Chemical Toilet Update – Wednesdaay

“Peeeedaphile” Fallout #1

Julie stayed the night with Fizz and Kirk-eh.  She says she spent the whole night turning the events of the night before over and over trying to find a way that makes it right but she can’t.  ‘We’re stuck with each other, me and the truth, neither of us wanted, stuck in that little room.’  Can I say I LOVED that line?

 “Peeeedaphile” Fallout #2

 Rita and Norris open the shop as usual.   Mary comes in to talk to Norris about the trip.  Rita tells him to go talk to Mary, but he says there’s too much to do, then he and Rita fall into their old vaudevillian act with the ‘Who Made Tea Last’ routine.   It’s starting to dawn on Mary that Norris might not be coming on the trip…especially after he makes tea for all – except for Mary.

Later, when Norris complains about the peedaphile’s filing system and spelling of toffi, tofee, toffé, Rita has a breakdown.  Norris comforts her with a big hug and a brew.

 “Peeeedaphile” Fallout #3

Deidre stops by Eileen’s to see how she’s doing.   I don’t really remember them being all that close, at all.  Mind you, I think Eileen’s best gal pal is Steve anyway.  Regardless, Eileen pours her heart out about the whole event and how she feels bad about blaming Paula.

 Ken, Eccles, Ted and Martha

 Ken and Ted meet up where Ted asks Ken what’s new.  Ken explains that he went to the boat but didn’t go in.  He further explained that ‘the novel’ had started a fire under him and he realizes that all his chances for true happiness are on that boat.  (My ass).

 Blanche wants Ken to find out about Rita and when he says there’s more interesting thing to talk about than the peedaphile on the street, and argument ensues ending with Ken taking the dog for a walk.

 Ken makes it to the boat, where Martha invites him in.   When Ken tells her that he’s in love with her, she confesses that that the toilet on the boat is a chemical toilet.   Oooooh, and that she came back intentionally and has been kind of waiting for him.

 They end up going to bed together.  Yeah.

 In Other News

 Liz isn’t coming home for a few weeks…Steve not happy.  He tells Lloyd about who didn’t know about it and is a bit worried about the ‘etc’ Liz will get into down south.

 Fat Brenda has been mentioned to fill in the overtime.  I soooooooooo want to play Fat Brenda.

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16 Responses to Chemical Toilet Update – Wednesdaay

  1. Bea says:

    Ken says “I’ve fallen in love with you, not lifestyle” bs. Who wouldn’t want to get on a barge and sail away from it all?

    I loved the way they panned in on Eccles at the end of the show. Poor little guy doesn’t know the trouble he’s caused. lol

  2. missusmac says:

    Yep, love with you not the lifestyle is a load of bull. Her lifestyle is butter, books and good conversation — everything Ken has been missing. Did anyone see a TV on the boat?

    I wish I looked like Stephanie Beacham in the a.m. —

    Deirdre, Liz and Eileen used to hit the town together a lot, along with Frankie. The four of them were pretty tight — haven’t seen them hang out much lately though.

  3. Gayle says:

    I liked that Diedre offered her support to Eileen. But I was just wondering doesn’t Diedre go to work anymore?

  4. haili says:

    I too could play fat Brenda after lolling around all winter! What a handsome staff they must have at Streetcars, what with Brenda and the Windass man.

    Work always comes at the bottom of the priority list on Corrie, after holidays, emotional breakdowns, alcoholism, affairs, etc.

    Eccles is the guiltiest looking dog I’ve ever seen; what a hangdog expression he has!

  5. chumola says:

    Just for fun I googled “Fat Brenda” and found this:

  6. beanie says:

    The acting has really been great lately. Rita Rocks!!!! The writing however has been iffy. You can’t just change someone’s character without reason.

    If Roy was going to give Mama Windass his PIN# at least have someone slip him a hit of acid first. Just sayin’.

  7. haili says:

    That was strange about the PIN no. Daddy Windass stole the dart club money, stole copper pipes, everyone know he’s on fake disability and driving a cab, yet Roy gives mama Windass his PIn no.! It doesn’t make sense to me either. Roy isn’t that stupid.

    I’ve loved the acting this week, from the old-timers and the younger ones.

  8. missusmac says:

    Some really good acting, I agree! I’m disappointed in the Gail/mow the lawn plot though, and the Windass pin plot. However, this may be a way to show that Mama Windass really wants to go straight — she made Papa pay the correct amount.

    I found myself rooting for Ken to get away clean. While he was in the sitting room, pondering his no doubt poignant note, I was screaming “gooo!” in my head. Blanche and Deirdre are as tough as old nails, and Peter keeps saying his Dad isn’t much help — so go already and be happy. They’ll survive. (Blanche on the bitterness alone.)

    Yes, this is a complete change of heart for me!

  9. haili says:

    missusmac: I know it’s wrong but Ken and Martha were so touching, I was hoping the same; then I realized, if he goes, he’ll be gone from Corrie, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

    The Windass and lawn plots were very ignorable for me and I just tuned them out except for an OH NO about the PIN.

  10. Barbee says:

    I couldn’t believe that I was actually cheering for Ken and his lovely woman. Honestly, she’s what he’s been pining for for years! Deidre will be devastated, but not surprised, I’m thinking. And Peter will now have someone to blame for EVERYTHING that’s ever happened to him. Windasses make me ill. Can’t stand any of them, even if mama (whatever her name is) has a couple of redeeming seconds in the cafe. Rita has been absolutely amazing. Would that I was as classy at her age (or any for that matter).

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