Monday February 15th 2010 – The We Called That Drama Update!

UK Time – Monday April 27th – Episode II

The episode picks up with everyone gathered in the pub to hear Rita’s response to Colin’s proposal. Rita is a catch. That lady rocks the kabin and Colin hopes to be the lucky man to snag the Mistress of midget gems.

Ladies and gentlemen, Rita accepts Colin’s proposal and much of the episode is spent dealing with Norris’ emotional fallout from the proposal. However, the real story is unfolding with Julie who is pathetically throwing herself at Jason. Girl, I don’t blame you. Everyone likes a hot young man – if only for a couple nights (I am thinking that Jason is likely about 5 years younger than Julie, who has to be at least  a poorly aged 30). After glancing at Julie, Jason is struck with a sudden need to go to the cash point. Julie follows and the two talk in the street where Julie mentions that he mother has been very difficult that day and for all her life, really.

Since Jason is lovely he talks to Julie about her mom, Paula, and they go back into the pub together. The night progresses and Julie and Jason are talking near the juke box while everyone celebrates until Paula stumbles in looking like Peter Barlow on shore leave. No one can get through to her and she quickly gets into a heated argument with Julie that really touches on every issue the two of them have. One issue, however is more pressing than most.

The fact that Paula was only 15 when Julie was born wouldn’t be too shocking on Coronation Street what with the likes of Sarah Platt and Katie Harris having graced the cobbles but what does that have to do with Julie and Jason? Well, it turns out the reason Paula is so freaked out about Jason is that Julie and Jason are related and sometimes it is not best to keep it in the family. Turns out the man who impregnated her when she was in her school uniform is none other than Colin Grimshaw. Gross.

This puts Julie in a difficult position. Jason is hot, but he is also her nephew. What’s a woman to do? Anyway, after Paula dropped that conversational nuclear bomb the pub goes dead silent while Rita and Norris stare at Colin who keeps his eyes firmly fixed on the bar. Congratulations, Rita?

In Other News

Simon is going home to bunk beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve told Tracey that Amy knows she is a murderer and everything is smoothed over with Becky.

Deirdre is super annoying laughing while watching TV while Ken is a jerk reading. Is everything in this man’s life pregnant with meaning?

Fiz is helping Chezney with her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book. Thankfully John Snape is helping her. Fitting.

Claire is annoyed that Ashley has cheated on the new healthy eating regime. She is also straight-up annoying.

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9 Responses to Monday February 15th 2010 – The We Called That Drama Update!

  1. haili says:

    I’m thinking that Julie is a lot older than Jason. I wonder how old Eileen was when she had Jason – or is Todd older? Maybe it’s just because Julie acts so silly, like an older person trying to act like a teenager.

    The writers are really playing up the differences between Ken and Dierdre. He just seems to be no fun at all and lacking a sense of humour lately.

    Rita is a catch for Colin. She has a business and a few bucks from her previous husbands and I doubt he has much as he seemed broke when he first came to see Eileen and ended up in the pub. I really hope Rita doesn’t stand by her man like Fizz is doing.

  2. beanie says:

    Well done Debbie. You summed up the whole crazy episode perfectly.

  3. Diane/tvor says:

    Julie is Jason’s auntie as she’d be Eileen’s half sister! Eek! Excellent acting though , on all parts!

  4. glacia says:

    Julie is would be 34 – 35. The actress who plays her..37.

  5. missusmac says:

    What butcher’s wife goes vegetarian? Especially when the butcher had to downsize because of other people going vegeterian? This is silly writing.

    Poor Rita! I wish she had a fancy man who was NICE for a change.

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