Update for Episode #7053 January 29, 2010

Blanche goes to the One O’clock Club dressed as Amelia Earheart as part of a murder mystery, but has the dates wrong.

Anna Windass seems a little over the top for Hailey, but her work ethic and crisis mediation impress in the end.

Josh wants to go see a Weatherfield County match, but Claire is concerned about hooligans. (all the hooligans are in their 40’s with mortages and families Claire, nothing to worry about there)

Teresa wanders into the cafe drunk as a Lord. She was planning on celebrating his birthday wth Darryl, but she mostly causes a scene, before she gets chucked out.

Tony gives Natasha a booty call. Natasha and Maria have a good gossip about it while Maraia gets her nails done.

Daivd gets his job back at the salon, Audrey makes up with Gail again, David has a new scheme involving Gary Windass. Business as usual.

Bill confronts Gary in the pub after his tools go ‘missing’. All part of the new machiavellian plot of young Platt.

Ken once again abandons his family to go swanning about looking for Martha. When they find him by chance sitting by the canal he chucks his apology gift to Martha in the bush and then has a shouting match with Deirdre.

Later at the theatre Ken tries to talk with Martha, to no avail. Ted and Audrey, who were also at the play, see enough of a look between Ken and Martha to get tongues wagging on the street.

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10 Responses to Update for Episode #7053 January 29, 2010

  1. haili says:

    We got to see Blanche in her Amelia getup last night and it was funny. I think Ken’s attraction to Martha has a lot to do with just escaping from his family. If he lived with Martha, and she has baggage – which she probably does – Dierdre might start looking good to him again. I’d like to echo Audrey’s words: “grow up Ken.”

  2. TracyEmm says:

    I was annoyed with Audrey and her meddling. She should absolutely mind her own business. And shame on Ted, for breaking Ken’s confidence. I’m not quite sure why – but I feel sorry for Ken. I think his life with Dierdre has become all-too-boring, and it’s no much wonder someone like Martha has turned his head and heart. (sorry) Perhaps this will be the making of Ken and Dierdre and they will try to spice things up a bit for eachother! I will be sad if Martha goes, I like her in the show!

    • chumola says:

      I feel the same way about Ken and Martha, TracyEmm! Martha has real life to her, so fresh and lovely and smart and passionate. I think Dierdre deserves Ken’s loyalty, but she really should put a little more effort into the relationship.

      Maybe, like you say, this will spice up Ken and Dierdre’s relationship if it deserves saving…

  3. fondue123 says:

    Honestly, Ken really does need to grow up (not holding my breath). Spare me… if he’s not happy in his marriage, he needs to be honest with Deirdre, and either try to fix it, or get a divorce…all Ken is doing here is trying to fix HIS problem.
    He makes steam come out of my ears, honestly. And he’s always been like this. ME ME ME.

  4. haili says:

    Ted had no choice once the secret was out. It was pretty obvious to Audrey what had been going on so Ted just had to try for damage control.

    Audrey was a bit of a hypocrite though, since she had Bill move in with her when he was still married. I think she just felt sorry for Dierdre who was so worried about Ken and wondering where he went.

    Ken does have a boring life but he doesn’t have to work and is free to read and see plays, walk the dog etc. It’s up to him to entertain himself without having affairs. If he can’t do that, he should divorce Dierdre. I thought he had sorted all that out in his mind when he was seeing his ex-girlfriend, the hairdresser.

  5. I was dying with laughter last night at the various scenes. The most hilarious is Blanche and Diedre worried that Ken must be suffering from depression and will soon throw himself to the ducks in the canal….then busy body Audrey threatening to tell on Ken…I mean who does that???!!!
    What came back to be though is when Blance tracked Ken to his hairdresser girlfriend and turned up at her house because she wanted to see his “Scarlett Woman”. OMG! The situation is really getting interesting.

  6. And another thing….I am prediciting that if Ken gets found out with this affair, he’s going to blow up on Diedre and Blanche and probably say “you know what? I’m sick of you and your mother always trying to run my life and make plans for me hence preventing me from enjoying the things i really like to do in life. So yes I’ve found a new woman and she’s far more of a joy to be with as she appreciates everything I do in life”.

  7. Gayle says:

    I think if Martha knew the “real” Ken she’d run a mile.

    Having said that if Ken is that unhappy in his marriage then man up and tell Diedre the truth and make a clean break of it. Stop the lying and sneaking around!

  8. missusmac says:

    I love Ted. I really do. But honestly, the man is no good at keeping a secret — how much more red flag indicator of hanky-panky is “I don’t want to meddle”, or “it’s his own private business”.

    He’s also not a good judge of character.

    1. He trusted David and Tina to throw a quiet party. Then helped change the wallpaper and buy a concealing plant.

    2. He let a Windass into the house, took a call, and allowed the Windass to arrange the smashing of all the kitchen supply stuff.

    Oh Ted. I expected more.

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