Update for Wednesday: Toast Spread with a Veneer of Guilt and Freshly-Squeezed Lies

“Toast spread with a veneer of guilt and freshly-squeezed lies”, is how Peter describes the brekky Ken has prepared for Deirdre. Deirdre thinks it’s a thoughtful gesture, as it’s visiting-Tracy day, which always stresses her out.

Audrey and Ted are walking and discussing Audrey’s über-blurt to Ken. Audrey says that Ted wouldn’t last ten minutes in a relationship; Ted very fairly points out that his marriage lasted 20 years because he loved his partner; if not he’d have been stupid to have stayed.

Later, Ken comes into Audrey’s shop saying, “You just couldn’t resist, could you?” Audrey is not the least bit sorry and says she did it because she cares about Deirdre, and Ken doesn’t. Or not as much as his fancy piece. Ken can’t argue with this and pretty much leaves.

Deirdre and Peter are setting off somewhere….Peter warns Ken not to takes Eccles for “any more walks”. Hopefully “Eccles” will stay in Ken’s trousers.

Ted and Ken meet up for their their guys-with-wine chat. Ted says he’s sorry to hear about Martha; he liked her. Ken says he knows he let Martha down by showing himself to be unprincipled. And let himself down too. Ted wants to know if he’ll make a go of his marriage, or leave. Ken says he hasn’t thought that through, but of course decides to stay put with Deirdre. After all, why give up the cushy comforts of home for...principles.

It Sucks to be Princess

Umed, Tara and Dev are in Dev’s flat; Umed is reminiscing about studying the sitar with George Harrison and Ravi Shankar a few months before George’s Concert for Bangladesh. Umed figures he inspired the event.

Dev is certain he’s doing the right thing by sending Darryl packing to live with Teresa. Rather unfairly, Dev is holding Darryl personally responsible for Teresa’s antics. Princess Tara wants to know when Umed is going home, because she wants to turn the spare room into an office for herself. She commands Dev to begin clearing the junk out of said room. Doesn’t Princess have an office at the freakin’ art gallery Dev bought her? If you ask me, she needs a good whack upside the head and a real job.

Dev refuses Amber’s offer to go join Darryl at the flat and get out of his and Tara’s hair.

Teresa is waiting in front of Dev’s for the flat key. Dev gives it to her and reads her the riot act: no smoking, loudness, agro, parties or placing wet things on furniture.

Lisa comes into Dev’s shop, as she was in the neighbourhood. Dev is understandably awkward and twitchy as Lisa asks him out again. Dev confesses that he’s “seeing somebody” and apologizes. As Lisa is leaving, Tara barges in saying she’s sold another photo. She is surprised and delighted to learn that Dev and Lisa “know each other”. Tara tells Lisa that they have lived together for 3 months. Tara says she “runs her own Dev gallery now.” Tara offers to show the gallery  to Lisa. Dev says no, Lisa says yes, and Dev hijacks Amber to watch the shop so he can tag along and do damage control.

Darryl comes in later to ask Amber to lunch. Teresa follows him into the shop to sponge groceries. Amber generously offers a tab as a flatwarming gift. Teresa loads up on biscuits and some cheap plonk. Umed wanders in. He says he’s heard all about Teresa’s wonderful projectiles and gets a slap for his efforts.

After the gallery-viewing, Dev and his honeys stop in at the Rovers’ for a drink. They sit in a booth, and Tara goes on to invite Lisa back to the flat afterward, because, of course, she’s never seen it. Tara goes to get champagne from Poppy at the bar. While she is gone, Dev asks Lisa what she’s playing at. Lisa says Dev used her. Dev quickly explains he and Tara had had a row, and he assumed Tara had left him.

Poppy is most confused to see Dev with both Tara and Lisa. Poppy asks Tara how she knows Lisa. She also asks how Dev knows Lisa. Tara explains the connection and continues oozing to Poppy about how fantabulous Dev is until Poppy can no longer take it…she tells Tara that the night she walked out, Dev and Lisa got it on…and Dev has asked Poppy to say nothing.

Not a Knight; Just a Boy With a Horse and a Stick.

Tom meets Maria in the street and gives her a peace offering – a bit of fluffy baby-garb. Maria says Tom and herself have to trust each other; it can’t be Tony and Maria versus Tom and Luke. Tony drives up then, with his fun-bunny Natasha in the car. He sticks his head out to tell Maria he has a pricing review for her. He ignores Natasha’s goodbye kiss. Tom takes the huff again.

