Update for Tuesday – February 10, 2010. The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde


Tony is preparing to drive Maria to the hospital for her ultrasound as Luke comes up to apologize over the whole Tony mask thing. Tony tells him not to make it all about him and reminds Luke that if he cuts Tony out of Underworld, it will be Luke who ends up in the poorhouse.

At the hospital, Maria, with Tony by her side, is getting her scan and is understandably nervous, given her history. Fortunately, the sonographer tells her the baby is healthy. She is also told that the baby is a boy.

“I hope he looks like Liam,” she exclaims. This sends Tony into a panic attack and he runs out in the hall. What was his deal with Liam again?

Oh yeah, he MURDERED HIM.

When they get back to the street, they meet Tom. They tell them the news and Tony tries to brush off Tom, telling them they’re about to go for lunch. Maria invites him but he says he’s already eaten and that he’ll come by her place later.

In the Rovers, Tony tells Maria that Tom is smitten with her but he’s a crap businessman. He advises her to drop him as a partner but she says she’ll never do that.

Later, Tom finds Tony in the pub. Tony tells him that if he really liked Maria, he’d sell his Ladrags share so that he wouldn’t have to mix business with pleasure. He gives him until tomorrow to accept Tony’s offer of 20K.

“Or what?” asks Tom. “I’ll turn into a pumpkin?”

“Like anyone would be able to tell the difference!” Tony replies.

Ooooh, burn!

How to Talk to Your Children About Their Incarcerated Parents

Becky is doing Amy’s hair as  Lloyd and Steve discuss the thorny issue of telling Amy the truth about Tracy and what Liz will have to say about it.

“Plenty,” Steve reckons.

Lloyd wonders if the truth would give her nightmares.

“You could have gotten T-R-A-C-Y to put it off?” Lloyd asks.

“Careful. Amy can S-P-E-E-L,” Steve replies.

Steve tells Amy that her mummy’s very busy at that special hotel.

“Great,” Becky figures. “More lies”

Oh, if Amy can S-P-E-E-L, she may one day see that the sign outside Tracy’s hotel actually reads P-R-I-S-O-N.

Later, Becky complains to Steve about telling Amy about the hotel but Blanche weighs in that it’s a bad idea to tell her.

“Deirdre reckons it’s a brilliant idea,” Steve says.

“You could write Deirdre’s brilliant ideas on a headpin. Children need routine: a cod liver oil pill, and the occasional clip round the ear. Still, she has a routine, of sorts. Every two years her father changes his girlfriend.”

When Steve comes back from taking Amy to see Tracy, he tells Becky that he’s a grown man and knows what’s best for his child.

“With a little help from yours truly,” Becky adds.

Oh, dear.

In Other News

Ches is struggling with his book report on The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stephenson. Despite being adapted for film more than 100 times and most recently remade into a popular British TV series and because Wikipedia, apparently, has been blocked by the Weatherfield Council, Fiz is unable to help him determine the themes of the text. So she calls John Stape who tells her it’s all about the potential for good and evil that dwells within us all.

Dear writers, please stop making Fizz so ignorant. She’s not.

Tara has decided that revenge is a dish best served cold with a demi-glaze of public humiliation. She tells Dev that Justin, her photographer friend and artist, has been commissioned by the council for a public art installation. However, they need £9000 to help complete it. Dev avoids choking on his drink. I’m sure this has nothing to do with those nude photos.

Eileen and Paula are still hanging out and chatting but when talk turns to Colin’s surprise birthday party, Paula bolts.

“My, she’s a right broody mare,” Eileen sighs, adding, “I wish they’d take this storyline to its probably-obvious-by-now conclusion.”

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5 Responses to Update for Tuesday – February 10, 2010. The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

  1. haili says:

    Yes, not content with what they’ve done to Kirk, the writers are making Fizz stupid too. She could have bought a dictionary or gone to the library but John is the only one who can define misanthrope. I guess kidnapping Rosie makes him an expert.

    Tom and Sean would be perfect for each other, though Marcus was a lot smarter. I always thought there was a spark between them.

  2. corrierules says:

    Oh sweet lord, this was the most boring episode ever! Thank TPTB that Blanche graced our screens and that Lloyd and Steve had some funny dialogue.
    Why have they dumbed down Fizz … her backstory has her being good student.. didn’t she once get her A levels or O levels? As well didn’t Cilla get Ches into Oakhill as a scholarship student… so why was he getting bullied at Weatherfield Comp? And why didn’t Fizz go to the school board and raise a ruckus? Many questions = poor writing.
    And if I were Amber I’d be pretty steamed that Miss Bratz gets to sit on her pretty backside while Amberella has to work in the shop, do the ironing, etc.

    And I’m still not on Team Becky. A little of her goes a lonnnnng way.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I’m not on Team Bex either, but – she did at the start of the episode last night, have a somewhat decent outfit on. I think it was an orange top and white jeans… a little less tatty than her normal get-up.

  3. haili says:

    Fizz used to be a smart girl and Chesney was pretty bright too, so why they are having a problem with that book is beyond me. I think Fizz took away the computer and games so Ches. would do his school work but they could go to the library and look things up. The writers should pay more attention to the characters’ backgrounds. This is all just a way of getting Fizz and John back together IMO.

    Becky can be over-the-top but she’s right about this latest thing with Amy. Amy should have had more explained to her about her mother before she heard it at school.

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