Update for Monday, February 8, 2010: Death by rolling pin

Originally aired April 20, 2009

[Usually Debbie provides the updates on Mondays.  She was kind enough to switch with me since I will be in New York later this week.  You can catch Debbie’s update for Thursday’s show later this week.]

While Maria is crouching on the cobbles in fear and anxiety, Luke runs out to apologize for frightening her.  Tony informs Luke that the last time Maria saw a “Tony mask” was the night that Liam died.  Michelle comes over to see what is up and to check on Maria.  She takes Maria home, all the while apologizing for causing a scene.  Tony tells Maria she has nothing to apologize for.

In the factory, Tony scolds Luke for scaring Maria. Luke informs Tony that he knows all about the PI who is following him.  Luke then sacks Tony for ‘gross misconduct’.  Tony is merely a shareholder, and since Luke is the major shareholder, he can do what he wants and kicks him out of the factory.  Tony is told to return his keys at a later date.

Before checking on Maria, Tony is talking to his PI and sets up a meeting with him.  Maria is stripping off wallpaper (thank goodness – that stuff is fug-ly!).  Maria keeps apologizing for everything and feels badly for Luke since he could not have known about the masks and Liam.  Tony asks Maria how her scan went and she admits that she cancelled it.  If I had that baby bump, I’d be worried too.  It’s the least realistic baby bump I’ve ever seen.  It shifts!  Tony says that the baby “is proof that things will be better.”  Maria tells Tony that he’s been so good to her and reschedules her scan.

Tony meets with his PI and informs him that the PI was fooled by the Tony mask.  Dear readers:  were any of you fooled too?  You mean there weren’t a dozen Tonys at his stag do?  Come now.  Tony tells his PI that he wants to know the ins and outs of Luke’s finances (as in what it would take to sink him).

At the Rovers, Natasha is peeved since she has been stood up by Tony.  Where could Tony be?  Oh my, he’s at the factory printing documents which seem to be financial in nature and have red ink.  Could that indicate debt?  Tony leaves the factory and runs into Natasha at the bus shop.  I thought everyone who works on Coronation Street lives within a 2 minute stumble of their place of work.  I guess I was wrong.  Tony apologizes for forgetting her and says that they can go for a drink after he delivers an envelope.  Natasha insists on having a drink first and Tony concedes.

Tony arrives at Luke’s flat and tells him that a number of clients will withdraw their orders from Underworld if Tony is no longer there.  One of these clients gives Underworld 35% of its business and this happens to be owned by on Mr. Tony Gordon.  Tony puts the envelope in Luke’s letter box.  Luke is staring at Tony from his balcony.  When Natasha points out that Luke wants to talk to him, Tony says “He’ll come to me, on his knees.”  They get into a cab and leave.

This portion of the show is brought to you by Cost-an-za

Tara has brought Dev to the photo shoot (the photographer being Justin).  This sounds like a romantic night to me indeed.  What could be a better way to celebrate their relationship?  Dev’s getting tipsy at the shoot and tells Tara that she is wonderful.  Tara suggests that they do the shoot naked.  First naked Dev, then naked Tara, then naked together.  Dev, being a complete mug, still can’t see that he’s being set up.  Dev strips in Justin’s office (really?  Justin has an office?) and is photographed naked.  I’m glad we didn’t see too much.

After Dev dresses, he wonders why Tara is not naked yet and she says that it should be done next week.  Dev is jealous and thinks Justin will take advantage of her.  Tara asks if he really thinks she’d cheat on him.

Jailhouse Rock

Deirdre meets with Steve in the café to discuss Amy visiting Tracey.  Steve is unsure of this and Deirdre says that Tracey wants to explain everything to her.  Steve is not in favour of this idea.  Becky is keeping tabs on this conversation while eating cake.

Later in the cab office, Becky is sitting on Steve’s lap.  She tells Steve that she thinks Amy should visit Tracey in prison, but Steve is stalling and says that Liz should be there to help ease the transition.  (Liz is in Spain tending to a sicky-poo Andy, remember?)  Becky calls his bs and says she can do a better job of prepping Amy than Liz.  Deirdre comes in to tell Steve that Tracey will call him from prison to discuss the matter.  Steve agrees to let Amy go to see her mummy.  I think the visit is supposed to be tomorrow.  Is one day really enough to tell a child that her mother is in prison for murder?

