Update for January 26, 2010 – Part of This Nutritious Breakfast

In Which We Learn What A Flapjack Is

Joe is now laid up on the couch at Gail’s with his slipped disk. He assures her that he’ll sort out something for the kitchen contracts and if she sees Tina, she might not want to say anything about the new arrangement. Gail thinks it’s interesting that he is unable to move and is helpless. She leaves for the cockadoody clinic and tells him to finish writing his Misery Chastain novel.

Meanwhile, Len is getting some heat from the condo guys about the kitchens Joe is supposed to be fitting. When it’s clear that there isn’t any cash coming into the Windass household, he hatches a plan to get the kitchens finished and, more importantly, ensure Anna has enough biscuits when he visits.

Anna, for her part, elbows her way into a trial period at Roy’s café. But he can’t complain much as the lines are forming and Becky’s still on her Funnymoon and Ken’s too busy self-actualizing to be much help these days.

For her part, Gail asks Jason if he’s interested in taking on the kitchen job. Unfortunately, Len has taken Gary over to Gail’s beforehand to propose the exact same thing, except with Gary doing Joe’s kitchen work. Man, I really don’t want to buy those condos.

Tina finds out about Joe’s new residence on the couch and is cross with him enough to crumble that flapjack (it’s a muesli bar) over his head.

Then David and his giant zit arrive back from Liverpool to find Gail, Joe, Tina, Jason, Len, and Gail in his house.

“Is this a private party or can anyone join in?” he asks.

In Which Deirdre Eats All The Cereal

At the Barlow’s, Peter notices that Deirdre and Blanche are not sniping at each other and wonders what’s wrong. He is preparing for Simon’s first breakfast back home by ensuring he has his favourite cereal. Blanche says there’d be plenty if Deirdre hadn’t eaten a bucketful of it this morning.

“I had one bowl!” she protests.

“And there’s no more milk for me tea,” Blanche adds.

“All’s right with the world again,” Peter says.

When he brings Simon back, they notice all the burnt furniture in the tip and Simon wonders what kind of bed he’d get to replace it. He asks about Leanne and Peter reminds him that she’s gone to Leeds.

“I meant my rabbit,” Simon says, adding that he thinks the rabbit died.

Peter denies and asks why he thinks that and Simon replies that he has his serious face on. Whatever they’re paying this kid, double it.

Back at the Barlow’s, Simon is contentedly petting his rabbit. Deirdre has gotten off the phone with Tracy who is missing Amy. She notes how much smaller her house gets every year. Peter says that Simon is lucky to have his great-grandmother around.

“And I’m hanging on by a thread!” Blanche says. Aw, man.

And, in an odd afterthought, Michelle is being oddly coy with Maria about her date with Peter which, as we clearly saw, was a disaster.

In Other Breakfast-Related News

Sophie is cleaning the floor at the Kabin at Norris’ direction but when he leaves, Rita tells her to relax as she’s more Mr. Barraclough while Norris is Mr. McKay. Sophie doesn’t get the 35 year old reference when Rita asks, “What, you don’t like Porridge?”

Norris meets Mary at the Rovers after her mother’s funeral and she wants to go to Machu Pichu or Morocco or North Africa. Norris suggests the Lake District.

Fizz is struggling with Chesney’s home schooling while Roy heads over the teach about the English Civil War. Between that and getting his gossip via text, he’s not missing much.

Despite Sally’s objections, Molly managed to get a look at the garage’s books, which Kevin keeps safely in the Ikea box.

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14 Responses to Update for January 26, 2010 – Part of This Nutritious Breakfast

  1. Bea says:

    I think that Norris and Mary should go to Peru in the camper. Should be easy.

  2. Trudy says:

    It was very poignant to hear Blanche talk last night.

  3. missusmac says:

    Trudy, you are so right. She was talking about hanging on, and Peter was joking that if she passed away, they’d have to stuff her and put her on the couch.

    Also poignant that Deirdre was talking about how her household/family was getting smaller every year.

    Do we think Sally has a secret she doesn’t want Molly to see in the books? Knowing Sally, she’s been cooking the books and diverting money somewhere, to keep up appearances.

  4. haili says:

    What a perfect picture! Misery would be what I’d feel to be laid up on the couch in the Platt household – which seems to be taken over by the Windasses lately.

    Maybe Sally is hiding something and has been diverting money but Molly is far from tactful at pushing her way in. Ma Windass has really pushed her way behind Roy’s counter. He had better keep an eye on the till with that bunch around.

  5. Gayle says:

    It certainly is easy to obtain employment on Corrie! No resumes, no group interviews, no second interviews. Just bully your way behind the counter and wa-la!
    No discussion of wages or anything else.
    I love the show but sometimes I wonder.

  6. beanie says:

    LMAO John! I recorded last night so I read the update before watching. When David and his giant zit arrived I had to hit pause till I stopped laughing.

  7. haili says:

    I think I like American flapjacks better; what a strange name for granola bars!

    I also have no idea what they were talking about re. porridge and those names.

  8. missusmac says:

    Forget labordoodles, Peter can be dead nasty! I don’t like Michelle, but the fact she wasn’t where he wanted her to be when he brought flowers and chocolates shouldn’t suggest he gets to yell at her in public. Red flags abound!

    And Ken actually made a joke, regarding bunk beds.

    Cannot stand the increasing holes of insanity in the Windass storyline. You’ve got 19 kitchens to put in, and Gary’s your man???? Solo???

  9. Gayle says:

    Missusmac, I so agree with you regarding Gary and the kitchens. My husband said he wouldn’t hire that kid to shovel ****. Nasty David is back! Where does Gail get off hiring Jason to work for Joe? Why wasn’t she at work she wears blue jeans to work in a Medical Office?

    • chumola says:

      Yes, more mystery about how these people get jobs just like that, no CV, nor qualifications, nor interviews, nor experience necessary! I guess unemployment is not an issue on Coronation Street – Obama should check this out for a solution to the job crisis in the USA!

  10. TracyEmm says:

    Peter is probably supposed to be displaying the symptoms of withdrawal… edgy, moody, bad temper… I hope he doesn’t have a re-lapse, but really, it would be more realistic if it was an uphill battle for yearsto come, I expect…
    And yes, Ken actually made a joke! And a funny one at that! Hurray!

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