Update For Epiosde #7068 February 10, 2010

The Old Rectory

The new lady friend of Jack comes by for a visit, much to the chagrin of Tyler, who thinks that Jack is not showing the proper respect to the memory of the swamp duck. Ty behaves poorly towards their guest. Jack and Molly are none too pleased with his performance.

The Garage

Ty and a disbelieving Darryl are talking about how Ty and Maria used to be engaged. Molly comes by and tells them that she is going to work up a sweat with Kevin. Darryl is impressed with their modern persepctive on open marriage.

The Kabin

Norris is sticking around to help Rita in her moment of need, putting the long suffering Mary on the back burner once again. Jason pops in to talk to Rita about what is happening with Colin. Rita, as usual, acts with dignity and grace. Norris, as usual, acts like a complete pillock.

The Father

Fiz and Julie have a chat about the recent revelations about family, and how Julie is having a difficult time understanding her new reality. Julie then visits Eileen at the cab office to try and gain some futther insights into what may have happened in the past.

The Cafe

Anna is doing a bang up job at The Cafe while Eddie is doing his best impersonation of a wild animal while eating his breakfast. Roy is keen to give Anna further responsibilty, including buying authority at the cash and carry. Roy gives her the password (Puffing Billy) and the secret number, which Eddie overhears. No doubt this will end in tears. When Eddie is done his breakfast he tries to get Anna to give him a discount price, but to her credit she charges him full price for evrything he ate.

The Wanderer

Ken is getting ready to make his big break. Blanche and Deirdre are off on a mystery tour with the One O’Clock Club, but ken ‘has to pick up some picks from the library’. Peter and Simon are off to the park to play a bit of footie, but Ken has ‘more urgent things’ to attend to. he gives Simon a tender kiss on the forehead and softly says ‘Goodbye son’ as Peter and Simon walk away.

Ken stops by the cafe to officially resign. Roy tells Ken that finding someone to fill his shifts will be easy enough, but he will miss the chats they had while working together. Roy then imparts some wisdom, telling Ken that progress and novelty are often confused.

Ken next visits The Kabin to cancel his subscriptions to the (Manchester) Guardian and The New Statesman, making up some excuse about needing the exercise to walk across the street. Some discussion is had about the possibilty of romance in one’s latter years.

Ken then has a last supper of sorts at The Rovers, picking up a coaster as a memento on the way out.

Back at home Ken pens a farewell note, and leaves it on the on the dresser. He turns over a picture of his Uncle Albert, so that his cowardly departure won’t be seen by someone Ken respected once upon a time. Peter and Simon come in the back door and find Ken with a suitcase in hand. Simon wonders if grand dad is going on a trip. Peter interjects and tells his son that Ken is off to sail the ocean blue with Captain Crumpet. It seems that Peter is not the only sailor in the family after all.

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9 Responses to Update For Epiosde #7068 February 10, 2010

  1. eps says:

    How in the heck does Peter rationalize his extreme pontificating-
    he of the two wives and wanting to dump his son?
    I am not a fan of Ken’s cowardly behavior – he of the lofty ideals,
    but Peter needs a slap upside the head. Perhaps one could line-up Peter and Pater – two for the price of one.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Of course we can’t condone Ken’s behaviour, but he and Martha really are well suited. I can’t wait to see how this story turns out…

  3. haili says:

    Peter finds it useful to blame Ken for everything that goes wrong in his life, including the booze; it’s Ken’s neglect of him as youngster that causes everything. Of course, he’s pretty clear on what Ken does wrong but pretty hazy on how he should run his own life. I do enjoy the acting between these two and with Blanche. It should get interesting tonight when we see if Dierdre gets the letter or if Peter lets something slip before Ken gets back.

    My solution to the Barlows’ problem: get Dierdre her own TV and Ken a quiet spot away from Blanche.

    • TracyEmm says:

      Haili: Love your solution to the Barlow household dynamics! I wish that Dierdre would try and do something for Ken… maybe try and take some kind of course that might interest Ken. I know she can’t change who she is – but I feel she needs to make an effort. Afterall, Ken does have to put up with Blanche!!!

      Hopefully Dierdre will find out about Martha and perhaps this will actually help the marriage get on a better track! (wishful thinking???)….
      * Ballroom Dancing Lessons – that’s the answer! 🙂

      So sad to hear Blanche speak of death last night… kind of eeeeryyy….

  4. haili says:

    It is getting eerie every time Blanche mentions death or funerals and yesterday’s trip to the graveyard was a bit weird.

    The last time Dierdre found out about Ken visiting another woman, she smartened up for awhile but then relapsed. She should give Ken credit for all the times he put up with Tracy and the money it cost for her lawyers. He should try to have a bit more fun with her too and was thinking about a weekend away before this decision to go with Martha. She is still working and bringing in money and it wouldn’t kill him to help out a bit more.

    How long will we keep getting affair stories about the Barlows? They’re getting a bit long in the tooth for that sort of thing!

    • TracyEmm says:

      Their affairs have been going on most of my life I think! Perhaps Dierdre will take this all in her stride! ha! Been there… done that… (not me I mean, Dierdre!)

      I can’t wait for tonights episode – I just knew he wouldn’t leave with Martha – the reality set in.

  5. beanie says:

    You could have knocked me over with a feather last night!

  6. missusmac says:

    I was so disappointed. I guess it goes to show, you must be careful what you wish for. Once it was all in Ken’s grasp, he didn’t know what to do with it. Was he overwhelmed with her artsy friends? Did he realize he was a pseudo-intellectual instead of an intellectual?

    He’s not out of the woods yet though. There is still a note.

  7. corrierules says:

    I literally gasped when, during his argument with Ken, Peter snarled something like “Oh you’ll be back for Blanche’s funeral.” So, so sad.

    As for Ken and Deirdre… I can see why he’s attracted to Martha. The mistress is always more appealing than humdrum day to day living with the wife. Martha only has herself to answer to — Deirdre looks after her granddaughter, her mother, Ken’s grandson, runs the house and has a paying job.

    Missumac– I think it was a variety of things that made him stay — perhaps, like you say he was afraid to meet the artsy friends (On Coronation Street, Ken’s an intellectual but would he measure up in London?) Martha made fun of his theatrical aspirations (King Lear?!? How very droll…)And then she said “poor Deirdre” and he knew he couldn’t leave D. in the lurch.

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