Tony and Maria meet for coffee; Tony thinks Maria could get more bang for her buck by switching suppliers. If Tom is told this, they figure he will be sulking again;. Later, Tony catches up with Tom in the bar. Tony tells Tom that bad-mouthing him is pointless. He says Tom’s crush is pathetic, and Maria thinks so, too.  Tom can’t be Maria’s knight in shining armour; he’s nothing but a boy.

In Other News

Joe is creeping around his van, when he is overtaken with another back spasm and falls to the ground yowling. Gail comes upon him just in time, as does Ted, and they get him into the house. Gail asks Joe how he could be so stupid and he takes a strip off her, telling her he’s in agony, sick of watching telly and that Gail is driving him mad, satisfying her maternal overdrive by fussing and clucking. Soon, he figures, she’ll be cutting his meat for him. He tells her to take off and she does.

Jack is grousing at the bar to Betty about his pigeons. Betty tells him to get over it. Jack ambles home and a lovely middle-aged lady turns up as he reaches his front door, with Jack’s favourite pigeon in a cage. Apparently, this lady knows about pigeons; Jack offers a cup of tea and a viewing of the rest of the flock.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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13 Responses to Update for Wednesday: Toast Spread with a Veneer of Guilt and Freshly-Squeezed Lies

  1. haili says:

    Poppy won’t have many punters left if she keeps ratting on them re. affairs – not on Corrie she won’t!

    I kind of had to agree with Tony about Tom, one of the most insipid characters ever.

    Looks like Jack may have another lady friend.

    • Barbie says:

      Yes Haili, the first thing I thought when Poppy was blabbing away was that she should be fired for that. It’s not like her and princess Tara were friends and even then, bar staff just shouldn’t tell – period.

  2. missusmac says:

    Poppy should know better than to rat out the punters, and slag off Betty. I thought Liz said Poppy was one of the best barmaids in England???

    I wonder if they originally meant for Auntie Sell-By MeatProducts to be a lady friend for Jack, and the chemistry wasn’t there? I was happy to have a Jack sighting!

    I don’t for a minute beleive Ken remembered Deirdre was visiting Tracey. I think he was just sucking up regardless.

    Joe needs a clip upside his head. I find myself even rooting for a Windass to do it.

    • Bea says:

      Aahh, I was just thinking, where the heck is Amy. Steve, Becky and Liz are all away somewhere. Did they leave Amy with the grandparents? I havn’t noticed any mention of what they did with the little tyke.

      • tanzie says:

        good point…where IS amy?

      • TracyEmm says:

        yes, where is Amy indeed! I’ll tell you who I haven’t been missing – Becky!
        I hope when they do come back from their holiday, they just keep their storyline in the background. Enough drama from them!

  3. haili says:

    This new lady looks pretty good for Jack – far better than auntie Pam. It was good to see Jack again.

    Ken doesn’t think about Dierdre enough to remember the visit to Tracy. He’s just trying to make the best of things; it’s plan B and anything for a quiet life.

    I have to agree about Joe too. A boot up the backside and out the door would be even better.

  4. chumola says:

    i loved the look on Umed’s face when Theresa clocked him! Precious!

  5. TracyEmm says:

    It was great to see Jack back in the scenes! Jack never got the pigeon lady’s contact number tho…
    I am hoping that Tara finishes with Dev for good – and we can see the back of her. And she can take Umed with her!
    I think they need a new lady character, someone to fill in Carla’s void. Perhaps someone new can come in and have a romance with Luke?

    • missusmac says:

      “Perhaps someone new can come in and have a romance with Luke?”

      Oh, all right. If I have to. 🙂

      I think he’s an attractive man, good addition to the cast. I’m still very surprised Rosie hasn’t been panting over his desk, giving it a try.

      • TracyEmm says:

        ha ha missusmac! u r funny!

        Give Rosie some time, no doubt she’ll be drooling over him at some point!

    • Bea says:

      Oh, I was thinking the same thing, Jack didn’t get her address. But, three pidgeons went missing, and she only returned one. So maybe the other two will also turn up on her door step. I hope so.

  6. Gayle says:

    Good point where is Amy?

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