Update for Tuesday, February 16, 2010 – She’s my sister! She’s my daughter! She’s my sister AND my daughter!

We open right where we left off – with Paula’s shocking revelation that she and Colin had sex when she was 14 and that Julie is the result of that union.

Eileen tells Paula she’s twisted but as Colin lowers his face, looking very, very guilty. Eileen says Paula told her it was the art teacher but Paula says she never said that – Eileen just assumed. Julie says she thought her dad was a “squaddie”, an Army boy, but Paula says she told her that to protect her.

Everyone turns to Colin.

“Let me explain…” he starts but that’s all Rita wants to hear as she leaves in tears, telling everyone she wants to be alone. Colin orders a double whiskey.

Eileen is still denying it, asking Paula if she’s only saying this because she’s drunk but as Colin goes to leave, she starts in on him for leaving, just as he did back then.

He claims he didn’t know there was a child, otherwise he would have stepped up. Sean offers the use of the back room so Paula and Julie can have a long overdue talk.

Eileen is in the bathroom with Jason, recasting Paula as the villain in her own family’s breakup.

“I bet she’s been waiting years for this – the big revelation. Well, I’m not ‘aving it!”

In the back room, Julie asks why she never knew her father. Paula asks why would she want that as he used her. But she also adds that he did not force himself on her but still — totally illegal what he did. She talks about how her parents told her she brought them shame but as she got older, she realized that it wasn’t her fault.

Just then Eileen bursts in, blaming her for destroying her family. Paula says she only revealed what she did to keep Julie and Jason from getting together but then she grabs her coat and runs out.

Jason says it would be best if they forget that last night never happened but Julie assures him that they both passed out and nothing happened. Phew!

Meanwhile, Colin is over the Kabin pleading to Rita to understand but she’s not listening. What he did was unforgivable, abusing a child. She tells him she never wants to see him again and puts her ring in the till.

Colin heads over to Eileen’s but doesn’t get a warm welcome there, either and is asked to leave by Jason.

Outside Rita’s Norris, Mary, and Emily try to get her to come out but she stays upstairs in the dark.

Colin finds Julie in the street who tells that she always wanted  a dad – but not like this. Fizz and Kirk take her back to their place.

Back at Eileen’s, she tells Jason that the best thing Colin can do is hurry up and die.

In Other News

Deirdre is offending Ken sensibilities by watching the Thorn Birds. Blanche notes that Father de Bricassart could really fill a cassock. Ken rolls his eyes. He then suggests that he and Deirdre could go off alone on a trip sometime. Blanche says she’ll take the opportunity to invite the One O’Clock club over for an orgy.

Apparently, it’s all Ken can take so he returns to his new nightly habit of skulking around Martha’s boat.

Becky suggests Amy deal with the bully at school by saying her murderess mummy is due to be released soon and she’s going to be looking for him.


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10 Responses to Update for Tuesday, February 16, 2010 – She’s my sister! She’s my daughter! She’s my sister AND my daughter!

  1. eps says:

    Julie, Colin, Paula, Rita, Eileen, etc., yeah yeah.

    Let’s talk about Jason in those red boxers tracking a conversation,
    making sense, AND being empathetic . And here I am, having not recorded this episode.

    Go ahead. Call me shallow. There’s enough pathos at work lately – just not in the mood for it on TV right now. I’d like to see an hour of clips of “The Best of Blanche and Jason” That would make me smile.

    • missusmac says:

      I’m with you! Bring on the clips.

      I could not believe how wonderful Jason was to his mom. What a treat to see Sean and he both give support to her.

      Have to say, when Ken was outside the boat, I wanted to go into the boat too. Looks like such a calm, wonderful place — after all the pathos of the day.

  2. haili says:

    LOL at Becky’s advice to Amy; it was the best line in ages.

    I enjoyed the pathos, particularly those offering comfort: Emily and Norris with their messages to Rita; Jason and Eileen; Fizz and Kirk with Julie. After Elieen’s words, though I’m wondering if Colin will have a heart attack. The acting was great last night and about time for Eileen to get more screen time. It was interesting to hear how she was affected as a teenager with a cheating father.

    Ken continues to skulk and sulk. He walked away this time but who knows where this is going.

  3. TracyEmm says:

    I’m sure that most of the fans are not with me on this one… but I really feel Ken and Martha are a better fit. I know in ‘real life’ it is unforgiveable, but in the ‘soap world’, I’m kinda with him. Ofcourse he should have been honest with Dierdre before jumping into bed with Martha… we all know that. But —
    I really enjoy the scenes with both characters, and I shall be sad to see Martha go. Not a spoiler, but I am sure that she is just a ‘guest actor’ in the show for 1 storyline. I don’t see how she would fit into the regular cast/life.

  4. beanie says:

    I’ve been wondering about the time line. When Bill Roache’s wife died, the producers said that he could take as much time off as he needs. Something was mentioned about the current storyline allowing for his absence. I can’t remember how long ago that was.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I think we are at the part where Bill’s wife (Ken) wife died… as I do recall the actress who plays Martha making some kind of a statement about Bill’s loss and determination to continue with work (what his wife would have wanted). I guess I am such a fan of Bill’s – that I’ve come to love Ken so much too! (thus my comments above, enjoying the chemistry between he and Martha)

      Also, we are around the same time when Michelle loses her real life baby… perhaps that was the reason why she so quickly vanished off to Ireland when Peter Barlow was having all his troubles…

      And while we’re on the subject – I’d also heard that actress who plays Liz MacDonald (Beverly)went missing from her rehersals for a while (due to personal issues/loss of her pub/financial difficulties) and perhaps we are now at that timeframe, with her being in Spain so ‘unannounced’.

      I hate to keep wondering what will happen with Blanche’s storyline now that she has passed on… RIP… love that actress! Will miss her… do miss her…

  5. beanie says:

    I have to say that I was very relieved when Julie said that she and Jason passed out and nothing happened. The whole Julie’s mom and Eileen’s dad thing is gross but incest!!! Let’s not go there again PLEASE.

    • TracyEmm says:

      ah.. but it could be a lie? something that could come into play years down the line? Just thinkin’ with my ‘soap cap’ on! 😉

  6. haili says:

    I thought I saw a tear in Ken’s eye tonight when he and Martha were talking about how short life is and how much time is left. He is one of my favorites too and his acting is making me have sympathy for him, though he should be honest and make a decision. He really struggles when he comes home and sees Peter interacting with Dierdre. Can he break up yet another home this time? Peter still resents him for his inattention when he was younger.

  7. missusmac says:

    Deirdre and Ken are the most conflicted love birds ever on this show. They really are NOT suited, never have been from what I can see, yet they keep going back to each other. After their last reconciliation, even Deirdre mused that she had ‘settled’.

    I could never see Deirdre as the love magnet she was to both Ken and Mike. Wonderful woman — loyal, supportive, kind — but not a fireball.

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