Update for Episode #7048 January, 22 2010

Hutch the rabbit in the rabbit hutch

Joe and Tina

Tina is working in The Kabin when her dad comes in to try and talk to her. She does her best to ignore Joe, while Rita, the innocent bystander, does her best to smooth things over between them. Joe later recounts what transpired to Gail, who then tries to mediate a meeting between father and daughter. Evetually, Joe and Tina get together for a chat in his work truck (nice ambience) and Tina suggests they get a place together. Joe agrees that this is a good idea, and that he will tell Gail about it, but seems less than enthused about the plan.

Michelle and Peter

The strange and inexplicable flirtation continues between the bookie and the shiny hair girl. They have a bit of banter over the hutch that Peter supposedly made, and then Peter asks her out for a nice dinner. Instead of running away screaming like any sane woman would, Michelle agrees to the date. Odds are it will all end up going pear shaped, mark my words.

Lloyd and Liz

Lloyd has returned from his Iberian interlude on Ibiza only to discover that Liz, in keeping with the tradition of the stork, has gone to Espana to tend to an ailing Andy. Lloyd comments on how much he was looking forward to a cuddle, before pulling himself a pint to take the edge off the pain of loneliness.

Norris and Mary

The May/December romance stumbles slowly along. Norris is concerned about all the planning that is required to go and extended trip by caravan, after all, some countries require visas. Mary cleverly points out that there are also many more places that don’t require a visa. Norris wonders about the ‘moral’ implication of such a trip, but is referring to their carbon footprint, rather than them becoming the beast with two backs. Mary gives him all the time he needs to make up his mind, or until the end of the day, whichever comes first.

Later in the pub Rita and Emily are sat with Morris and Mary. The usual banter is going on, and Rita and Emily are planning the surprise birthday party for Colin. Norris goes up to the bar and a comment Poppy makes about how Norris used to be Rita’s favourite friend seems to stiffen his resolve, and when he returns to the table Norris announces to the astonishment of all his plan to travel around the world with Mary – twice if he so chooses!

Fiz and John

Fiz and John have a painful conversation about how to home school Chesney. Fiz makes certain that John understands that that is the only reason she is there, and John agrees, although even Helen Keller would be able to discern that he is still warm for her form. As Fiz is leaving John can’t help himself and has to ask her if she still has any feelings for him, the way he still feels about Fiz. Fiz looks back, and neither denies nor confirms what she is feeling. Silly Fiz.

When Fiz runs into Roy on the street, Fiz expains what is going on with Ches, and Roy volunteers to assist in any way he can. Good man our Royston.

Back in the flat Fiz explains to Ches and Kirk what is going to happen with the home schooling project, that there is ‘someone’ who knows all about teaching who has agreed to help, but under no circumstance are they to ask how the ‘someone’ is. Even Kirk should be able to discern who the ‘someone’ is. The phone rings for Fiz, with John is on the other end in the mood for a little love talk. Fiz, to her eternal shame, fails to hang up on him.

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12 Responses to Update for Episode #7048 January, 22 2010

  1. barbee says:

    I really can’t stand Michelle. You’d think she and Peter already developed a serious work/friend relationship that could morph into the romantic with all that icky flirting. But, IIRC, she was irritating him seriously and he made it quite plain he thought she was an idiot, or at least a near liability to the business. I think this is just plain bad writing/continuity.
    I hate to play devil’s advocate here, but I really feel for Fiz. I think John really does love her and she certainly still has feelings for him. Seriously folks, John has done some insane things, but who provoked him? The most irritating teenager who ever walked the cobbles, our Rosie!
    Mary kind of creeps me out as well. I quit reading ahead about a year ago, so don’t know where this is heading, but in this case I can’t even imagine!
    Tara is insufferable – Dev, get rid of the spoiled brat. I liked the lawyer.
    Hopefully the writers will keep the new insightful Kirk. He’s one of my favourites, unless his lines are written to make him sound less than 10 years old.

  2. haili says:

    I don’t care how much John was provoked by the evil Rosie, there was no excuse for kidnapping her. Who knows what he would have done eventually if he hadn’t been caught. I just don’t trust that guy and thought Fizz was smarter than that. It will all end in tears IMO.

    Mary is weird – but then, so is Norris. Maybe she killed her mother; we haven’t had a murder for a few months on Corrie.

    I hope Kirk keeps his new-found insight and he’s sounding a lot smarter than usual.

    • Bea says:

      Wouldn’t that be a great story line. Mary would make a perfect psycho. She is so quiet and mousey, but then comes over all – Hey, you have the rest of the afternoon to decide. I love it.

  3. Trudy says:

    There is something weird about Mary. My first thought was that her mother died ages ago and she is just telling Norris this in order for him to go away with her.

  4. Barbie says:

    So Lloyd gets home, goes to the pub, waltzes behind the bar and pours himself a beer. Excuse me Lloyd, you don’t work there and you don’t live there. I expected Poppy to tell him off but it looks to me like a little hanky panky may in the offing between those two.
    And I hate that Fizz can’t get John out of her system, it’s horrible when you can’t – that’s where ex’es come from. (Of course mine never kidnapped anyone 🙂 )

  5. haili says:

    I though Lloyd had no business behind that bar either but an affair with the landlady must give all kinds of privileges. I wonder what Steve would have said; but Steve is away again and while the cats are away…

  6. Gayle says:

    Poppy seems to be running the Rovers Return single handed! Sean is rarely seen behind the bar any more.

    At times there are 3 staff working at once now just one? We’ve got Liz, Steve and Becky all away at the same time!

  7. missusmac says:

    Sean is rarely seen, period! He must have been away with Audrey, who has also rarely been seen.

    It was weird for Audrey not to have been involved with the Platt blowup scene. She’s been part of the arguing matches in every other crisis that family has faced.

  8. Long time lurker says:

    I so hope I’m wrong about this, but does anybody else think that something may happen/about to happen between Jason and Julie, who may be very closely related if we’re right about Julie’s mother/Eileen’s father? Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

  9. barbee says:

    Thanks for you all not villifying me for sort of defending John. He is a creep, but really does seem to love Fiz. (and you’re right, the kidnapping was wrong. I just wish Rosie had learned something about herself.)I just wish Fiz could get him out of her system.
    Julie/Jason, oh please, don’t go there.
    A creepy Mary storyline could be great fun.
    We need more of Sean, in the factory and in the pub. But it seems to me he was doing his own thing outside of Corrie at the time.
    Strange how Poppy is now running the pub. Didn’t we see Betty in there the other day? Yay Betty!

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