Update for Wednesday, July 20th: Quadratic Equations

U need 3D glasses for the Floyd video….the kind you can smoke….

We Don’t Need No Education

Julie comes into the house just as Fiz is having a standoff with Chesney about going to the meeting at school. Chesney has dug in his heels and will not be convinced.

Chesney has decided he wants home schooling. Fiz points out that will require materials, and a tutor, neither of which they have. Kirk offers to be the tutor, but rethinks it. Chesney points out that he wants to do the work; it’s not the lessons he minds, just going to school. Julie says that Kirk could help out financially. Fiz figures she’ll be in alot of trouble if she and Ches miss their appointment; she might even go to prison. “Yeah, then you could see your boyfriend,” Chesney retorts.

Fiz walks Chesney into the school grounds. Ches stops short when he sees Kenzie Judd, and it comes out that Kenzie has been bullying Chesney.  Fiz urges Ches to go confront the bully. She hangs back, reassuring Chesney that she’ll watch. Kenzie’s pack of mini-thugs assaults Ches immediately; FIz jumps in and is ready to belt Kenzie one when Mr. Griffin intervenes.

Kenzie, Fiz and Chesney are all dragged into the office. Mr. Griffin tells Fiz she can’t simply attack pupils willy-nilly in the school yard. Fiz protests, saying Kenzie jumped Ches, Chesney is scared and they both assume the school will do nothing about it. The principal has Fiz and Kenzie patch things up and then dismisses Kenzie.

Kenzie seems a bit put out to be walking home and asks if he can wait for Mr. Griffin – it turns out Mr. Griffin is seeing Kenzie’s mother. The subject turns to Chesney’s truancy.

It’s agreed that Chesney has always been good in school until now. “I love quadratic equations, me,” he offers as proof. “I did a whole bunch this morning.” As the principal seems more concerned with his attendance statistics than with Chesney’s safety, Fiz decides she’s well displeased and announces that she is going to be home schooling Chesney. Ches looks amazed and confused as he tries to follow the bouncing ball.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Doesn't everybody like astronauts?

As Julie is leaving for work, Kirk wants to know why she suggested that Kirk fund Chesney’s education, when she knows he’s saving it for their house. Julie says there’s not much chance of moving when Kirk doesn’t even have a job. He is sad that she hasn’t even asked him how he got on at the agencies. Julie is evasive when he asks her to reassure him that she still wants to get a place together.

Julie goes to Roy’s, where she sits, lost in thought. She confesses to Hailey that she really needs to talk, because she thinks she might be with the wrong person. She says the things she used to love about Kirk, she no longer does. She now finds Kirk to be a “kid” and she’s looking for a man. Her mind is pretty much made up.

At home, Kirk is watching telly, when Julie comes in. Kirk turns off the telly and there is an awkwards silence. Julie says they need to talk. Kirk agrees. He opens the conversation by telling Julie to prepare herself for a shock..and says he wants to finish with her.

Kirk goes on to say that he’s been ‘rewinding’ the conversations he and Julie have had. He’s figured out that Julie offered Kirk’s savings to Chesney because she didn’t really want to get a house together…and she also looked miserable when she thought she was pregnant. Kirk says it’s dead obvious – she doesn’t like him anymore, so it’s not right that they should stay together. He says he wants a family, and Julie isn’t ready. Also that Julie never backed him when he wanted to be a stuntman or an astronaut. And finally,  it’s best to face it now. He says there’s no pressure on Julie to move out until she’s made arrangements. Julie says, “so is that it then, I’m dumped?” “Yeah,” Kirk says. “I’m sorry.”

Goodbye Stranger, It’s Been Nice

Deirdre and Blanche are having sannies; Blanche is griping that Deirdre is being stingy with the mayo. Ken comes in, distracted from “walking the dog” and not hungry for lunch. Deirdre happily informs him that Simon is sitting up and demanding sweets. Ken is pleased, but distracted. Blanche suggests having a pal at the gazette do a story on Simon’s heroics, but then maybe not, given the light it would place Peter in.

Ken and Ted talk in the Rover’s in hushed voices over red wine. Ken confesses what has occurred with Martha, and says that he actually hoped Martha would be okay with everything. Ted points out that the truth was better coming from Ken’s lips than someone else’s. Either road, she has one helluva scarf-and-earring collection.

