her.”

“Get out of my boat,” she says, paraphrasing the Harrison Ford classic, Air Force One, “married man!”

In Other News

Chesney is bunking off school. When Fizz finds him hiding out in the butcher shop, with Graeme, who’s educating him in the history of the Chicago Fire, she is determined to get to the bottom of his skiving.

Julie isn’t as into planning the future with Kirk as much as he is.

Tara arrives back at Dev’s to make up with him over this art gallery business. He shoos her out, claiming a hangover but when she leaves, Lisa comes out of the bedroom, looking for her underwear. He later joins Tara in the Rovers, where he quietly says to Poppy, “Silence is Golden”. Tara, in any case, has forgiven him.

Will Poppy tell?


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2 Responses to Update for Tuesday, January 19, 2009

  1. corrierules says:

    This was a cracker of an episode. The scene with Martha and Ken was very well done. And the scene at the hospital? I loved it when Peter made a special point of giving Blanche a kiss. Especially poignant knowing that, by this time next year Blanche will be gone.

  2. missusmac says:

    Poppy seems to be all ears and eyes, all of a sudden. Dev already spoke to her once when he thought she was listening in on a conversation between him and creepy uncle.

    I loved when Blanche mentioned she had a friend who was up praying all night. Growing up, that’s the kind of thing people in my community did for other families in trouble… got a little nostalgic about that.

    Officially, I am on Team Martha,(Could be called Team Deirdre too, or at least matching shirts, since she seems more supportive of Deirdre than Ken has been.)

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