Update for Tuesday, February 23. Vicar in a Tutu Update

Do You Have A Vacancy for Back Scrubber?

Luke Strong has had a lucky day at the bookie’s as Peter comes out of the shop to see him counting his money. Luke offers to buy him a drink but he declines – that is, until he sees Ken skulking back, suitcase in hand.

“Has your dad been on holiday?” Luke asks.

“I have no idea,” Peter answers.

When Ken enters his house, he discovers to his horror that his goodbye letter to Deirdre is missing!

At the Rover’s, Peter and Luke talk about their dads. Peter admits he’s had a row with Ken but won’t give the details. Luke hasn’t spoken to his in over ten years, as he got tired of discovering he had brothers and sisters all over Manchester.

When Ken comes in the Rovers, Luke leaves them to it so they can speak alone.

“I knew you’d come crawling back,” Peter says.

Peter admits he took the letter when he realized Deirdre hadn’t read it. He asks Ken how Martha took it when he gave her the news but the look on Ken’s face confirms that he didn’t tell her. Like Deirdre, he just left. Peter tells Ken that he knew he’d bottle it up when the brave thing to do would be to tell them the truth.

“Why hurt one woman when you can hurt two?” he asks.

“So says the bigamist,” Ken retorts.

“Well, we both know where I got that from,” he says, as he tells Ken to tell Deirdre in the flesh.

Later at the Barlow’s, it’s dinner time and Deirdre asks Ken if he’s ok with Chicken Kiev.

“It’s fine,” he says quietly.

Deirdre is surprised that he’s not giving a lecture on processed foods. Blanche is even more surprised when he agrees to keep his mouth shut during her favourite TV programme.

After the show, Blanche has gone off to bed and Ken continues to appear down. Deirdre suggests his needs whiskey and TLC and then says she’s going for a bath and that he could come up and scrub her back for her.

She leaves him with this thought and he sits in his chair, staring off into space.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Julie comes by to tell Jason that he saw Colin at the hospital. She’s having trouble reconciling that this frail old man is her father. Sean gets the photo albums out decides it’s time Julie discovered who her other family is. They talk about Jason’s father Tony, and her nephew Todd and how Todd was once with Sarah. They had a baby called Billy who only lived one day. This makes Julie very sad.

But then she sees a photo of Eileen and Colin, taken when Eileen was 15 and she know realizes what Colin looked like when she was born.

When Eileen comes home, she tells Julie she wants nothing to do with Colin, or Julie, or anything else that reminds her of that man. Later, when Sean and Jason try to appeal to reason, she gets angrier and starts smashing plates.

I Know It’s Over

Jack and Connie talk about going to bingo but Jack admits that was Vera’s thing so they put it off.

Amber and Darryl had a fight over her going to university and whether she’ll look down her nose at him because he only works in a kebab shop. Then she talks to Tara and they make up.


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4 Responses to Update for Tuesday, February 23. Vicar in a Tutu Update

  1. TracyEmm says:

    Okay – so who thinks that Dierdre took the news with a truckload of salt (more than a grain…)???

    I’m thinking this will be Blanche’s exit… I know she was in the hospital for an operation before she died – so they’ll let her leave on bad terms with Dierdre I suppose… (dont know if I like that, but ofcourse writers wouldn’t have known the actress would die…)

  2. Barbie says:

    I hope this isn’t Blanche’s exit, but you may be right Tracy.
    Also, I must say I totally agree with Eileen with regards to Colin. I know we’re all supposed to see the big picture and forgive and forget but I’m afraid if I found out my father had knocked up my best friend at 15 (or was it 14?)I’d never forgive him.

  3. TracyEmm says:

    Coincidentally, I just noticed an internet article for Maggie Jones’ (Blanche) Memorial Service held in England today.

    *there is a small spoiler at the bottom of the article regarding her exit from the show (and no, I did not type a spoiler above, it is just a hunch because of the way Dierdre yelled at Blanche last night, telling her to get out)

    anyone wishing to view: dailymail.co.uk Scroll down to the mini-articles on the left side.

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