Ken and Ted go on to their second glass of red. He says that breaking up with Martha is like an amputation – painful but necessary. Blanche plops down for the last bit; Ken assures her he was being figurative. They wonder if Peter is going to show his face, then remember they are in a pub. Ken makes some sarcastic comment, then says he wishes he could stop being so judgemental. Peter does come in then, with Deirdre. Peter orders and orange juice.. Blanche wonders how long it will last. Peter promises the change is permanent.

In other news

Colin is in the Kabin asking Rita for a drink later, when a somber-looking Mary comes in and asks to have a private chat with Norris, in the Rovers. When they arrive, Mary orders a brandy to brace herself, and tells Norris that her mother has died the night before. She confesses that after her mother’s long illness, she is actually relieved.

Graham is in the butchers, and tells Ashley he is at a career crossroads. He feels a calling and is seriously considering taking his NVQ in butchery. He wants Ashley’s advice. Ashley has just come in with Josh, who was at football. Graham takes Josh outside to kick the ball around. Claire shows up at the butchers with Freddie, whose generous head has sprouted red (surprise!) hair. Graham says Josh has genuine soccer ability, and maybe he should join the under-7’s. Claire is worried Josh will learn to swear before he can read. Being with a mens’ football club I can fecking confirm this.

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15 Responses to Update for Wednesday, July 20th: Quadratic Equations

  1. haili says:

    Kirk is usually so stupid, it’s a wonder he can get dressed and out the door but now he’s had a flash of brilliance and dumped Julie. That was a lucky break for her. I hope the writers make him a bit smarter in general and let him find work.

    Chesney needs Ken as a tutor and it would take Ken’s mind off Martha – and get him out of the house.

    Sadly, Michelle is back from Ireland already but it was nice to see Claire and Ashley’s kids again.

  2. Gayle says:

    Nice to see Claire and Ashley’s kids, Claire not so much.

    Why can’t Chesney transfer to a different highschool?

    Haili your suggestion about Ken tutoring him is a good one but how will they pay for it?

  3. chumola says:

    It would be nice to see Fizz call Mr. Griffin’s bluff. I’m sure his governors wouldn’t approve of his “unbiased” handling of the situation??

  4. S. Poole says:

    It took 17 hours to watch The Matrix, had to keep rewinding to figure out the plot. Funny, even for the new dumbed-down Kirkie.

  5. haili says:

    Gayle: maybe they could do babysitting for Simon or walk Eccles, since Ken won’t have the same incentive for walkies.

  6. TracyEmm says:

    for me, the Barlow storylines as well as Tony Gordon’s storyline, are the only ones worthy of attention. Not sure where the storylines in the ex-Battersby household (Fizz, etc) are going… and Dev – ugh, sick to death of him, Tara and Umed. Peter Barlow and Tony Gordon are the reasons I tune in at night recently! I shall miss Martha actually… if she is well and truly gone, that is. hmmm….

  7. haili says:

    We found out tonight where the Fizz/Chesney story line is going – into prison to visit John. Will Fizz be stupid enough to get involved again? Probably.

    • TracyEmm says:

      yes, she probably will. which really is a dumb storyline… as if she would! Isn’t Fizz looking great tho? The weight is coming off at a nice steady pace – good for her!

      I miss Carla… I thought she was a great addition to the show.

      Are we to I suspect a hint towards some romance between Peter and Michelle? not sure if I’d recommend her to anyone…

  8. missusmac says:

    Where is Michelle’s son staying? I’m sure they said, but I missed it. I expect Peter and Michelle to get together now that Leanne is gone. That’s going to be a train wreck!
    Hopefully in the repairs/renovation Jason will add on a room big enough to hold both their baggage!

    • haili says:

      He’s staying wherever she is – with Maria? He’s like Tracy was – up in his room playing tapes – or DVD’s – or his ipod or whatever they do to stay entertained and out of the so-called adults lives.

    • Long time lurker says:

      That’s what I was thinking as well – Peter needs a relationship without complications in order to keep himself on the straight and narrow and off the booze, and that’s not going to happen with Michelle.

  9. isis says:

    I was browsing the Mail Online (I know, it’s smarmy, but always very amusing) and throught this actress looked familiar:


  10. IIIT STUDENT says:


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