Monday February 22nd 2010 – The Ridiculous Update (Sorry its late!)

UK Time – May 4th 2009 – Episode II

The show opens with Peter confronting Ken about leaving for the lady on the lake, err – random English waterways. There Ken stands with a very small suitcase ready to walk away from his life. It looks like he is prepared to never see his family again, although he tells Peter that he hopes to see Peter and Simon again and frequently even though he took a lock of his and Susan’s hair as keepsakes. Way to score that drama point, Ken that cleverly engineered comment designed to make Peter think that Ken thinks of anyone but himself and perhaps win some sympathy.

Essentially, in this scene Peter confronts Ken for walking out on Deirdre in the same way he walked out on Peter and Susan. Peter tells Ken what everyone one is thinking, “You’re ridiculous.” And he was. How pathetic is it that Ken packs basically an overnight bag, avoids talking to his wife and tries to sneak away. One would wonder if he really intended to leave since he left himself so many escape latches.

Peter brings up a number of good points, but Ken suggests that even if it is a mistake he should be allowed to make that mistake. Therein lies his ridiculousness. He is willing to throw away his whole life for a mistake because this woman plays into all his pretentious delusions of himself. It is so typical Peter can even describe Martha to a T, although he’s making her seem more sinister than she really is.

After the argument Ken leaves the house and sees Ted and Gail. Ted says, “All the best, Ken.” Shut up, Ted. You don’t know this guy like we do.

Ken finally gets to the boathouse and Martha is pleased to see him. He goes down below and they have a really awkward dinner while discussing what their lives would be like in the near future. Ken seems to have no plans for himself other than to follow Martha around. Martha wants to introduce Ken to really successful pretentious show-offs. They sound like great people!

Back at No. 3 Deirdre and Blanche have come back from the graveyard trip. It seems that they have had a really interesting time. Strangely, it was something Ken would have found intellectual if he didn’t think Deirdre and Blanche were Philistines. Deirdre placed her purse right on Ken’s note and therefore misses it completely. Perhaps she’ll notice it later when she goes out to get more tea bags.

On the boat Martha asks about Deirdre and it looks like what is about to happen is really hitting home for Ken as looks increasingly pained as each minute passes. Finally they get ready to sail off and Martha asks Ken to push the boat off. Sure he will.

As Martha stupidly looks forward to her new life with her new love, Ken stands alone with his suitcase on the bridge watching her sail away. Gee, who could have predicted this would happen.

Over at the cab office, Eileen and Julie are talking about Colin and it is clear that Julie’s desire to have a father in her life is overpowering the knowledge that her father is a bit of a perv. Moreover, Eileen tries to make her understand that he is also a straight-up jerk. We get a bit of a picture of what it was like to grow up Grimshaw. It seems that her dad was a selfish-git-boozehound, who treated his family very badly. Meanwhile Julie’s playing “Pappa can you hear me” in her head.

Later Julie goes to the hospital and she and Colin bond a bit over their irritating habits. Julie talks too much and is a bit of a busy body. Colin thinks too much of himself and has sex with 14 year olds.

Over at the Corner Shop Dev and Tara talk about nudie shots, its all very interesting. Later Tara tells him that one of her photographer friends being chosen to do an art project for the council and her idea to project that project on the side of a building Gok Wan style.

In the pub Tara explains the idea to Umed and Jason who are obviously too thick to understand basic artistic concepts. Jason then mentions the drawing that Bill did of the snake playing tennis with a naked lady. I love him.

In Other News

Eddie Windass bought a load of groceries on Roy’s account.

Gail got Darryl to cut the Windass’ front lawn.

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2 Responses to Monday February 22nd 2010 – The Ridiculous Update (Sorry its late!)

  1. Bea says:

    So, Jerry buggers of to Spain or wherever, and sells the business and the house out from under Darryl, and now Darryl has to mow the lawn?? I don’t think so!
    I think the best thing for Darryl and Amber would be for them to both move to London, where she could go to Uni and he could work. I feel sorry for these two. Just two innocent kids with good attitude, but everyone seems to take advantage of them. Plus Dev thinks that Amber is 12.

  2. missusmac says:

    I think Jerry is renting the house to the Windasses, which is why it remained furnished as well. So Gail is making Darryl mow as Jerry’s representative.

    I don’t see Amber’s scheme ending well for Dev. Don’t know how, but I think we’re going to have another screaming ex-girlfriend on the way.

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