Update for Tuesday, February 5. Peter’s Birthday

It’s Peter’s birthday and Simon gives his dad a homemade card. Cheapskate. Peter notices Ken and Deirdre are being quite short with one another. He’s also thinking about his late twin sister Susan.

“Oh, Susan! I remember her! Didn’t she marry Mike Baldwin or something?” Ken more or less says and Peter explains who Susan to Simon, telling him that she’s in Heaven with Simon’s mother. Ken refrains from lecturing Simon on the human need to create an artificial afterlife as a way of dealing with our mortality.

Anyway, Ken, Simon, and Peter are later on the street when they run into Audrey. Simon tells her it’s his daddy’s birthday and they’re having a party.

“Oh, a family ‘do!” Audrey replies. “Families are very important, aren’t they, KEN?”

“Was that remark directed at me?” Peter asks.

“Oh, not at all, was it, KEN?” she replies.

Later, the trio meet Michelle and Simon invites her to Peter’s birthday. As she leaves, Ken wonders if she’s forgiven Peter for yelling at her and Luke Strong in the Rovers. And getting angry and maudlin during their date. And for being drunk and yelling at her for going to Ireland.

Later, Peter goes to Audrey’s for one of those “make me look exactly the same haircuts” and he wonders aloud if something’s going on with Ken, like if he’s sick and not telling anyone. Audrey, who yesterday told Ken if she sees him and Martha together she’d tell Audrey, modifies her previous promise to Ken by outright telling Peter, “Your dad is having an affair.”

Later, at Peter’s party, Ken tries to apologize but Deirdre just says it’s best not to spoil the day. Michelle has also come because, apparently, she’s desperate for a boyfriend. Deirdre tells Peter he’ll have to blow out his candle 44 times and Ken adds it would help if he quit smoking.

“Well, we can’t all live up to standards of Saint Kenneth of Weatherfield,” he replies.

Later, Peter confronts Ken about the affair.

Ken first tries to deny it but then is all “It’s not what you think. Nothing happened! We’re soulmates! She understaaaaaannnds me!”

Peter calls him a geriatric tom cat but promises to keep quiet as his grandparents are the only good, stable thing Simon has in his life.

Other News

Tom tells Luke that everytime a decision has to be made regarding Ladrags, Maria takes it to Tony for some secret meeting. Maria later finds out that Tony is having Luke investigated.

Joe is still on his back as Len reminds me of his commitments to that loan shark.

Dev has agreed to allow Theresa to move from her flat just outside the Green Zone in Baghdad to the flat over the corner shop – on the condition that (INSERT DEV VOICE) Darryl MOVE IN WITH HER!

On her run, Molly got splatted with pigeon poop. Meanwhile, Jack is down because three of his pigeons are missing. At dinner, Tyrone notices the chicken pie has dark meat.

“Well, pigeon pie is posher,” Molly tells.

“Don’t tell me…” he says.

“Of course not. What do you take me for? I did the chicken in red wine. That’s why it’s dark.” Molly replies. “The pigeons are in the freezer. I thought I’d roast them after I’d nicked Simon Barlow’s rabbit!”


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2 Responses to Update for Tuesday, February 5. Peter’s Birthday

  1. haili says:

    LOL. I loved Peter’s description of Ken as a geriatric tom cat. The actor has a way with those lines and is great with Blanche. It can’t be much longer until Dierdre finds out and another crisis hits the Barlow household.

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