Coronation Street’s rampant crime rate

In the café, Norris is complaining to Mary about the fact that he keeps the Kabin running.  Mary says soon they’ll be away and he won’t have to worry.  That does not ease Norris’ mind.  Rita comes in to get a tea and bun and Norris loses it since Colin is alone in the shop (he might steal allsorts).  Norris runs out and is followed by Mary, without paying their bill.

Back in the Kabin, Norris is giving everyone a lesson lecture on how to use the CCTV.  Mary thoughtlessly brings tea for all and this peeves Norris.  This is all very serious business.  The Kabin has a “zero tolerance” policy for theft, you know.  At that moment, Roy arrives and gives Norris his bill (you know, the one he forgot to pay when he ran out).  Colin reminds Norris of the zero tolerance policy.  Norris gives Roy the money and tells him to keep the change.  Rita says she enjoyed this so much and wonders if anyone would like to go to the back to watch the CCTV tape?  HAH!

Pigeons and Marrows.  Marrows and Pigeons

In the pub, Jack is telling Betty and Poppy about pigeons and marrows (huh?).  Poppy tells Jack that Molly just called and Connie will be over momentarily.  “Connie?  Now there’s a woman you could grow a marrow for!” says Poppy.  In the background, Elton John’s Your Song is playing.

Connie and Jack are sitting in a booth together sharing a drink. Connie says she does other people’s laundry to make ends meet.  They discuss how little room thongs take up in the washer vs. bloomers. Jack says that Vera’s knickers covered 60% of her body and that was too revealing for him!  Jack says that Vera would give him death by a rolling pin for making a comment like that.  Connie has to leave and Jack seems a bit sad.  They agree to meet again, but will look at the pigeon before they come to the pub.  So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.  The pigeon.  Interesting.

The Mortons – because I have to say something

The Mortons don’t deserve much space.  In short, Teresa takes too many breaks.  Darryl threatens to sack her.  She buys him a belated birthday gift (a Ghostbusters t-shirt – never been worn).  Minnie quits.

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13 Responses to Update for Monday, February 8, 2010: Death by rolling pin

  1. haili says:

    LOL at that picture of George! Can’t wait to see our Dev. in whatever funny pose they pick to show – everyone I’ll bet!

    Connie and Jack seem to be a good couple.

    Tony’s fun to watch these days too and I hope he gets even with Luke.

  2. TracyEmm says:

    Yes good fun with Dev last night – can’t wait to see what happens with these pics! Weatherfield Gazette? LOL!
    The good news is – whatever she does with the snaps, surely it will send our Tara away for good!

    Still can’t figure out the wallpaper thing with Maria… I must have missed any mention of what she’s doing, cos it makes no sense to me!

  3. corrierules says:

    One thing is for certain — Jimmy Harkishin, the actor who plays Dev, is a very good sport! The photoshoot was funny.

  4. TracyEmm says:

    well atleast there was some mention of the wallpaper at Maria’s last night… but I still don’t understand where it (storyline) is going… time will tell I suppose!

    If Tony wasn’t so mean to Tom – I’m thinking I could actually warm up to him!

  5. Gayle says:

    I may be in the minority here but I like Tom. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he seems to be very fond of Maria.

    If Tony would back off maybe he and Maria could have a future together.

    I know there is a lot of love for Tony right now but we can’t forget he had Maria’s husband and father of her baby murdered!

  6. haili says:

    I know Tony must pay for his crimes eventually – but meanwhile he is just so much more fun to watch than Tom (Mr. Insipid).

  7. missusmac says:

    I’m still hoping for a Tom/Sean romance plot. I think Tom is lovely, and I thought he was interested in Sean. Sean could use a good guy boyfriend.

    Although he did have that with Marcus, and sadly Marcus is gone.

  8. Trudy says:

    I’m enjoying watching Tony. I’m sure everything will catch up to him in the end – but I will love every minute until then.

  9. Chris says:

    Sean should hire Tony’s PI to find out where is son is… taken by Jamie and Violet…

  10. TracyEmm says:

    Yes it will all have to catch up with Tony eventually. It is funny, as I never really cared for him before, but I am now noticing his acting techniques and his ability to play something apart from a heartless businessman.

    Tom is sweet, but I am wondering if they are starting up the works for an exit of his character? I’ll say this: that boy needs a haircut – BIG TIME!

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