Update for Wednesday, Jan. 27: I Fancy U Rotten

It looks brilliant Gary, really....

David and his second head have decided to take a relaxed approach to the latest scenario in his living room; namely that Len has strong-armed Joe into taking on Smashalicious Gary as a kitchen installer; that Gail had dredged up Jason for same purpose; that Tina is still freezing him out, and that Gail has made shepherd’s pie. He rather affably negotiates his way through the flotsam and goes upstairs, asking Tina if they can talk later. Everyone takes their leave; outside Len follows up Jason, offering him a bit of work perhaps, checking Gary’s installations. Tina goes back to work, reminding Gail that nothing is about to change with David, evah, even though she’s agreed to talk. She leaves. David comes downstairs, still being all sweet and chatty. He does have an agenda, however….winning back Tina.

In Sally’s kitchen, Molly is criticizing Sally for taking a wage from the garage. Sally points out that she does the books, and other stuff. Molly says that takes only a couple of hours every now and then. (FYI Molly…no, it sucks and it takes hours.) Molly thinks it’s unfair to Tyrone. Kevin chimes in then, saying Tyrone is a proper partner. And that the running of the business will be changed to reflect that.

It is Easter weekend, and also Darryl’s birthday. Dev and Tara have gotten Darryl what looks like a fairly posh watch, which Tara saved up for weeks to buy. Haaaaaaaaa ha ha ha.  Bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha….hee. Hee. Amber promises Darryl his gift “later.”

In the Barlow’s backyard, Peter is telling Simon that he built the rabbit hutch. Emily wanders by, offering Simon some chocolate Easter eggs. She invites them to a pet blessing and Easter egg hunt Sunday at the Church.

David sort of sneaks up on Tina outside the Kabin. He confesses that Martin doesn’t want much to do with him, as Martin has his new family now. Nor does Gail want much to do with him (Guess that Oedipal obsession is kinda going over his head, but whatev). In fact, David figures, the only hope, future and companion he needs or wants is Tina. Tina’s like, don’t go there. She says if David cares about her, he should leave her alone. David slams back into the house, all nasty and crappy after Tina blew him off. He mouths off at Joe and then apologizes.

Peter wants to know from Ken where he can get a bunk-bed. Ken offers to look online. Peter says he wants a good one. “Oh,” says Ken, “in that case I won’t look under kids-beds-deathtraps.com.” LOL Kenneth made a cyber-funny. Peter also wonders if Ken will babysit so Peter can go apologize to Michelle for being an edgy, bitchy, narky date.

Peter is standing outside Maria’s / Michelle’s with one of those over-the-top-smashing bouquets of flowers that are not-from-Dev’s, and some chocolates. There is no answer.

Run, Forrest......

Jason is in the Rovers’, soliciting support for the half-marathon he is running, so the Weatherfield hospital can expand it’s car-park. He tries to recruit Luke Strong. Or obtain sponsorship. Julie, who was sitting with Eileen and Pauline, spies Jason at the bar and whisks over to get drinks. Eileen starts probing Pauline again about the P.E. Teacher that Eileen believes knocked Pauline up. Pauline doesn’t want to talk about it.

Tina can’t support the half-marathon. She’s skint. Jason hits up Gary to run. David comes into the Rovers just then, and Tina tells him to go kick off, which I thought was a tad rude. David goes on to say he’s sorry, and that if there is any way back for them, he will do whatever it takes. He leaves, and Gary calls him a poncey loser or something similar.

Jason hits up Kevin for sponsorship. Kev is a bit miffed he’s not asked to run. Kevin doesn’t get why Tyrone was asked to run when Ty looks like a danish and Kev is fit.

Julie says she’ll sponsor Jason, but this involves feeling his legs and pinching his tush to see how fast he can probably run. Eileen watches this with some amusement, but Pauline looks horrified and huffs off.

David goes into the Kebab Shop, reporting to Amber and Darryl that “Mission Macintyre” is progressing nicely.

At the Platt’s, Joe is telling Tina what Gary needs to do for the rest of the day. She takes his keys, and assures Joe that nothing will EVER go anywhere with David. Tina goes outside to meet Gary and can’t get the van doors open because they’re stuck. They pop open and she falls backward into Gary’s arms as David watches from across the street.

Luke and Michelle are at the bar, having a drink and a chat. Michelle has DVD night lined up with Maria. Peter comes in, and is twitchy and nasty, saying Michelle’s a fast mover, as he assumes she’s picked up Luke. He says that he’d bought her some flowers to say sorry, but they’re now in the bin. Don’t know what that says, she can work it out. Michelle can barely follow this rant.

Peter goes on to say he thought Michelle would understand, with Simon in the hospital and everything. And the shop will be finished soon and her job is still waiting, that is, if she still wants it.  And storms out.

