Monday February 1st 2010 – The Wicked Games Update

UK Time – Monday April 13th 2009 – Episode II

The episode opens with Ken begging for Martha to give him another chance because she makes him feel alive. I thought Ken was above cliches. Why won’t she believe that he loves her? I mean, he doesn’t love her enough to tell her the truth or actually tell Deirdre that their relationship is over so he is free to be with Martha, but those are all just circumstances not bet hedging!

In the mean time, Audrey is all up in Ted’s George Foreman about Ken and Martha because she knows what time it is even though Ted is playing coy. Ted is great at rationalizing. Audrey is great at judging.

Ken and Martha’s argument spills out onto the street outside and Ken can’t understand why Martha would want to turn her back on what they had, even though it was based on a lie. Perhaps it is because he is a liar and liars lie.

So, later in the pub Audrey and Ted are mulling over the drama when Deirdre and Blanche pop in looking for Ken. Earlier, while Blanche was dressed as Amelia Earheart, she and Deirdre were talking about Ken’s odd behaviour and attributed it to his concern over Simon and Peter. Audrey and Ted lied, saying they hadn’t seen him.

A bit later, Ted and Audrey leave the pub and run into Ken in the street. Ted tries in vain to stop Audrey from telling Ken some home truths. She threatens to tell Deirdre, but the best thing she tells him is “grow up.” Good point, Audrey. The man is 70 years old and he is being totally juvenile.

Everyone’s favourite juvenile delinquent is behaving uncharacteristically in the pub. Bill Webster was putting the gears to Gary Windass accusing him of stealing his tools when David Platt rises to Gary’s defense. Gee, I wonder if he is being sincere or if he’s planning something. Basically, it would have been obvious to the casual observer and the mentally disabled that David is planning something. Needless to say, Gail, who witnessed the whole thing go down actually thinks David has learned his lesson. Say it with me, Gail is an idiot.

While it is tragic that Peter Barlow is a useless boozehound, Theresa Morton’s boozhoundery is kinda funny. She arrives back on the street fall down drunk at the kebab shop. It happens to be Mini’s shift, but Amber arrives just in time to pull her off the cash register and tell Mini to go get Darryl.

Darryl, Dev and Tara arrive and they all usher Theresa out and into a cab back to her apartment which must be situated in Baghdad’s worst neigbourhood. The cab won’t drive to Baghdad and google maps won’t even give driving directions. So, Amber begs Dev to let her stay in the flat over the shop for one night only. Why do I think Dev will end up sleeping with her? Oh yeah, its because Dev is a man-whore.

In Other News

Tony sent Natasha flowers. She is almost as dim and Gayle

The Peacocks went to a football match. There may have been a lot of football references and jargon. You’ll have to ask Pappa Smurf about that

Tom is upset that Maria is getting advice from Tony. Sean suggests that tom is feeling like the second fiddle in business and in love. Tom suggests that Sean is an expert in that matter. Ouch!

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5 Responses to Monday February 1st 2010 – The Wicked Games Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Debbie brilliant update! I agree completely Gail is an idiot! She believes everything anybody tells her except her Mom.
    As far as Audrey threatening to tell Diedre – she is a hyprocrite. She has been around the block and back. She was living with Bill while he was still married to Maureen.

  2. haili says:

    It was still great to hear her tell Ken to GROW UP!

    I loved Blanche in the Amelia outfit! Also loved the way Martha talked back to Ken, like she can see right through him. I’ll bet she has quite a history herself and if she stayed on Corrie we might get to hear about it.

  3. Bea says:

    Finally – someone is living above the Kebob shop – for one night only. If I know Theresa, she will get her claws in, and then there will be no way to get rid of her.
    Ken is such a juvenile. I couldn’t believe it when he chased Marth out into the street, and she had to practically run over him with her bike to get away.
    I don’t like the sneeking around, but on the other hand, it is quite funny to watch at times.

  4. I’m still waiting to hear Ken blow up on Dierdre!!

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