He goes back to the Barlows and is fingering the whiskey decanter when Ken comes in. Peter reports that Michelle is sniffing around the bloke from the factory. Peter figures that Ken is lucky to have Deirdre. And wonders when he will find his Deirdre. While Ken wonders where he can park Deirdre.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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21 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Jan. 27: I Fancy U Rotten

  1. missusmac says:

    Wow. The irony of Peter going to a florist to buy flowers for another woman…

    Much as I think Sal would come up with some way to pay herself that wasn’t quite kosher, if the books really only took a couple of hours every once in a while — then Kev’s got no business to worry about! Either the company is going under, or it can exist on one client a week.

  2. CAPT PAT says:

    What has David got up his sleeve, a real piece of art that one, whatver, no good will come of it…

  3. haili says:

    missusmac: Peter going to a florist is like covering all the bases; if they don’t work with Michelle, he will have met someone else!

    Kevin and Sally have been doing what works for them with the business but now of course there will be complications. This happens sometimes when the guys get along but the wives get involved. It’s sometimes better to hire an outsider to do the books – as long as it’s not a Windass!

  4. Mary Prankster says:

    haili -I think missusmac is referring to the fact that Simon’s mother was a florist, if I remember rightly. What has me confused is that I thought she was blonde & blue-eyed, whereas Simon looks to be of mixed race.

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    Regarding Kevin’s business, we never see enough of the “office” to see what his system consists of. You would think in this day & age he’d have his inventory, as well as his client list and billing system, on computer, which Sally could work on at home. That box arrangement seems a little antiquated.

  6. TracyEmm says:

    okay so who’s with me on the theory that Julie and Eileen are sisters indeed? This has to be where that storyline is headed…

    Shame they killed Simon’s Mum Lucy off, I liked her. Simon is just too cute, a great little actor!

    • chumola says:

      yeah, I’ve suspected that for a long time! Did you see the look of horror when Julie’s mom realized that Julie had slept with Jason? If it’s really true that Julie and Eileen are sisters, then Jason just slept with his aunt…how will he ever get over THAT???

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Do you think it will all blow up at the surprise birthday party, or will the writers stretch it out longer?

    • chumola says:

      hmmm…when would they ever stretch out a story??LOL

  7. missusmac says:

    Julie slept with Jason?! When did that happen?

    • chumola says:

      OMG did I read too much into something I saw? Remember the morning that Eileen thought that someone had stayed over with Jason, but the lady had snuck out before anyone saw who it was? Just the way Julie acted with Jason later in the pub,very intimate…I just assumed that she was the mystery lady…maybe I just jumped to conclusions…

      • TracyEmm says:

        I think it has been left open for ‘assumption’ on the viewers part, re Jason Julie LoveFest! I don’t think it was her, although we are led to be suspicious it was her…

  8. haili says:

    If Julie slept with Jason, I missed it too! It would be nice to see the Grimshaws get a story line for a change.

    Peter met Lucy when buying flowers for Shelley, so I was just kidding when I suggested he could meet someone else. Ken was fair haired and I thought Peter’s mother was too, yet Peter is very dark and so is Simon. There must have been someone dark-haired in the family tree someplace.

    I was shocked by Ken’s behaviour last night and the night before and thought he had given up on Martha.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Ken not giving up on Martha:
      I was suprised too! But, I hate to say it – I think they are well suited… I kind of feel sorry for a Ken a wee bit, his life is always so full of chaos, and he seems to just want the simple life. (well not so simple when you’re having an affair ofcourse, but I hope you all know what I mean…) It isn’t fair to Dierdre ofcourse, but I like the chemistry between Martha and Ken… (shoot me now, I know…)

      • haili says:

        I felt sorry for Ken with the nagging wife and mother-in-law, but I thought the shock of Peter and Simon needing more attention after the fire, might have jolted him back to reality. Even if Martha agrees to keep seeing him, will he ever get the nerve to leave Dierdre? She’s been holding the fort looking after HIS grandson and caring about his son.

  9. missusmac says:

    It was hilarious to see Ken quickly chuck whatever he was holding into the woods when Simon went around the corner. A moment of high farce for highbrow Ken. Unfortunately, Audrey has his number, so Martha won’t be a secret any more.

    Yes, Ken is not in the life he envisioned in his old age. All this began with his reunion, I think, when everyone else in his class achieved great job status, great houses, etc. He was considered most likely to succeed back in school, and then ends up in a council flat, working in a cafeteria and the author of a really bad novel stored in the attic.

    • chumola says:

      Ken may hold the record for “Highest Number of Mid-Life Crises” LOL

    • Bea says:

      I laughed so hard when Ken threw the book into the bushes. Then when Audrey and Ted ran into him at the theatre. It seems that Ken just can’t escape his real life.

      • Bea says:

        oops! box of chocolates, not a book. I was wondering why a book would make him feel guilty. I must have missed the part where they were talking about the chocolates.

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